As agreed Sample Clauses

As agreed. The insurance may contain such general conditions as are agreed between the Insurer and the Firm, but the insurance must provide that the special conditions required by clause 4 prevail to the extent of any inconsistency.
As agreed. The personal property shall be divided as the parties agree. If the parties are unable to agree, disputes shall be submitted to binding arbitration within 60 days of entry of the divorce. The parties shall equally share the arbitrator's fees.

Related to As agreed

  • Services Agreement The Company has entered into the Services Agreement with the Sponsor pursuant to which the Sponsor will make available to the Company general and administrative services including office space, utilities and secretarial support for the Company’s use for $10,000 per month, subject to adjustment as provided for in the Services Agreement. Prior to the consummation of a Business Combination, the Company shall not enter into any other arrangement for the provision of such services with any Insider that will require the Company to pay in excess of $10,000 per month for such services.

  • Client Agreement 2.1. The Company may unilaterally change any terms of this Client Agreement for any of the following reasons:

  • Cooperation Agreement Pursuant to the Cooperation Agreement, Bidco and St. Modwen have, amongst other things, each agreed to: (i) cooperate in relation to obtaining any consents, clearances, permissions, waivers and/or approvals as may be necessary, and the making of all filings as may be necessary, from or under the law, regulations or practices applied by any applicable regulatory authority in connection with the Acquisition; and (ii) cooperate in preparing and implementing appropriate proposals in relation to the St. Modwen Share Plans. In addition, Xxxxx has agreed to certain provisions if the Scheme should switch to an Offer. The Cooperation Agreement will terminate in certain circumstances, including if the Acquisition is withdrawn, terminated or lapses, a competing offer completes, becomes effective or is declared unconditional, or if prior to the Long Stop Date any Condition has been invoked by Bidco, if the St. Modwen Directors withdraw their recommendation of the Acquisition or if the Scheme does not become effective in accordance with its terms by the Long Stop Date or otherwise as agreed between Bidco and St. Modwen. Pursuant to the terms of the Cooperation Agreement, Bidco undertakes that it will deliver a notice in writing to St. Modwen on the Business Day prior to the Sanction Hearing confirming either: (i) the satisfaction or waiver of the Conditions (other than the Scheme Conditions); or (ii) to the extent permitted by the Panel, that it intends to invoke or treat as unsatisfied or incapable of satisfaction one or more Conditions.

  • Master Services Agreement This Agreement is a master agreement governing the relationship between the Parties solely with regard to State Street’s provision of Services to each BTC Recipient under the applicable Service Modules.

  • Client Agreements Supplier will have a direct contract with, or provide its standard Product or Service terms directly to, Client, which will be enforceable solely between Client and Supplier, for all terms related to Client’s receipt and use of Products and Services (each a “Client Agreement”), other than the payment, risk of loss, and delivery terms that are contracted directly with Accenture.

  • FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT MANAGEMENT The Parties shall manage this Framework Agreement in accordance with Framework Schedule 8 (Framework Management).

  • Operating Agreement You haves received and read a copy of the Company’s Operating Agreement (the “Operating Agreement”) and agree that your execution of this Agreement constitutes your consent to and execution of the Operating Agreement, and, that upon acceptance of this Agreement by the Company, you will become a member of the Company as a holder of Shares. When this Agreement is countersigned by the Company, the Operating Agreement shall be binding upon you as of the closing date.

  • Consulting Agreements The rights of the University under this policy, and the interests of sponsors under research grants or contracts, may not be abrogated or limited by consulting agreements or other contracts entered into between University students or employees and outside organizations or employers. University students and employees should inform outside employers of their obligations and commitments to the University under this policy. Such students and employees should ascertain that patent clauses in their agreements are not in conflict with their obligations to the University or this Policy statement. Each student and employee should make his/her obligations to the University clear to those with whom such agreements may be made, and should ensure that they are provided with a current statement of University policy. Upon request, the University will provide a standard clause which may be inserted in a student's or employee's consulting agreement. This clause will put third parties on notice as to the University's rights under this policy with respect to inventions and discoveries. In cases of conflict of interest, the University reserves the ultimate right to determine the final disposition of the rights and interests involved. Adopted, as amended, by the Trustees of Boston University, November 12, 1991.

  • Transition Services Agreement Buyer shall have executed and delivered to Seller the Transition Services Agreement.

  • Transition Agreement In connection with the termination of this Agreement in its entirety or with respect to one or more Products or Terminated Countries by Astellas in accordance with Section 9.2.1, 9.2.2 (solely to the extent agreed in writing pursuant to Section 9.6.3) or 9.2.3, or as or by Ambit in accordance with Section 9.3 or Section 9.4, the Parties shall enter into a written agreement (the “Transition Agreement”) that would effectuate the terms and conditions of this Section 9.6.1(f) and would include other reasonable terms and conditions, describing the Parties’ indemnification obligations, setting forth the Parties’ obligations with respect to unauthorized sales, and setting forth other coordination obligations. If, despite such efforts, the Parties are unable to agree upon such terms and conditions within thirty (30) days from the effective date of the termination, either Party may refer the dispute for resolution by arbitration in accordance with Section 10.7.3.