Transportation of Students Sample Clauses

Transportation of Students. Neither the University nor the District will provide transportation for candidates between the University and the District school. Each candidate shall be responsible for his or her transportation.
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Transportation of Students. Employees will not be required to transport students.
Transportation of Students. Teachers shall not be required to transport pupils to activities, which take place away from the school building.
Transportation of Students. Employees shall not be required to drive students to activities which take place away from the school building. They may do so voluntarily only with the advance approval of their principal or immediate supervisor. In such event they shall be covered to the limits of the District’s liability insurance, and shall be compensated, if requested by the employee, at the District established rate per mile for all driving done in their own automobile.
Transportation of Students. Educational Support employees shall not be required to transport students in their own vehicle unless warranted by medical emergency.
Transportation of Students. The Board agrees to insure or indemnify for non-negligent liability while using personal vehicles by certified personnel to transport students, parents, or guardians in pursuance of their duties as employees of District 186 while acting under the direction of the Board within the course or scope of their duties.
Transportation of Students. Teachers who volunteer to use their personal vehicle to transport students for a school activity shall have insurance coverage to do so.
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Transportation of Students. Section 39.1 Bus Driver Physicals: Each transition employee volunteering or assigned to drive/transport students will be required to get an annual bus drivers' physical examination at Board expense. Employees may get their physical examination at the doctor of their choice; however, reimbursement will be at the Board-established rate.
Transportation of Students. Teachers will not be requested or required to drive any vehicle carrying pupils to activities which take place away from school buildings, except in an emergency. Teachers may volunteer to drive a District-owned vehicle requiring a regular operator’s license.
Transportation of Students. Unit members may, but shall not be required to, transport students.
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