Be Responsible Sample Clauses

Be Responsible. Each user is responsible for the equipment and chemicals he or she uses. Each user must follow the following guidelines, or be subject to consequences (see reverse page), potentially including expulsion from the lab.
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Be Responsible. Only use devices and Internet searches for school-related purposes. • Be responsible with the school's equipment and treat it with care. Do not change computer or iPad settings or damage equipment on purpose. Tell an adult if you notice broken equipment. • Create or type appropriate things that you would want your parents and teachers to see. • Tell an adult if you notice someone who is not being a safe, respectful or responsible user. I UNDERSTAND: • The devices and network belong to the District. Using them is a privilege, not a right. • My teachers may review my work and activities at any time. • I may not be allowed to use the school’s devices or District network if I break the rules.
Be Responsible. Students will be responsible for using the device for instructional purposes only.  Students will be responsible for the daily storing, carrying and taking home of their personal device.  Students will be responsible for charging any device prior to use on campus.  Students will be responsible for all maintenance and fees related to the personal device.
Be Responsible. I understand that school rules apply during all chorus activities. Anyone choosing to not follow the school rules can be dismissed from the group. I will receive permission from my teacher BEFORE coming to rehearsal. I will make up any work I missed while at a rehearsal or performance. I will bring my music and a pencil to rehearsal. If I need to miss an after school rehearsal or a performance, I will email or hand a written note to Xx. Xxxxxx.
Be Responsible. Use appropriate, respectful language - when you are on-line you are representing Clunes Primary School.
Be Responsible. Follow the school rules - Obey school rules and accept sanctions - Be on time to lessons - Hand homework in on time - Dress appropriately for school and bring your PE kit - Have your laptop, diary, jotters, pen, pencil, rubber and ruler with you during all lessons .................................................................................................................................................... I understand what I am being asked to do and I will try to follow this Behaviour Agreement. Student Signature: .................................... Date................
Be Responsible. All users and their parents/guardians are advised that access to the electronic network may include the potential for access to materials inappropriate for school-aged pupils. Every user must take responsibility for his or her use of the computer network and Internet and stay away from these sites. Parents of minors are the best guides to materials to shun. If a student finds that other users are visiting offensive or harmful sites, he or she should report such use to the principal or the person designated by the School.
Be Responsible. We know that we need to make sensible and smart choices when we are online. Our behaviour can help to make other people’s time online better.
Be Responsible. Respect and show proper usage of facilities and gallery equipment, including taking into consid- eration your limitations within the studio. See security policies.

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  • Not Responsible SAP and its licensors will not be responsible under this Agreement (i) if the Software is not used in accordance with the Documentation; or (ii) if the defect or liability is caused by Licensee, a Modification or Add-on (other than a Modification or Add-on made by SAP which is provided through SAP Support or under warranty), or third-party software; or (iii) if the Software is used in conjunction with any third party software for which the Licensee lacks sufficient rights from the third party vendor for such use; or (iv) for any Licensee activities not permitted under this Agreement. SAP AND ITS LICENSORS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIMS OR DAMAGES ARISING FROM INHERENTLY DANGEROUS USE OF THE SOFTWARE AND/OR THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE LICENSED HEREUNDER.

  • Trustee Not Responsible The Trustee shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for or in respect of the validity or sufficiency of this [First] Supplemental Indenture or for or in respect of the recitals contained herein, all of which are made solely by the Company and the Guarantors.

  • General Responsibility The Consultant shall, at all times during the Agreement, remain responsible. The Consultant agrees, if requested by the Commissioner of NYSDOT or his or her designee, to present evidence of its continuing legal authority to do business in New York State, integrity, experience, ability, prior performance, and organizational and financial capacity.

  • Payment Responsibility The payment obligations of each Participating Manufacturer pursuant to this Agreement shall be the several responsibility only of that Participating Manufacturer. The payment obligations of a Participating Manufacturer shall not be the obligation or responsibility of any Affiliate of such Participating Manufacturer. The payment obligations of a Participating Manufacturer shall not be the obligation or responsibility of any other Participating Manufacturer. Provided, however, that no provision of this Agreement shall waive or excuse liability under any state or federal fraudulent conveyance or fraudulent transfer law. Any Participating Manufacturer whose Market Share (or Relative Market Share) in any given year equals zero shall have no payment obligations under this Agreement in the succeeding year.

  • Joint Responsibility If the Seller determines that the Interface Problem is attributable partially to the design of a Warranted Part and partially to the design of any Supplier Part, the Seller will, if so requested by the Buyer, seek a solution to the Interface Problem through cooperative efforts of the Seller and any Supplier involved. The Seller will promptly advise the Buyer of such corrective action as may be proposed by the Seller and any such Supplier. Such proposal will be consistent with any then existing obligations of the Seller hereunder and of any such Supplier towards the Buyer. Such corrective action, unless reasonably rejected by the Buyer, will constitute full satisfaction of any claim the Buyer may have against either the Seller or any such Supplier with respect to such Interface Problem.

  • Engineers Responsibility The Engineer shall be responsible for the accuracy of its work and shall promptly make necessary revisions or corrections resulting from its errors, omissions, or negligent acts without compensation. The Engineer will not be relieved of the responsibility for subsequent correction of any such errors or omissions or for clarification of any ambiguities until after the construction phase of the project has been completed.

  • Own responsibility Without affecting the responsibility of any Obligor for information supplied by it or on its behalf in connection with any Finance Document, each Secured Party confirms to the Security Agent that it has been, and will continue to be, solely responsible for making its own independent appraisal and investigation of all risks arising under or in connection with any Finance Document including but not limited to:

  • Reporting Responsibility a) Vendor shall be responsible for reporting all services purchased under the Contract. Vendor shall file the monthly reports, subcontract reports, and pay the administrative fees in accordance with the due dates specified in this section.

  • Professional Responsibility (Article 8.01 applies to employees covered by an Ontario College under the Regulated Health Professions Act only.)

  • No Responsibility Independent and the Independent Released Parties shall have no responsibility, obligation, or liability whatsoever with respect to the terms, interpretation, or implementation of the Distribution Plan; the administration of the Settlement; the management, investment, or distribution of the Settlement Amount or any other funds paid or received in connection with the Settlement; the payment or withholding of Taxes that may be due or owing by the Receiver or any recipient of funds from the Settlement Amount; the determination, administration, calculation, review, or challenge of claims to the Settlement Amount, any portion of the Settlement Amount, or any other funds paid or received in connection with the Settlement or this Settlement Agreement; or any losses, attorneys’ fees, expenses, vendor payments, expert payments, or other costs incurred in connection with any of the foregoing matters. As of the Settlement Effective Date, the Plaintiffs, the Plaintiffs Released Parties, the Interested Parties, and all other individuals, persons, or entities Plaintiffs represent or on whose behalf Plaintiffs have been empowered to act by any court fully, finally, and forever release, relinquish, and discharge Independent and the Independent Released Parties from any and all such responsibility, obligation, and liability.