Increase or Decrease Sample Clauses

Increase or Decrease. The State, at its discretion, shall have the option to increase or decrease the maximum amount payable hereunder, by increasing or decreasing the quantity of goods/services described in Exhibit A at the same rates and under the same terms specified in this Agreement. In order to exercise this option, the State shall provide written notice to Grantee in a form substantially equivalent to Exhibit B prior to the end of the current Agreement term. Delivery of Goods and performance of Services shall continue at the same rates and terms as described in the Agreement.
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Increase or Decrease. The number of authorized shares of Preferred Stock or Common Stock may be increased or decreased (but not below the number of shares thereof then outstanding and/or required to be reserved by the terms of this Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation) by the affirmative vote of the holders of a majority of the voting power of all the then-outstanding shares of capital stock of the Company entitled to vote thereon, without a separate vote of the holders of the class or classes the number of authorized shares of which are being increased or decreased, unless a vote of any holders of one or more series of Preferred Stock is required pursuant to the terms of any certificate of designation relating to any series of Preferred Stock, irrespective of the provisions of Section 242(b)(2) of the DGCL.
Increase or Decrease. In addition to any vote of the holders of shares of one or more series of Preferred Stock that may be required by the terms of the Certificate of Incorporation, the number of authorized shares of any class or classes of capital stock of the Corporation may be increased or decreased (but not below the number of shares thereof then outstanding) by the affirmative vote of the holders of at least a majority of the voting power of all of the then issued and outstanding shares of the capital stock of the Corporation entitled to vote generally in the election of directors, voting together as a single class, irrespective of the provisions of Section 242(b)(2) of the DGCL.
Increase or Decrease. A Participant may, upon giving prior notice in a manner authorized by Company, amend his or her 401(k) Enrollment Agreement to increase or decrease the amount of reduction effective as soon as administratively feasible after the receipt of such notice.
Increase or Decrease. REPLACEMENT OF SECURITY DEPOSIT. Tenant, within fifteen (15) days after any increase in Fixed Rent hereunder, shall deposit with Landlord cash in, or increase the face amount of the Letter of Credit by, the amount necessary to ensure that the Security Deposit hereunder continues to be equal to one (1) month's annual Fixed Rent based upon the increased Fixed Rent from time to time due hereunder. In the event the Security Deposit (or any portion thereof) is applied (or drawn upon from time to time in full or partial amounts in the case of the Letter of Credit and any renewals or replacements thereof) by Landlord on account of any Event(s) of Default by Tenant hereunder or as otherwise expressly provided in this SECTION 3.4, Tenant shall replenish said Security Deposit in full, within fifteen (15) days after demand therefor, by paying to Landlord the amount so applied or, in the case of the Letter of Credit, restoring the Letter of Credit to its full amount. Tenant's failure to timely replenish and restore the Security Deposit as aforesaid shall be an Event of Default. If: (a) no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing hereunder and (b) Tenant has fully performed and satisfied all of its obligations under the Lease (including, without limitation and as applicable, its obligations relative to any Operational Transfer(s)), then the Security Deposit, or the remaining unapplied portion thereof, shall be paid or returned to Tenant within thirty five (35) days after the expiration or termination of this Lease and the surrender of the Premises to Landlord in the condition required hereunder; provided, however, that Landlord may retain an amount, as it shall reasonably determine, to secure the payment of any Rent, the amount of which Landlord is then unable to determine finally (and Landlord shall return any such retained amount to Tenant promptly following the final determination of such Rent amount and the full payment to Landlord of such Rent). The Security Deposit shall not be deemed an advance payment of Rent or a measure of Landlord's damages for any default hereunder by Tenant, nor shall it be a bar or defense to any action that Landlord may at any time commence against Tenant.
Increase or Decrease. The purpose of this Section 5.5 is to protect both the Contractor and MSR should prices of supplies increase or decrease. The Contractor has a 4% annual escalation built into its compensation rates set forth in Appendix A. If costs of supplies increase beyond 4% on an annual basis, MSR and the Contractor agree to share in the added expense as set forth in this Section 5.5. If costs of supplies decrease on an annual basis, Contractor has agreed that its compensation shall be reduced as set forth in the remainder of this Section 5.5. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- H-16

Related to Increase or Decrease

  • Increase (a) The Company may by giving prior notice to the Agent after the effective date of a cancellation of:

  • Fee Increases S&P reserves the right to increase its fees under this Order Schedule effective on the anniversary of the Commencement Date by providing at least sixty (60) days advance written notice to Licensee prior to the expiration of the Term then in effect.

