Body Corporate definition

Body Corporate means a “body corporate” as defined in the ABCA.
Body Corporate means any company and includes a firm, sole proprietorship or other association of individuals engaged in commercial or professional activities;
Body Corporate means the body corporate as contemplated in section 36 of the Sectional Title Act and section 2(1) of the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act;

Examples of Body Corporate in a sentence

  • If a Councillor is a member of an Association (which is a Body Corporate) with not less than 10 members i.e. sporting, social, religious etc), and the Councillor is not a holder of office of profit or a guarantor, and has not leased land to or from the club, i.e., if the Councillor is an ordinary member of the Association, the Councillor has a common and not a financial interest in any matter to that Association.

  • Related Body Corporate means a corporation which by virtue of the provisions of section 50 of the Corporations Act is deemed to be related to the relevant corporation and related has a corresponding meaning.

  • Name of the contact person, e-mail and telephone number should be mentioned in case of investments by a Company, Body Corporate, Trust, Partnership, Society, FII and other eligible non-individual applicants.

  • A Body Corporate established by or under any law in force in India.

  • The PURCHASER warrants he has read and familiarised himself with the applicable rules and regulations and undertakes to sign all documents and do all things necessary in order for him to become and remain a member of the Body Corporate or the Homeowners Association for as long as he is the owner of the section purchased in terms of this agreement.

More Definitions of Body Corporate

Body Corporate means an entity as defined in Section 2(11) of the Companies Act, 2013.
Body Corporate means a body corporate as defined in section 2(11) of the Companies Act, 2013;
Body Corporate means a body corporate carrying on the business of dentistry;
Body Corporate means the body corporate, owners corporation, corporation, strata company or strata corporation of the strata title development applicable to the strata or unit titles legislation which applies in the State or Territory where the lot is located.
Body Corporate means a company as defined in section 3 of the Companies Act, 1956 (1 of 1956) and includes—
Body Corporate means any body corporate with or without share capital and whether or not it is a corporation to which this Act applies; (“personne morale”)
Body Corporate means a “body corporate” as defined in the ABCA or CBCA.