Work Week Sample Clauses

Work Week. The regular working week shall consist of forty (40) hours of employment.
Work Week. The work week for full-time regulars shall be forty (40) hours per week, eight (8) hours per day within ten (10) consecutive hours, provided, however, that in all offices with more than 100 full-time employees in the bargaining units the normal work week for full-time regular employees will be forty hours per week, eight hours per day within nine (9) consecutive hours. Shorter work weeks will, however, exist as needed for part-time regulars.
Work Week. The term “work week” refers to the number of regularly scheduled consecutive work days within each seven (7) consecutive day period. The types of work weeks are described in Article 7, Hours of Service.
Work Week. Any consecutive five (5) days of work out of seven (7) consecutive calendar days. The remaining two (2) days will be scheduled as days off in lieu of Saturdays and Sundays.
Work Week. The work week shall begin on a Sunday and end on a Saturday.
Work Week is the schedule of days worked that is established by paragraphs 2(b), (c), and (d) of this Article. “Work Shift” is the time between the starting and ending hours of work on any work day within a Work Week as authorized by this Article.
Work Week. For the purpose of computing overtime pay, eight (8) hours shall constitute a day's work; forty (40) hours, from Monday through Friday inclusive, shall constitute a week's work.
Work Week. The regular workweek for full-time members shall consist of five (5) consecutive days, of eight (8) hours per day and forty (40) hours per week. This Article shall not restrict the extension of the regular workday or work week on an overtime basis when such is necessary to carry on the business of the Office.
Work Week. The work week shall consist of thirty-seven and one-half (37.5) hours within a seven (7) day week. Employees shall be entitled to two (2) days off per week, and wherever possible, days off will be consecutive.
Work Week. The work week of an employee is the hours which she is scheduled to work in a given work week, commencing at 0001 hours (12:01 am) Monday. 13.02 STANDARD WORK DAY AND STANDARD WORK WEEK (a) Standard Work Day The standard work day shall be seven (7) hours exclusive of the meal period. (b) Standard Work Week The standard work week shall be thirty-five (35) hours and is composed of five (5) consecutive standard work days. 13.03 MODIFIED WORK WEEK AND MODIFIED WORK DAY (a) Modified Work Week A modified work week is an approved modification of