  • Base Rent Adjustments Base Rent shall be increased on each annual anniversary of the first day of the first full month during the Term of this Lease (each an “Adjustment Date”) by multiplying the Base Rent payable immediately before such Adjustment Date by the Rent Adjustment Percentage and adding the resulting amount to the Base Rent payable immediately before such Adjustment Date. Base Rent, as so adjusted, shall thereafter be due as provided herein. Base Rent adjustments for any fractional calendar month shall be prorated.

  • Increase in Revolving Commitments (a) The Borrower may, by written notice to the Administrative Agent from time to time, request that the total Revolving Commitment be increased by an aggregate amount not to exceed the Incremental Revolving Facility Amount at such time. Upon the receipt of such request by the Administrative Agent, the Administrative Agent shall deliver a copy thereof to each Revolving Lender. Such notice shall set forth the amount of the requested increase (which shall be in minimum increments of $500,000 and a minimum amount of $2,500,000 or equal to the remaining Incremental Revolving Facility Amount) and the date on which such increase is requested to become effective (which shall be not less than 10 Business Days nor more than 60 days after the date of such notice and which, in any event, must be prior to the Revolving Credit Maturity Date), and shall offer each Revolving Lender the opportunity to increase its Revolving Commitment by its Pro Rata Percentage of the proposed increased amount. Each Revolving Lender shall, by notice to the Borrower and the Administrative Agent given not more than 10 days after the date of the Administrative Agent’s notice, either agree to increase its Revolving Commitment by all or a portion of the offered amount (each Revolving Lender so agreeing being an “Increasing Revolving Lender”) or decline to increase its Revolving Commitment (and any Revolving Lender that does not deliver such a notice within such period of 10 days shall be deemed to have declined to increase its Revolving Commitment) (each Revolving Lender so declining or being deemed to have declined being a Non-Increasing Revolving Lender”). In the event that, on the 10th day after the Administrative Agent shall have delivered a notice pursuant to the second sentence of this paragraph, the Increasing Revolving Lenders shall have agreed pursuant to the preceding sentence to increase their Revolving Commitments by an aggregate amount less than the increase requested by the Borrower, such Borrower may arrange for one or more banks or other entities (any such bank or other entity being called an “Augmenting Revolving Lender”), which may include any Lender, to extend Revolving Commitments or increase their existing Revolving Commitments in an aggregate amount equal to the unsubscribed amount; provided, however, that each Augmenting Revolving Lender shall be subject to the prior written approval of the Administrative Agent, the Swingline Lender and the Issuing Bank (which approvals shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed), and the Borrower and each Augmenting Revolving Lender shall execute all such documentation as the Administrative Agent shall reasonably specify to evidence its Revolving Commitment and/or its status as a Revolving Lender hereunder, Any such increase may be made in an amount that is less than the increase requested by the Borrower if such Borrower is unable to arrange for, or chooses not to arrange for, Augmenting Revolving Lenders.

  • Reduction of Total Commitment The Borrower shall have the right at ----------------------------- any time and from time to time upon five (5) Business Days prior written notice to the Agent to reduce by $2,500,000 or an integral multiple of $500,000 in excess thereof or terminate entirely the Total Commitment, whereupon the Commitments of the Banks shall be reduced pro rata in accordance with their --- ---- respective Commitment Percentages of the amount specified in such notice or, as the case may be, terminated. Promptly after receiving any notice of the Borrower delivered pursuant to this (S)2.3, the Agent will notify the Banks of the substance thereof. Upon the effective date of any such reduction or termination, the Borrower shall pay to the Agent for the respective accounts of the Banks the full amount of any commitment fee then accrued on the amount of the reduction. No reduction or termination of the Commitments may be reinstated.

  • Price Increases This section applies to pricing not Benchmarked to GSA Supply Schedule. Additionally, where pricing submitted for Services is not benchmarked to an approved GSA Supply Schedule:

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