Work Week Sample Clauses

Work Week. The work week for full-time regulars shall be forty (40) hours per week, eight (8) hours per day within ten (10) consecutive hours, provided, however, that in all offices with more than 100 full-time employees in the bargaining units the normal work week for full-time regular employees will be forty hours per week, eight hours per day within nine (9) consecutive hours. Shorter work weeks will, however, exist as needed for part-time regulars.
Work Week. The following provisions are intended to define the normal hours of work and shall not be construed as a guarantee of hours of work per day or per week or of days of work per week.
Work Week. The full-time work week shall consist of five (5) consecutive days, Monday through Friday, of eight (8) hours per day and forty (40) hours per week. This Article shall not restrict the extension of the regular workday or work week on an overtime basis when such is necessary to carry on the business of the District, except as provided for in 4.11 and 4.13.
Work Week. The normal regular full-time work-week shall consist of five (5) working days Monday to Friday inclusive.
Work Week. The regular working week shall consist of forty (40) hours of employment.
Work Week. For purpose of work schedules, the normal work week shall be five (5) consecutive eight (8) hour work days, except as provided in Section D. Each eight-hour shift shall include, exclusive of at least a thirty (30) minute lunch period, two 15-minute rest periods, one scheduled during each half of the assigned shift. During rest periods, employees shall be relieved of all duties and may leave their immediate work locations but must remain within general area as prescribed by Management.
Work Week. The standard work week for full-time employees shall be forty (40) hours exclusive of time allotted for unpaid meal periods. Agencies through their Agency Professional Committees may discuss and implement, by mutual agreement, alternative work schedules, and other flexible scheduling arrangements to help with the recruitment/retention of nurses. Agencies will file a report with the Office of Collective Bargaining once a year as specified in Section 43.11(C).
Work Week. The work week shall consist of seven (7) consecutive twenty-four (24) hour periods commencing at 12:01 a.m., Sunday.
Work Week. The normal work week shall be forty (40) hours.
Work Week. The workweek for all regular full-time employees shall consist of four (4) consecutive workdays of ten (10) hours each, Monday through Sunday.