Without prejudice to Sample Clauses

Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies that we may have, we may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect (and, unless we determine that it is unlawful, inappropriate or impracticable, on giving written notice to you) if:
Without prejudice to. Paragraph 6.1, University’s liability to the Licensee for all losses or damage of any kind howsoever caused shall be limited to the aggregate total amount received by University from Licensee under this Agreement as at the date of such breach.
Without prejudice to the provisions of Clause 10.1 and subject to the provisions of Clause 10.2, we shall have no liability whatsoever:
Without prejudice to. Article 18.1 of this attachment, If there is a change of circumstances, as from the Start Date, linked to storage regulations in Belgium and/or a substantial change in the system for access to the Storage Installation which results in a substantial negative impact in the economic balance of this Standard Storage Agreement that could not reasonably have been anticipated on the basis of information available on the date hereof, then the Storage User shall be entitled to request the Storage Operator to terminate the LTS subject to prior written notice of four (4) years. If the Parties cannot agree on the substantial and negative nature of the impact on the economic balance, the Parties may agree to refer to an Expert for opinion in accordance with the provisions of Article 19 of this attachment. If the Parties cannot agree to refer to an Expert or if the Parties disagree concerning the Expert’s opinion, then each Party shall have the right to submit the dispute to the competent court in accordance with Article 20 of this attachment.
Without prejudice to the Buyer’s obligations hereunder, in order to facilitate the development of the BFE Engineering Definition, the Seller shall organize meetings between the Buyer and BFE Suppliers. The Buyer hereby agrees to participate in such meetings and to provide adequate technical and engineering expertise to reach decisions within the defined timeframe. In addition, throughout the development phase and up to Delivery of the Aircraft to the Buyer, the Buyer agrees: • to monitor the BFE Suppliers and ensure that they shall enable the Buyer to fulfil its obligations, including but not limited to those set forth in the Customization Milestone Chart; • that, should a timeframe, quality or other type of risk be identified at a given BFE Supplier, the Buyer shall allocate resources to such BFE Supplier so as not to jeopardize the industrial schedule of the Aircraft; • for major BFE, including, but not being limited to, seats, galleys and IFE (“Major BFE”) to participate on a mandatory basis in the specific meetings that take place between BFE Supplier selection and BFE delivery, namely: • Preliminary Design Review (“PDR”), • Critical Design Review (“CDR”); • to attend the First Article Inspection (“FAI”) for the first shipset of all Major BFE. Should the Buyer not attend such FAI, the Buyer shall delegate the FAI to the BFE Supplier and confirmation thereof shall be supplied to the Seller in writing; • to attend the Source Inspection (“SI”) that takes place at the BFE Supplier’s premises prior to shipping, for each shipset of all Major BFE. Should the Buyer not attend such SI, the Buyer shall delegate the SI to the BFE Supplier and confirmation thereof shall be brought to the Seller in writing. Should the Buyer not attend the SI, the Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted the conclusions of the BFE Supplier with respect to such SI. The Seller shall be entitled to attend the PDR, the CDR and the FAI. In doing so, the Seller’s employees shall be acting in an advisory capacity only and at no time shall they be deemed to be acting as Buyer’s employees or agents, either directly or indirectly.
Without prejudice to a Borrower's obligation to repay the full amount of each Advance made to it on the due date, and without any change to the amount of any Advance involved, subject to any contrary legal requirement, where on the same day as such Borrower is due to repay an Advance such Borrower also requests to draw down (and is entitled pursuant to the terms of this Agreement to so draw down) an Advance in the same currency, the amount to be so repaid and the payment by the Facility Agent to such Borrower of the proceeds of the Advance being drawn shall be settled by netting off the one against the other so that the amount actually paid in cash shall be the net amount only.
Without prejudice to the Partiesrights pursuant to this Agreement or at law, either Party may terminate this Agreement by written notice to the other in any of the following cases: