Clause 5 Sample Clauses

Clause 5. 10.1 does not limit the ability of the board and principal to make such arrangements regarding the attendance of the principal at the school during any period or periods when the school is closed for instruction, and the principal is not on annual leave, as the parties consider appropriate and consistent with their responsibilities under this agreement or at law.
Clause 5. 3.1 shall not apply to the extent that:
Clause 5. 3.1: The documentation required before commencement with Works execution is:
Clause 5. Liability
Clause 5. 4.2: Access to and possession of the site shall not be exclusive to the Contractor insofar as the provisions of Clause 4.8 apply, and where on-going use by the general public is required.
Clause 5. 4.2: Add the following: The proposed works must be measured and pegged out from existing pegs and structures. The Contractor is responsible for the pegging and setting out of the works, as well as for the heights where required. The Contractor is responsible to check all reference pegs before commencing with the works and should there be any ambiguities, the contractor must inform the Engineer.
Clause 5. 3.2: The time to submit the documentation required before commencement with Works execution is 14 days.
Clause 5. 9.1: Add the following to the clause: “The drawings shall remain the property of the employer and the Contactor will sign receipt for the acceptance thereof. The copyright on all documents remains with the employer and no drawings or parts thereof may be duplicated without approval by the Engineer.”.
Clause 5. 8.1: Non-working days are Sundays. Special non-working days are all gazetted public holidays falling outside the year end break.
Clause 5. 4.5 shall not apply in respect of any Existing Financing Agreement that is not supported by a Seller’s Facility Guarantee.