Covenants and Undertakings Sample Clauses

Covenants and Undertakings. The Grantor covenants and undertakes that:
Covenants and Undertakings. The Borrower hereby makes the covenants and undertakings set out in this Section 15 to the Bank.
Covenants and Undertakings. 4.2.1 Undertakings of Youku: To ensure that the cash flow requirements of the Shanghai Quan Toodou’s ordinary operations are met and/or to set off any loss accrued during such operations, Youku is obligated, only to the extent permissible under PRC laws, to provide financing support for Shanghai Quan Toodou, whether or not Shanghai Quan Toodou actually incur any such operational loss. Youku’s financing support may take the form of bank entrusted loans or borrowings to Shanghai Quan Toodou or its shareholders. Contracts for any such entrusted loans or borrowings shall be executed separately. Youku will not request repayment if Shanghai Quan Toodou or its shareholders are unable to do so.
Covenants and Undertakings. The Assignor hereby covenants with the Assignee that:
Covenants and Undertakings. Section VI.1Conduct of Business .
Covenants and Undertakings. 4.1 General covenants, undertakings and obligations
Covenants and Undertakings. The Customer hereby irrevocably and unconditionally covenants and undertakes as follows:
Covenants and Undertakings. During the Interim Period, the Seller hereby covenants with and undertakes to the Purchaser that it:
Covenants and Undertakings. 8.1 The Borrower undertakes, and shall procure that CCK undertakes, to use their best endeavours to procure a Liquidity Event as soon as practicable, and in any event no later than the Liquidity Event Long-Stop Date.
Covenants and Undertakings. 5.1 The Grantor covenants with and undertakes to the Administrative Agent to the intent that the same shall be continuing covenants and undertakings until the Administrative Agent’s security interest in the Collateral is wholly discharged: