CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. Brazosport College will:
CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. Notwithstanding Section 1.1 above, if each of the transactions contemplated by the Exchange Agreement dated January 26, 2016 does not occur prior to December 31, 2016, then this Agreement becomes null and void. This Agreement also becomes null and void if Xx. Xxxxxx’ employment with the Company terminates prior to January 1 2017.
CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. Section 1. Where any provisions of this Negotiated Agreement conflict with prior policy of the Board of Education, this Agreement shall take precedence over such policy.
CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. Section 1. Where any provisions of this negotiated agreement conflict with prior policy of the Board of Education, this agreement shall take precedence over such policy.
CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. This agreement is subject to the following conditions: • To be eligible for enrollment, the member’s account must have a zero balance at the time of application. • Participation in the LEVELIZED BILLING PAYMENT PLAN may be canceled at any time by the member. Cancellation of the member’s participation in the payment plan will result in the reconciliation of the account where the difference between the amount paid and the actual energy used may result in a refund from DREMC or the member owing a balance to reconcile the account with the following month’s bill. • The payment plan will be canceled by DREMC upon termination of electric service by the undersigned at the service location identified herein. • The LEVELIZED BILLING PAYMENT PLAN is a pre-arranged payment agreement between the residential member and DREMC. The payment plan will be canceled upon the member’s failure to make any LEVELIZED BILLING payment prior to the cut-off date; that is, disconnection of service for non-payment. Member’s Signature: Date: Approved by DREMC: Please email the completed form to DREMC at, or drop the form off at any DREMC office. revised 6/2022 LEVELIZED BILLING PAYMENT PLAN
CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. This Agreement is conditional on the receipt of the following documentation:
CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. Sick days or personal days: If the Employee is scheduled for telework but is unable to work due to illness or other reasons, they must use either a sick day or a personal leave as appropriate. The absence must be reported to the MANAGER as soon as possible and recorded in the College’s usual absence reporting system.
CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. Notice/ Termination of Agreement At least one month’s notice is required to be given in writing by either party, or money in lieu (unless there are exceptional circumstances). Exceptional circumstances can include, but are not exclusive to, non-compliance of Requirements of Registration and irretrievable breakdown of parent/minder relationship. In these circumstances the agreement may be terminated with immediate effect. Longer notice and good communication re future plans is always appreciated. The above terms of notice will not apply in the first 4 weeks once the care arrangement has begun, as these are considered a trial period for both myself, you and your child alike. Where the caring arrangement is ended in these circumstances, any money paid in advance for days when the child will no longer be cared for, should be refunded. If this agreement relates to term time only or school holiday care then any notice period should take place during the usual agreed working times. For example, if the agreed minding times are term time only then the notice period must take place during the term time and not the school holidays when the registered childminder would not normally be engaged. If this is not possible then payment in lieu of notice should be made.
CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. 1. The child’s residence or domicile is is not on the reservation.
CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT a.) You specifically recognize and affirm that the terms of the Employee Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Agreement (the “IP Agreement”), previously executed by you, are material and important terms to this Agreement, and you further agree that should all or any part or applications of Sections II of the IP Agreement be held or found invalid or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever by a court of competent jurisdiction or by a valid arbitrator in an action between you and the Company, the Company shall be entitled to receive from you all Shares held by you as a result of this Agreement, or if you have sold, transferred or otherwise disposed of Shares obtained by this Agreement, shall be entitled to receive from you an amount equal to any and all monetary value obtained by you as a result of the Shares granted under this Agreement.