Clause 4 definition

Clause 4. You give us a security interest in the Goods and make important promises to us
Clause 4. You give us a security interest in the Goods
Clause 4. If Party A charges Party B any expense other than the said amount of rental fees, Party B has the right to refuse to pay.

Examples of Clause 4 in a sentence

  • Contract termination shall be initiated in case it is determined prima facie by the Procuring Entity that the Contractor has engaged, before, or during the implementation of the contract, in unlawful deeds and behaviors relative to contract acquisition and implementation, such as, but not limited to corrupt, fraudulent, collusive, coercive, and obstructive practices as stated in ITB Clause 4.

  • Subject to Clause 32, the Employer will award the contract to the bidder whose bid has been determined to be substantially responsive to the bidding documents and who has offered the lowest Evaluated Bid Price pursuant to Clause 29, provided that such bidder has been determined to be (a) eligible in accordance with the provisions of Sub-Clause 3.1, and (b) qualified in accordance with the provisions of Clause 4.

  • Documentary Evidences showing the Bidder’s claim of meeting Technical Criteria as mentioned in Clause 4 of ITB.

  • Such notification, in its original tender or later, shall not relieve the Supplier from any of its liability or obligation under the terms and conditions of the contract.17.2 Sub contract shall be only for bought out items and sub-assemblies.17.3 Sub contracts shall also comply with the provisions of GCC Clause 4 (“Country of Origin”).

  • The information to be filled in by Bidders in the following pages will be used for purposes of post qualification/ evaluation or for verification of prequalification as provided for in Clause 4 of the Instructions to Bidders.

More Definitions of Clause 4

Clause 4. FREE TIME: this clause requires the Owner to set out the amount of Free Time included within the Lumpsum Price, and the specific purposes for which the Free Time may be utilised. Clause 5: DELAY PAYMENTS; refers back to Box 12 of Part I. Clause 6: EMPLOYMENT AND AREA OF OPERATIONS; requires that the salvage activities must be lawful and restricts the "area of operations" to within Institute Warranty Limits. If the services are to take place outside these limits then permission must be obtained, in writing, and there may be additional insurance costs. The clause also confirms that no warranties are given by the Hirer regarding the safety of the place of operations. Clause 7; MASTER AND CREW: confirms that the Master and Crew of the Vessel are to carry out their duties promptly and that the navigation and management of the Vessel remains under the control of Owners, Master and Crew.
Clause 4. You give us security in the Property and make important promises to us
Clause 4. Rostered Days Off In regards to Rostered Days Off of the Enterprise Agreement shall only apply to the Manager Child Care Services.
Clause 4. Minimum Amount For Contributions Ringgit Malaysia Five Only (RM5.00) or its equivalent in other currency All Contributions are NOT exempt from any tax unless specifically stated. All Contributions are at the Contributor’s own risk. When the Contributor makes a Contributions through the Services for the Project, it is the Contributor’s responsibility to understand how his money will be used. This Service is purely Contributions-based crowdfunding platform. AmanahRaya does not offer any reward for such Contributions in any form. AmanahRaya is not responsible for any offers, promises, rewards, promotions made or offered by Subscriber or any party to the Project. AmanahRaya does not and cannot verify the information that the Users supply, nor do AmanahRaya represent or guarantee that the Contributions will be used in accordance with any purpose prescribed by the Subscriber and/or Beneficiary or in accordance with applicable laws.
Clause 4. The Act amended This clause identifies the Financial Institutions Duty Act 1983 as the Act amended in this Part.
Clause 4. Undertakings of the Grant Winner The Grant Winner undertakes to achieve the following as per the proposal submitted and the conditions of the grant:
Clause 4. Rostered Days Off In regards to Rostered Days Off of the Enterprise Agreement shall only apply to the Manager Child Care Services. District Council of Robe – ASU & AWU Joint Enterprise Agreement No 11 _____________________________________