By the Director Sample Clauses

By the Director. The Director may terminate the Employment at any time with a one-month prior written notice to the Company, if (1) there is a material reduction in the Director’s authority, duties and responsibilities, or (2) there is a material reduction in the Director’s annual salary. Upon the Director’s termination of the Employment due to either of the above reasons, the Company shall provide remuneration to the Director equivalent to 6 months of the Director’s base salary that [he/she] is entitled to immediately prior to such termination. In addition, the Director may resign prior to the expiration of the Agreement if such resignation is approved by the Board or an alternative arrangement with respect to the Employment is agreed to by the Board.
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By the Director. This Agreement may be terminated by the Director upon written notice to the Company upon the first to occur of the following:
By the Director. The Director may voluntarily resign from the Board of Directors at any time upon three (3) months' written notice to the Company. In the event of such voluntary termination, the Company may at any time prior to the expiration of the notice period relieve him of his duties and pay him any compensation which may be due in lieu of notice for the remainder of said notice period. In the event of termination pursuant to this Section 8(c), the Director shall not be entitled to any compensation or benefits from the Company except for such compensation or benefits which have been earned prior to the date of termination.
By the Director. The Director’s rights and obligations hereunder may not be assigned or alienated and any attempt to do so by the Director will be void.
By the Director. 20.7 Any employee not satisfied with the determination may access the dispute settlement procedure (Clause 16) or a board of reference as per the Award.

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  • Director An Approved User who is generally a senior IT official of the Requester with the necessary expertise and authority to affirm the IT capacities at the Requester. The IT Director is expected to have the authority and capacity to ensure that the NIH Security Best Practices for Controlled-Access Data Subject to the NIH GDS Policy and the Requester’s IT security requirements and policies are followed by all of the Requester’s Approved Users.

  • By the Corporation The Corporation shall indemnify and hold harmless, to the extent permitted by law, each Holder, such Holder’s officers, directors, managers, employees, partners, stockholders, members, trustees, Affiliates, agents and representatives, and each Person who controls such Holder (within the meaning of the Securities Act) (the “Holder Indemnified Parties”) against all losses, claims, actions, damages, liabilities and expenses (including with respect to actions or proceedings, whether commenced or threatened, and including reasonable attorney fees and expenses) caused by, resulting from, arising out of, based upon or related to any of the following statements, omissions or violations (each a “Violation”) by the Corporation: (i) any untrue or alleged untrue statement of material fact contained in (A) any registration statement, prospectus, preliminary prospectus or Free-Writing Prospectus, or any amendment thereof or supplement thereto or (B) any application or other document or communication (in this Section 7, collectively called an “application”) executed by or on behalf of the Corporation or based upon written information furnished by or on behalf of the Corporation filed in any jurisdiction in order to qualify any securities covered by such registration under the securities laws thereof, (ii) any omission or alleged omission of a material fact required to be stated therein or necessary to make the statements therein not misleading or (iii) any violation or alleged violation by the Corporation of the Securities Act or any other similar federal or state securities laws or any rule or regulation promulgated thereunder applicable to the Corporation and relating to action or inaction required of the Corporation in connection with any such registration, qualification or compliance. In addition, the Corporation will reimburse such Holder Indemnified Party for any legal or any other expenses reasonably incurred by them in connection with investigating or defending any such losses. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Corporation shall not be liable in any such case to the extent that any such losses result from, arise out of, are based upon, or relate to an untrue statement or alleged untrue statement, or omission or alleged omission, made in such registration statement, any such prospectus, preliminary prospectus or Free-Writing Prospectus or any amendment or supplement thereto, or in any application, in reliance upon, and in conformity with, written information prepared and furnished in writing to the Corporation by such Holder Indemnified Party expressly for use therein or by such Holder Indemnified Party’s failure to deliver a copy of the registration statement or prospectus or any amendments or supplements thereto after the Corporation has furnished such Holder Indemnified Party with a sufficient number of copies of the same. In connection with an underwritten offering, the Corporation shall indemnify such underwriters, their officers and directors, and each Person who controls such underwriters (within the meaning of the Securities Act) to the same extent as provided above with respect to the indemnification of the Holder Indemnified Parties.

  • Associate Directors (A) Any person who has served as a director may be elected by the Board of Directors as an associate director, to serve during the pleasure of the Board.

  • Actions by the Board of Directors (a) Unless provided otherwise in this Agreement, the Board shall act only: (i) by the affirmative vote of a majority of the Directors (including the vote of a majority of the Independent Directors, if required by the 0000 Xxx) present at a meeting duly called at which a quorum of the Directors shall be present (in person or, if in person attendance is not required by the 1940 Act, by telephone) or (ii) by unanimous written consent of all of the Directors without a meeting, if permissible under the 1940 Act.

  • Alternate Directors 35.1 Any Director (but not an alternate Director) may by writing appoint any other Director, or any other person willing to act, to be an alternate Director and by writing may remove from office an alternate Director so appointed by him.

  • Directors The directors of Merger Sub immediately prior to the Effective Time shall be the directors of the Surviving Corporation until the earlier of their resignation or removal or until their respective successors are duly elected and qualified.

  • Independent Director As long as any Obligation is outstanding, the Member shall cause the Company at all times to have at least two Independent Directors who will be appointed by the Member. To the fullest extent permitted by law, including Section 18-1101(c) of the Act, the Independent Directors shall consider only the interests of the Company, including its respective creditors, in acting or otherwise voting on the matters referred to in Section 9(j)(iii). No resignation or removal of an Independent Director, and no appointment of a successor Independent Director, shall be effective until such successor (i) shall have accepted his or her appointment as an Independent Director by a written instrument, which may be a counterpart signature page to the Management Agreement, and (ii) shall have executed a counterpart to this Agreement as required by Section 5(c). In the event of a vacancy in the position of Independent Director, the Member shall, as soon as practicable, appoint a successor Independent Director. All right, power and authority of the Independent Directors shall be limited to the extent necessary to exercise those rights and perform those duties specifically set forth in this Agreement. Except as provided in the second sentence of this Section 10, in exercising their rights and performing their duties under this Agreement, any Independent Director shall have a fiduciary duty of loyalty and care similar to that of a director of a business corporation organized under the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware. No Independent Director shall at any time serve as trustee in bankruptcy for any Affiliate of the Company.

  • Officer An officer of Kaydon (or any related entity) with annual compensation greater than $150,000 in 2008 (as adjusted for future years as provided in Section 416 of the Internal Revenue Code);

  • Resignation as Director Upon the Company’s written request, Executive agrees to promptly resign as a member of the Company’s Board of Directors following any termination of his employment with the Company (or any parent or subsidiary of the Company).

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