THE TERM OF THIS AGREEMENT. Section 2.01 This agreement, and the covenants and obligations assumed by the parties hereunder, shall last for a specific term of ONE Year from the date this agreement is signed by the parties hereto. If the parties hereto do not sign this agreement on the same day, then the term of the agreement shall be for ONE Year from the latter date this agreement is signed by either party.
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THE TERM OF THIS AGREEMENT. 8.1. The Term of this License Agreement shall commence on the date of execution of this License Agreement by all parties, and continue until the following September 30th, unless earlier terminated pursuant to Section 10.
THE TERM OF THIS AGREEMENT. The period of performance for this Agreement is from the effective date, which is the date of last signature, to April 7, 2036. If at any time funds expended exceed the amount obligated on a Project Agreement prior to the expiration of the term, the Parties have no obligation to continue performance and may elect to cease their efforts at that point. Provisions of this Agreement, which, by their express terms or by necessary implication, apply for periods of time other than specified in Article II herein, shall be given effect, notwithstanding this Article.
THE TERM OF THIS AGREEMENT. This Agreement shall remain in full effect during the length of the term you have selected, registered and paid for your web space. If you renew your Web Hosting Services, the terms of this Agreement shall be extended.
THE TERM OF THIS AGREEMENT. The initial Twelve (12) month term of this Agreement shall commence on the date this agreement is entered into. This agreement will automatically renew at the end of the initial term, and the end of each subsequent term, for an additional term of One (1) month. The Client may stop any automatic renewal by providing Thirty (30) day written notice to Televon.
THE TERM OF THIS AGREEMENT. This agreement shall start on the effective date and shall end on September 30, 2016.
THE TERM OF THIS AGREEMENT. 6.1 The Market Maker herby undertakes to act as a market maker in the Securities for a minimum period of time not to be shorter than one year, as set forth in the Stock Exchange Bylaws and Stock Exchange Guidelines, and consequently, the term of the agreement is hereby set between the parties for a period of one year, starting on the day on which the Market Maker receives the approval of the Stock Exchange to act according to this agreement.
THE TERM OF THIS AGREEMENT. This Agreement shall remain in full effect during the length of the term you have selected, registered and paid for your domain name. If you renew your domain name registration, the terms of this Agreement shall be extended. If you cancel or transfer your domain name to another registrar, the terms and conditions of this contract between you and us will cease.


  • Term of this Agreement The term of this Agreement shall continue in effect, unless earlier terminated by either party hereto as provided hereunder, for a period of two years. Thereafter, unless otherwise terminated as provided herein, this Agreement shall be renewed automatically for successive one-year periods. This Agreement may be terminated without penalty: (i) by provision of sixty (60) days' written notice; (ii) by mutual agreement of the parties; or (iii) for "cause" (as defined herein) upon the provision of thirty (30) days' advance written notice by the party alleging cause.

  • Duration of this Agreement The Term of this Agreement shall be as specified in Schedule A hereto.

  • Termination of this Agreement (a) The Representative shall have the right to terminate this Agreement by giving notice to the Company as hereinafter specified at any time at or prior to the Closing Date or any Option Closing Date (as to the Option Shares to be purchased on such Option Closing Date only), if in the discretion of the Representative, (i) there has occurred any material adverse change in the securities markets or any event, act or occurrence that has materially disrupted, or in the opinion of the Representative, will in the future materially disrupt, the securities markets or there shall be such a material adverse change in general financial, political or economic conditions or the effect of international conditions on the financial markets in the United States is such as to make it, in the judgment of the Representative, inadvisable or impracticable to market the Shares or enforce contracts for the sale of the Shares (ii) trading in the Company’s Common Stock shall have been suspended by the Commission or Nasdaq or trading in securities generally on the Nasdaq Stock Market, the NYSE or the NYSE MKT shall have been suspended, (iii) minimum or maximum prices for trading shall have been fixed, or maximum ranges for prices for securities shall have been required, on the Nasdaq Stock Market, the NYSE or NYSE American, by such exchange or by order of the Commission or any other governmental authority having jurisdiction, (iv) a banking moratorium shall have been declared by federal or state authorities, (v) there shall have occurred any attack on, outbreak or escalation of hostilities or act of terrorism involving the United States any declaration by the United States of a national emergency or war, any substantial change or development involving a prospective substantial change in United States or other international political, financial or economic conditions or any other calamity or crisis, or (vi) the Company suffers any loss by strike, fire, flood, earthquake, accident or other calamity, whether or not covered by insurance, or (vii) in the judgment of the Representative, there has been, since the time of execution of this Agreement or since the respective dates as of which information is given in the Registration Statement, the Time of Sale Disclosure Package or the Final Prospectus, any material adverse change in the assets, properties, condition, financial or otherwise, or in the results of operations, business affairs or business prospects of the Company, whether or not arising in the ordinary course of business. Any such termination shall be without liability of any party to any other party except that the provisions of Section 5(a)(viii) and Section 7 hereof shall at all times be effective and shall survive such termination.

  • Execution of this Agreement In lieu of an original signature to this agreement, Landlord will accept a valid and legitimate electronic and/or facsimile signature of the Resident. In so doing, Resident hereby acknowledges his or her endorsement and acceptance of this agreement, and he or she waives any challenge to validity of this agreement based on Resident’s endorsement by electronic and/or facsimile signature. THE RESIDENT HEREBY EXPRESSLY AGREES TO THE USE OF ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES FOR THIS LEASE. WITNESS THE FOLLOWING SIGNATURES: Resident Date Resident Date Resident Date Resident Date Resident Date Resident Date

  • of this Agreement If the State elects to accept the defective or nonconforming Work, a Change Order will be issued to reflect a reduction in the Contract Sum. The Architect will recommend to the State the value of diminishment of the defective or nonconforming Work. Such adjustment shall be effected whether or not final payment has been made.

  • SCOPE OF THIS AGREEMENT 2.1. This Agreement, including Parts A through L, Tables One and Two and exhibits, specifies the rights and obligations of each Party with respect to the establishment, purchase, and sale of Local Interconnection, Collocation, resale of Telecommunications Services and Unbundled Network Elements. Certain terms used in this Agreement shall have the meanings defined in PART A – DEFINITIONS, or as otherwise elsewhere defined throughout this Agreement. Other terms used but not defined in this Agreement will have the meanings ascribed to them in the Act and in the FCC’s and the Commission’s rules, regulations and orders. PART B sets forth the general terms and conditions governing this Agreement. The remaining Parts set forth, among other things, descriptions of the services, pricing, technical and business requirements, and physical and network security requirements.

  • Effectiveness and Term of this Agreement 12.1 This Agreement shall come into effect upon the satisfaction of all of the following conditions:

  • Effective Period of this Agreement This Agreement shall take effect upon its execution and shall remain in full force and effect for an initial term of two (2) years from the date of its execution (unless terminated as set forth in Section 11), and shall continue in effect from year to year thereafter, subject to annual approval of such continuance by the Board of Trustees of the Trust, including the approval of a majority of the Trustees of the Trust who are not interested persons of the Trust or of Distributor by vote cast in person at a meeting called for the purpose of voting on such approval.

  • Effective Date of this Agreement This Agreement shall become effective (the "Effective Date") upon the date of your acceptance hereof, as set forth below.

  • TERM OF THIS CONTRACT The term of this Contract commences on the Contract Start Date and ends on the earliest of (i) the “Contract End Date” identified in Exhibit A, (ii) the date upon which the Lease expires or is terminated, or