The Design Sample Clauses

The Design. Builder shall direct specific attention, in writing or on resubmitted design and construction documents or other submittals such as Shop Drawings, Product Data, Samples or similar submittals, to revisions other than those requested by the Owner and the Architect and its design/engineering consultants on previous submittals. In the absence of such written notice, the Owner’s approval and the Architect and its design/engineering consultant’s review of a resubmission shall not apply to such revisions.
The Design. Builder shall designate in writing to the Owner a responsible individual whose duty shall be the prevention of accidents. This person shall coordinate all safety planning and activities with the Safety Director specified by the Design-Builder per Section A.3.2.13.
The Design. Builder shall notify the Owner of all activities that will impact Owner’s use, access and operations of any facilities in operation at the site of or related to any part of the Work. This shall include but not be limited to items such as disruptions to utilities/related services, vehicle, pedestrian and service access, noise, fumes and other items. Notification shall be provided to the Owner not less than 7 days in advance of any disruptions.
The Design. Development Documents shall be sufficiently complete at the time the GMP Proposal is submitted to the Owner. The Design-Builder shall provide in the GMP for further development of the Design-Build Documents consistent with the Owner's Program. Such further development does not include changes in scope, systems, kinds and quality of materials, finishes or equipment, all of which if required, shall be incorporated by Change Order.
The Design. BUILDER shall provide a written response to TAX COLLECTOR’S comments and requests and comments of reviewing agencies. The response must provide a checklist indicating those items incorporated into the design and those that are not included (with explanations for their exclusion)
The Design. BUILDER shall provide Submittals at a time sufficiently early enough to allow review, and to accommodate the rate of construction progress as indicated in the Project Schedule.
The Design. BUILDER shall prepare an updated GMP and a further refined and revised Project Schedule, if applicable, illustrating critical path and any changes in schedule detail.
The Design. BUILDER shall execute a Performance Bond and a Payment Bond as shown in Appendices 3 and 4 or furnish acceptable alternative forms of security as stipulated below, as security for the DESIGN‐BUILDER’S faithful performance and payment of all its obligations under the Contract Documents. The DESIGN‐BUILDER shall cause each such bond (or acceptable alternative) to be in an amount equal to 100% of the GMP as said GMP may be adjusted from time to time by an appropriate Change Order. Additionally, each such bond shall be as shown on the attached forms and shall be executed by the DESIGN‐BUILDER and a Surety authorized to do business as a surety in Florida and who is otherwise acceptable to the TAX COLLECTOR. Prior to commencing work, it shall be the DESIGN‐BUILDER’S responsibility to execute and record the bonds in the public records of Hillsborough County.