Failure by Sample Clauses

Failure by a Party at any time to enforce any of the provisions of this Agreement shall neither be construed as a waiver of any rights or remedies hereunder nor in any way affect the validity of this Agreement or any part of it and no waiver of a breach of this Agreement shall constitute a waiver of any subsequent breach.
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Failure by. (i) the Borrower, (ii) the Board of Directors; or (iii) the Company to comply in a timely manner with any term, condition, requirement or obligation contained in this Undertaking shall constitute an Event of Default pursuant to Section 17.1(q) of the Loan Agreement and the Bank shall be entitled to exercise any remedy available to it under the Loan Agreement, the Security Documents or at law or equity.
Failure by. Borrower to fully and completely perform in a timely manner any covenant, agreement, act, or obligation imposed hereby by any other Credit Document, or by any other agreement to which Bank and Borrower are parties, or Borrower's failure to abide by the terms of this Agreement, any other Credit Document or any other document or instrument executed in connection herewith, or any other agreement to which Bank and Borrower are parties;

Related to Failure by

  • Failure In the event the Company brings any action against Consultant for breach of this Agreement, Consultant’s entire liability to the Company shall not exceed the fees paid to Consultant hereunder. In no event shall Consultant be liable to the Company or any other party for any indirect, special or consequential damages, nor for any claim against the Company by any person or entity arising from or in any way related to this Agreement.

  • Failure to Cure If DSHS learns of a pattern or practice of the Business Associate that constitutes a violation of the Business Associate’s obligations under the terms of this Contract and reasonable steps by DSHS do not end the violation, DSHS shall terminate this Contract, if feasible. In addition, If Business Associate learns of a pattern or practice of its Subcontractors that constitutes a violation of the Business Associate’s obligations under the terms of their contract and reasonable steps by the Business Associate do not end the violation, Business Associate shall terminate the Subcontract, if feasible.

  • Epidemic Failure Warranty Supplier warrants all Products against Epidemic Failure for a period of three years after DXC’s Acceptance. Epidemic Failure means the occurrence of the same failure, defect, or non-conformity with an Order in 2% or more of Products within any three-month period.

  • Failure to Supply If IPC is unable (or anticipates an inability) to manufacture or deliver all or a portion of a Product to Tris as required by a confirmed or accepted Purchase Order pursuant to Section 3.3 of this Agreement, IPC shall promptly notify Tris in writing of the period for which such inability (or anticipated inability) to so manufacture or deliver is expected (an “Anticipated Inability to Deliver”). For avoidance of doubt, so long as IPC uses Commercially Reasonable Efforts and the anticipated inability is a force majeure event, IPC shall not be in breach of the Purchase Order(s) affected nor this Agreement, however, regardless of whether or not IPC has breached a Purchase Order or this Agreement it shall still be liable for Cover and the other obligations set forth in this Section 3.10. In the event IPC is unable to meet Tris’s Purchase Orders or IPC issues a notice of an Anticipated Inability to Deliver, IPC’s obligation to supply shall continue but Tris’ obligation to purchase the Product that IPC is unable to timely supply in accordance with Section 3.3 above shall be suspended and Tris, without relieving IPC of its obligations under Section 3.3, may mitigate its damages by purchasing from another Person the quantity of substitute product that it requires beyond what IPC is able to deliver. Tris shall use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to obtain such substitute product at a reasonable price and communicate same to IPC in writing. Tris shall be entitled to deduct the difference in cost paid by Tris for such substitute product over the cost of the Product (“Cover”), if any, from any amounts otherwise payable to IPC hereunder, and, to the extent not so offset, IPC shall reimburse Tris for such Cover , within thirty (30) days of receipt of invoice from Tris. IPC will not be entitled to any share of positive Net Profits for sale of substitute product not sourced by Tris from IPC hereunder (provided IPC shall continue to fund its share of negative Net Profits), except to the extent IPC has fully reimbursed Tris for the Cover expense with respect to such product. If at any time thereafter during the Term, IPC is able to timely deliver Product in satisfaction of Tris’ Purchase Orders, IPC shall so notify Tris in writing and, subject to Tris’ contractual commitments to third parties, Tris shall undertake commercially reasonable efforts to limit such contractual commitment in order not to exceed IPC’s volume and period it is unable to supply, Tris will resume purchasing the Product from IPC. If IPC’s inability to timely deliver to Tris the quantity of the Product described in this Section 3.3 continues for a period beyond three (3) months, Tris may terminate this Agreement upon thirty (30) days’ notice in writing to IPC. IPC shall reimburse Tris for any failure to supply and late supply penalties and/or damages charged to Tris for late supply or non-supply caused by IPC’s failure to timely supply Product pursuant to Purchase Orders delivered to IPC in accordance with this Agreement. For clarity and audit purposes, such failure to supply penalties shall be supported by appropriate invoices detailing the failure to supply penalties issued by the affected customers and wholesallers of Tris. IPC shall reimburse Tris for such penalties and damages, within ten (10) days of receipt of invoice for same from Tris, provided that if such invoice is not timely paid, Tris may at its option offset such amounts owed against other amounts payable by Tris to IPC.

