Definition of Tax Authorities

Tax Authorities means the Revenue Commissioners in the Republic of Ireland or the recognised tax authorities in any Relevant Jurisdiction;

Tax Authorities means-- (a)

Examples of Tax Authorities in a sentence

Upon subsequent agreement of the Exit Charge with the Tax Authorities the ECE or ECS is then to be settled by the respective party within 10 business days.
Company shall make the required statutory deductions from the Salary and from any other amount paid to Employee by Company under this Agreement, including income tax, social security and healthcare tax, and make the appropriate payments on behalf of Employee to the Income Tax Authorities, to the Institute of National Insurance and any other relevant authority.
This Appendix shall become effective, and Option Grants may be granted hereunder only after receipt the required approvals under Section 102 from the Income Tax Authorities.
Such cooperation and information shall include providing copies of relevant Tax Returns or portions thereof, together with accompanying schedules, related work papers and documents relating to rulings or other determinations by Tax Authorities.
WhiteWave shall pay to the appropriate Tax Authorities all Non-Federal Separate Taxes and any other Taxes (other than those described in Section 3.1 and Section 3.2 of this Agreement), if any, of WhiteWave and the WhiteWave Affiliates.