Clause 4 definition

Clause 4. If Party A charges Party B any expense other than the said amount of rental fees, Party B has the right to refuse to pay.
Clause 4. What happens if you do not pay us what you owe on time?
Clause 4. Undertakings of the Grant Winner The Grant Winner undertakes to achieve the following as per the proposal submitted and the conditions of the grant:

Examples of Clause 4 in a sentence

  • Qualification Information 1.6_Annexure II Annexure-II List of Key Personnel to be deployed on Contract Work: Sl.No.Qualification Information (1.1 Individual Bidders) The information to be filled in by the Bidder in the following pages will be used for purposes of post qualification as provided for in Clause 4 of the Instructions to Bidders.

  • Contract termination shall be initiated in case it is determined prima facie by the Procuring Entity that the Contractor has engaged, before, or during the implementation of the contract, in unlawful deeds and behaviors relative to contract acquisition and implementation, such as, but not limited to corrupt, fraudulent, collusive, coercive, and obstructive practices as stated in ITB Clause 4.

  • Schedule 1 Amendment of Road Transport (Driver Licensing)Regulation 2017[1] Clause 4 DefinitionsInsert in alphabetical order in clause 4(1)—temporary visiting driver, for Part 12—see clause 95A.[2] Clause 95A, headingOmit the heading.

  • You understand, accept, and agree to assume all of the various risks involved in using, holding, trading, delivering, transacting, and transferring Digital Assets and the use of App Services, including all of the risks set forth in this Clause 4.

  • We have no conflict of interest in accordance with ITB clause3 and have not been declared ineligible under the laws or official regulations of Bhutan, in accordance with ITB Clause 4 and other relevant clauses.

  • Clause 4: "Memorandum on the Objects of the National Water Amendment Bill (as Introduced by Portfolio Committee on Water and Environmental Affairs)", National Water Amendment Bill 3 of 2014.

  • In addition to the provisions of Article 12A of the MFSA Act, the Chairperson or a member of the Audit Committee shall be relieved of office on the occurrence of any situation defined in sub-paragraph (4.2) of Clause 4 of this Charter.

  • Clause 4 - DELETED Clause 5Time and Extension for Delay The time allowed for execution of the Works as specified in the Schedule ‘F’ ‘Bid Data Sheet’ or the extended time in accordance with these conditions shall be the essence of the Contract.

  • Clause 1Short title Provides that the title of this Act is the Aquatic Resources Management Act 2013.Clause 2Commencement Sets out the commencement provisions and provides that different sections of the Act can be commenced on different days.Clause 3Terms Used Defines terms used in the Bill.Clause 4Meaning of aquatic resource Clause 4 defines aquatic resource and should be read with the definition of aquatic organism as provided in clause 3.

  • Qualification Information 1.6_Annexure II Annexure-II List of Key Personnel to be deployed on Contract Work: Qualification Information (1.1 Individual Bidders ) The information to be filled in by the Bidder in the following pages will be used for purposes of post qualification as provided for in Clause 4 of the Instructions to Bidders.

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Clause 4. If the progress of any particular portion of the work is unsatisfactory, the Executive Engineer shall notwithstanding that the general progress of the work is in accordance with the conditions mentioned in clause 2, be entitled to take action under clause 3(b) after giving the Contractor 10 days notice in writing. The Contractor will have no claim for compensation, for any loss sustained by him owing to such action. Clause 5:- In any case in which any of the powers conferred upon the Executive Engineer by clause 3 and 4 hereof shall have become exercisable and the same shall not have been exercised, the non exercise thereof shall not constitute a waiving of any of the conditions hereof and such powers shall notwithstanding be exercisable in the event of any future case of default by the contractor for which under any clause hereof he is declared liable to pay compensation amounting to the whole of his security deposit and the liability of the contractor for past and future compensation shall remain unaffected. In the event of the Executive Engineer taking action under sub - clause (a) or (c) of clause 3, he may, if he so desires, take possession of all or any tools, plant, materials and stores, in or upon the works or the site thereof or belonging to the contractor, or procured by him and intended to be used for the execution of the work or any part thereof, paying or allowing for the same in account at the contract rates, or in the case of contract rates not being applicable at current market rates, to be certified by the Executive Engineer whose certificate thereof shall be final. In the alternative, the Executive Engineer may, after giving notice in writing to the contractor or his clerk of the work, xxxxxxx or other authorized agent require him to remove such tools and plants, materials, or stores from the premises within a time to be specified in such notice, and in the event of the contractor failing to comply with any such requisition, the Executive Engineer may remove them at the contractor’s expenses or sell them by auction or private sale on account of the contractor and at his risk in all respects, and the certificate of the Executive Engineer as to the expenses of any such removal and the amount of the proceeds and expense of such sale shall be final and conclusive against the Contractor. Action when the progress of any particular portion of the work is unsatisfactory. Contractor remains liable to pay compensation if action not taken under Clau...
Clause 4. (annual performance bonus) of the Partnership Agreement This revision will be effective immediately. However, CSI will compute the total bonus which Kunical has accumulated according to the "Clause 4" in the period from January 1st to August 25th 2006, based on the Kunical invoice dates, and will pay this bonus to Kunical in cash, rather in CSI shares as stated in the original Partnership Agreement. We appreciate your confirming to this revision. We look forward to continuing to work with you. Very truly yours,
Clause 4. You give us a security interest in the Goods and make important promises to us

Related to Clause 4

  • Clause means a clause of this Agreement;

  • Annexure D means, if applicable to services rendered at JOBURG MARKET’s premises by the Contractor, the Occupational Health and Safety Act Agreement entered into between the Parties in terms of section 37(2) of that Act.

  • Paragraph means a portion of this Consent Decree identified by an Arabic numeral or an upper or lower case letter.

  • Annexure means the section in the RFT detailing the specific requirements applicable to the Conditions of Tendering and Contract.

  • clauses means these contractual clauses, which are a free-standing document that does not incorporate commercial business terms established by the parties under separate commercial arrangements.

  • Annexure C means, if applicable to the subject matter of this Agreement and the Contractor’s obligations in terms thereof, the Contractor’s Personnel Schedule.

  • EU Model Clauses means the (Standard Contractual Clauses (processors)) or any subsequent version thereof published by the European Commission (which will automatically apply). The Standard Contractual Clauses current as of the effective date of the Agreement are attached hereto as Appendix 4.

  • Annexure B means a copy of JOBURG MARKET Supply Chain Management Policy in terms of which this Agreement and the bid was specified, evaluated, adjudicated and awarded.

  • Standard Contractual Clauses means the agreement executed by and between Customer and Okta and included herein, pursuant to the European Commission’s decision (C(2010)593) of 5 February 2010 on Standard Contractual Clauses for the transfer of personal data to processors established in third countries which do not ensure an adequate level of data protection.