Information Required Sample Clauses

Information Required. The Employer and the Union agree to cooperate with the Referral Registry Vendor in distributing information related to the registry benefit and in obtaining and providing such data as may be required by the Vendor. ARTICLE 15 TRAINING‌ 15.1 Training PartnershipPursuant to RCW 74.39A.009 and 74.39A.360, there shall be established a Training Partnership (or “Partnership”). The Training Partnership will possess the capacity to provide training, peer mentoring, workforce development, and other services to individual providers. The Employer shall become and remain a participating employer in such a Partnership during the complete life of this Agreement, and any extension thereof.
Information Required. Prior to applying for an excavation permit to install any portion of its Telecommunications Facilities, or at any time during the term of this Telecommunications License as may be reasonably requested by the City, the Licensee shall provide the following information to the City, in whatever detail the City reasonably requires:
Information Required. Name of Borrower, amount to be continued or prepaid, as the case may be, whether ABR Loans or Eurocurrency Loans, amounts of each such Type, and Interest Periods for Eurocurrency Loans to be continued.
Information Required. Name of Foreign Subsidiary Borrower, amount to be continued or prepaid, as the case may be, and Interest Periods.
Information Required. The Company shall have no obligation to include shares of Common Stock owned by Holder in a registration statement pursuant to this Section 15, unless and until the Holder shall have furnished the Company with all information and statements about or pertaining to Holder in the reasonable detail and on a timely basis as is reasonably deemed by the Company to be necessary or appropriate with respect to the preparation of the registration statement.
Information Required. The Company is entitled to request such reasonable information and evidence prior to making payment of any benefit and can withhold payment until such information and evidence is received.
Information Required. Amount to be continued or prepaid, as the case may be, and Interest Periods.
Information Required. 16. The investigating authority may request all kinds of information from the interested parties. When the interested parties deny access to the necessary information, or they do not cooperate within the period set by the investigating authority, it can make a determination based on the evidence available. Provisional Safeguard Measures