  • Failure to Pursue Remedies The failure of any party to seek redress for violation of, or to insist upon the strict performance of, any provision of this Agreement shall not prevent a subsequent act, which would have originally constituted a violation, from having the effect of an original violation.

  • Failure to Notify If Contractor fails to specify in writing any problem or circumstance that materially affects the costs of its delivery of services or products, including a material breach by the Department, about which Contractor knew or reasonably should have known with respect to the period during the term covered by Contractor's status report, Contractor shall not be entitled to rely upon such problem or circumstance as a purported justification for an increase in the price for the agreed upon scope.

  • Failure to Close (A) If Seller(s) fails to convey the property as provided in this contract: Buyer(s) may exercise legal remedies including suit for specific performances or damages. Agent may xxx Xxxxxx(s) to recover loss of commission. Agent may pay Xxxxxxx Money into a court of competent jurisdiction, or retain Xxxxxxx Money until directed to distribute the same by a court of competent jurisdiction.

  • Epidemic Failure Remedy If an Epidemic Failure occurs, all costs, including but not limited to, replacement Products, parts, upgrades, materials, labor, transportation and inventory replacement arising from an Epidemic Failure shall be borne by Supplier, regardless of whether DXC initiates a field stocking recall or customer-based recall or retrofit, including Products in distributor inventory and DXC’s installed base. Supplier, at its expense, will ensure that such Products, parts or upgrades have the highest shipping priority. DXC reserves the right to procure, upon terms it deems appropriate, similar products to substitute the affected Products, and Supplier shall promptly reimburse DXC for all costs, charges, prices and fees paid in purchasing the substitute products.

  • Failure to Produce In the event the Buyer fails to produce the aforementioned letter or other acceptable verification by the date above in Section IV(c), this Agreement may be terminated at the election of the Seller with written notice provided to the Buyer within calendar days from the date in Section IV(c);

  • Borrower’s Failure to Notify If the Borrower fails to give notice pursuant to Section 1.6(a) above of the continuation or conversion of any outstanding principal amount of a Borrowing of Eurodollar Loans before the last day of its then current Interest Period within the period required by Section 1.6(a) and such Borrowing is not prepaid in accordance with Section 1.8(a), the Borrower shall be deemed to have given the notice three (3) Business Days prior to the end of the then current Interest Period and such Borrowing shall automatically be continued as a Borrowing of a Eurodollar Loan with a one (1) month Interest Period; provided that all Lenders are able to accommodate such one (1) month Interest Period and such Eurodollar Loan shall be subject to the funding indemnity set forth in Section 1.11 hereof in the event it is prepaid prior to the end of the Interest Period. In the event the Borrower fails to give notice pursuant to Section 1.6(a) above of a Borrowing equal to the amount of a Reimbursement Obligation and has not notified the Administrative Agent by 12:00 noon (Chicago time) on the day such Reimbursement Obligation becomes due that it intends to repay such Reimbursement Obligation through funds not borrowed under this Agreement, the Borrower shall be deemed to have requested a Borrowing of Base Rate Loans under the Revolving Credit (or at the option of the Swing Line Lender under the Swing Line) on such day in the amount of the Reimbursement Obligation then due, which Borrowing shall be applied to pay the Reimbursement Obligation then due.

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