Information Required Sample Clauses

Information Required. The Employer and the Union agree to cooperate with the Referral Registry Vendor in distributing information related to the registry benefit and in obtaining and providing such data as may be required by the Vendor. ARTICLE 15 TRAINING‌
Information Required. The Company shall have no obligation to include shares of Common Stock owned by Holder in a registration statement pursuant to this Section 15, unless and until the Holder shall have furnished the Company with all information and statements about or pertaining to Holder in the reasonable detail and on a timely basis as is reasonably deemed by the Company to be necessary or appropriate with respect to the preparation of the registration statement.
Information Required. Prior to applying for an excavation permit to install any portion of its Telecommunications Facilities, or at any time during the term of this Telecommunications License as may be reasonably requested by the City, the Licensee shall provide the following information to the City, in whatever detail the City reasonably requires:
Information Required. As a further condition for this Lease and not a covenant only, Lessee agrees to furnish to Lessor designated representative and agent, at the address specified on the signature page hereof, within 48 hours of becoming available, unless stated otherwise, true and correct copies of the following information:
Information Required. If Tenant desires the consent of Landlord to an assignment or subletting, Tenant shall submit to Landlord at least thirty (30) days prior to the proposed effective date of the assignment or sublease a written notice which includes: (i) all documentation then available related to the proposed sublease or assignment (copies of final executed documentation to be supplied on or before the effective date); and (ii) sufficient information to permit Landlord to determine the identity and character of the proposed sublessee or assignee and the financial condition of the proposed assignee.
Information Required. In order to constitute termination notice under this Agreement (a “Termination Notice”), any termination notice of breach pursuant to this Section 11.3 shall identify the Person(s) alleged to be responsible for the alleged breach and shall also include sufficient factual information to substantiate the breach allegation. Transferee shall have twenty (20) business days following the date of such notice to request in writing such additional supporting information from Company as Transferee believes is reasonably necessary to allow evaluation of the Fundamental Breach, in response to which Company shall have up to thirty (30) days to provide such additional supporting information in writing.
Information Required. Upon request, you shall provide a valid email address, a password, and answers to security questions (or any other information we may request in order to establish the appropriate Access Methods), which are necessary for you to gain access to restricted areas of the Platform.
Information Required. Within forty five (45) days from the effective date hereof, Seller shall provide Buyer with detailed information concerning the diagnostic and monitoring capabilities, operating software specifications, and detailed product specifications of Products, except information Seller reasonably considers proprietary or confidential. The information to be provided by Seller to Buyer shall also include the electrical interface specifications and the data flow specifications. All such information provided by Seller shall be sufficient enough to permit Buyer to use and maintain the Products as test equipment and to effectively test the Products in Buyer's network. As new Products are developed or as the electrical interface or data flow specifications are changed, Seller shall timely supply updated information to Buyer, except information Seller reasonably considers to be proprietary or confidential. The information supplied shall include instruction on how to place Products into diagnostic or monitor mode and, if hardware or Software components are necessary, Seller shall supply Buyer, without charge, with a quantity of such components sufficient for Buyer's reasonable requirements. The diagnostic and monitoring information to be provided by Seller shall include specific diagnostic/monitoring testing features on PCS 1900 equipment. If unique or proprietary connecting cables are necessary to communicate with the Product when in diagnostic or monitor mode, Seller shall furnish Buyer with a reasonable quantity of such cables, without charge.
Information Required. During the term of this Franchise Agreement, Grantee shall provide the City with a quarterly accounting of participating Single-Family Units, the volume of each of the organic materials collected, and information regarding contamination and protocol(s) established to address these circumstances. On March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1 of each year during the term of this Agreement, Grantee shall provide the City with an accounting for the Organicscurbside collection program. Said accounting shall include (1) the number of participating households; (2) the volume of Organics collected(3) the volume of non recyclable materials disposed of at the landfill; and (4) any additional information required by the City to enable the City to determine any reduced garbage collection and disposal volume.
Information Required. Amount to be continued or prepaid, as the case may be, and Interest Periods.