The Partner definition

The Partner will not require NAAMA to accept advice or services concerning teac hers, authors, or participants or other education matters, including content, as conditions of receiving this grant.
The Partner s component’ means the funding pledged to FABLS by Partner Institutions, which is listed in the FABLS application, or may have been pledged separately in the context of new Memberships of FABLS.
The Partner means an entity with whom the Insurer has entered into a relevant agreement on the Insurer's Client Service and other conditions of cooperation in providing health insurance services. The Partner is not the representative of the Insurer. The list of partners is published on the Insurer's website.

Examples of The Partner in a sentence

  • The Partner is not listed by any government agency as debarred, suspended, proposed for suspension or debarment or otherwise determined to be ineligible for government procurement programs.

  • The Partner will evaluate the Old device, the customer’s self-evaluation value and will either confirm or update the customer’s self-evaluation value.

  • The Partner in-charge shall be authorized to incur liabilities and receive instructions for and on behalf of any and all Partners of the Joint Venture Consortia and entire execution of the contract including payment shall be done exclusively with the partner in-charge.

  • The Partner, any of its employees, personnel, sub-contractors and others engaged to perform the Work shall not engage in Sexual Exploitation or Sexual Abuse.

  • The Partner shall establish and maintain, for a period of seven (7) years after this Agreement ends the books and records set forth in this Article in a reasonable accounting system that enables UN Women to readily identify how the funds received under this Agreement have been used, including detailed inventories of the Property, expenditures, costs of goods and services, supporting documentation, all fund transfers received by the Partner and any unspent funds.

  • The Partner acknowledges and agrees that UN Women has the right to conduct audits, site/field visits, spot checks and investigations in accordance with Article 14 of the General Terms and Conditions for Partner Agreements.

  • The Partner shall inform UN Women in writing of the name of the source and the details of such funding.

  • The Partner shall place UN Women markings on the Property in consultation with UN Women.

  • The Partner may submit to UN Women a written request for direct payment to the Partner’s vendor or supplier.

  • The Partner shall not accept funding from any other source than UN Women for performing the Work without UN Women’s prior written approval.

More Definitions of The Partner

The Partner means any entity established and incorporated under Malaysian Law or similar in their respective country government that interested to register under Enrich BizConnect programme.

Related to The Partner

  • Lead Partner means the lead partner of a joint venture, as described in Sub-Clause

  • Limited Partner means any Person named as a Limited Partner in Exhibit A attached hereto, as such Exhibit may be amended from time to time, or any Substituted Limited Partner or Additional Limited Partner, in such Person’s capacity as a Limited Partner in the Partnership.

  • Managing Partner means Geodyne Production Company, a Delaware corporation, and any other Person admitted as additional or Substituted Managing Partner pursuant to Article Six of this Agreement.

  • The Partnership has the sole responsibility to pay all maintenance and operating costs, including all taxes levied and all insurance costs, attributable to the Apartment Complex.

  • General Partner means Steel Partners Holdings GP Inc., a Delaware corporation, and its successors and permitted assigns that are admitted to the Partnership as general partner of the Partnership, in its capacity as a general partner of the Partnership (except as the context otherwise requires).

  • Executive Member means any elected member of the authority appointed to the executive of that authority;

  • Managing Member means CEF Equipment Holding, L.L.C., a Delaware limited liability company or any successor Managing Member under the Issuer Limited Liability Company Agreement.

  • Trading Partner means an entity that has registered with the Commission to exchange data through Electronic Data Interchange.

  • Faculty Member means any person hired by the college or District to conduct classroom or teaching activities or who is otherwise considered by the college to be a member of faculty.

  • Alliance Partner means who has entered into an alliance agreement with ICICI Bank for purpose of providing the Voucher/Gift.

  • Dating partner means any person involved in an intimate association with another individual that is primarily characterized by the expectation of affectionate involvement, whether casual, serious, or long-term.

  • Private partner means any entity that is a partner in a public-private partnership other than:

  • Intimate partner means, with respect to a person, the spouse of the person, a former spouse of the person, an individual who is a parent of a child of the person or an individual who cohabitates or has cohabitated with the person.

  • Limited Partners means all such Persons.

  • Service member means a member of the armed forces, a reserve branch of the armed forces, or the Michigan national guard.

  • Full Member means any person who is in one of the categories of membership referred to in Rule 10.3.

  • Former Partner means (i) with respect to a Partner that is a trust, a Partner that has ceased to be a Qualified Trust, and has become a Former Partner, pursuant to the terms of Section 1.78; (ii) with respect to a Partner that is an Entity, a Partner that has ceased to be a Qualified Entity, and has become a Former Partner, pursuant to the terms of Section 1.18; (iii) a Partner that has become a Bankrupt Partner and a Former Partner, pursuant to the terms of Section 1.7; (iv) a Partner that has become a Pledgor Partner and a Former Partner, pursuant to the terms of Section 1.74; and (v) a Partner that ceases to be a Participating Stockholder with respect to the Class B Shares of each Company in which the Partnership owns Class B Shares.

  • Non-Managing Member means any Member other than the Managing Member.

  • Initial Member has the meaning set forth in the introductory paragraph.

  • Departing Partner means a former General Partner from and after the effective date of any withdrawal or removal of such former General Partner pursuant to Section 11.1 or 11.2.

  • Spouse or partner means a person (including same sex partners) who lives with the principal policy holder in a marital or de facto relationship.

  • Life Member means an Individual appointed as a Life Member of the Club under clause 5.2.

  • Corporate Partner means a Partner that is subject to tax under [reference to State law].

  • Individual Member means a registered, financial Member of the Club who is at least 18 years of age.