Errors or Omissions Sample Clauses

Errors or Omissions. Errors or omissions of an administrative nature on the part of the Company shall not invalidate the reinsurance under this Agreement, provided such errors or omissions are corrected promptly after discovery thereof; but the liability of the Reinsurer under this Agreement or any exhibits, addenda, or endorsements attached hereto shall in no event exceed the limits specified herein nor be extended to cover any risks, perils, lines of business or classes of insurance generally or specifically excluded herein.
Errors or Omissions. In the event that there are errors or omissions in the printed cast listing in the playbill and/or program, the Engager agrees that upon receipt of notice of an omission or error in such cast listing, the Engager will, within twenty-four (24) hours (including a least one (1) business day), place in the playbill and/or program a mimeographed or printed slip correcting the omission or error and will also correct the omission or error in the next printing of the playbill or program, provided such notice is given at least twenty- four (24) hours prior to the press deadline. In place of a printed slip the omission or error may be corrected by an announcement being made to the audience before the performance. For each failure either to place a correction slip in the playbill and/or program, or to make an announcement correcting the error, as stipulated above, or to correct the playbill or program cast listing at the next printing after proper notice, the Engager shall pay to the Artist involved, a sum equal to one-eighth (1/8) of the Artist's contractual fee for each week or part thereof during which the omission or error continues.
Errors or Omissions. NJIT shall not be liable to the SOA for any retroactive or past due representation fee or dues for a Sergeant who was identified by NJIT as excluded or confidential or in good faith was mistakenly or inadvertently omitted from deduction of the representation fee or dues.
Errors or Omissions. Any errors or omissions in the pay of an employee amounting to less than $50.00 shall be corrected on the next pay day. Any errors or omissions caused by the Employer or its payroll agent in the pay of an employee amounting to more than $50.00 shall be paid at no cost to the employee within the next three (3) working days of the Employer being made aware of the error or omission by the employee.
Errors or Omissions. In the event that any Seller’s invoice can be demonstrated by Buyer to contain a material error or omission which unavoidably delays Buyer’s ability to process payment of such invoice in a timely manner, Seller shall extend the payment due date for the portion of the invoiced amount which is affected, by the same number of days (from the time Buyer first notified Seller of the error or omission) as it takes Seller to provide the corrected or additional data required by Buyer.
Errors or Omissions. Seller and Purchaser agree to adjust between themselves after Closing any errors or omissions in the prorations or adjustments set forth in the Closing Statements.
Errors or Omissions. The Escrow Agent will not be liable for any act done or step taken or omitted by it in good faith or for anything which it may do or refrain from doing in connection with this Escrow Agreement, except for its own gross negligence or willful misconduct.
Errors or Omissions. Any inadvertent delay, omission or error shall not relieve either party hereto from any liability which would attach to it hereunder if such delay, omission or error had not been made, provided such delay, omission or error is rectified immediately upon discovery.
Errors or Omissions. Clerical errors or omissions, whether in computation or otherwise in any quotation acknowledgements or invoice, shall be subject to correction.
Errors or Omissions. The Transfer Agent shall at all times act in good faith and shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and thoroughness of services provided hereunder, but, except as otherwise provided herein, the Transfer Agent shall not be liable for losses due to errors or omissions unless such errors or omissions result from (i) its negligence, bad faith, or willful misconduct or that of its employees or agents, (ii) its failure to comply with, or to ensure that its services hereunder are consistent with, applicable federal and state laws and regulations, or (iii) its breach of a representation or warranty contained herein.