PURPOSE OF THIS AGREEMENT. The purpose of this Agreement is to -
PURPOSE OF THIS AGREEMENT. This Agreement provides for the reliable operation of the interconnected PJM and NYISO Transmission Systems in accordance with the requirements of the Standards Authority and efficient market operations through M2M coordination. This Agreement establishes a structure and framework for the following functions related to the reliability of interconnected operations between the Parties and efficient joint market operations:
PURPOSE OF THIS AGREEMENT. 2.1 To comply with the provisions of Section 57(1)(b),(4B) and (5) of the Systems Act as well as the Contract of Employment entered into between the Parties;
PURPOSE OF THIS AGREEMENT. The purpose of this Agreement is to –
PURPOSE OF THIS AGREEMENT. The Parties enter into this Agreement with the purpose of working collaboratively in setting -[18]month benchmarks and [36] month outcome goals for the Academy with the intent to significantly increase student achievement in the Academy school(s) named in this Agreement; and to determine the next level of accountability if the [18]-month benchmark(s) or [36]month goal(s) set forth in this Agreement are not met by the Academy. Section 1280c, MCL 380.1280c, of the Revised School Code (Code) requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction (State Superintendent) to annually publish a list identifying the public schools in the State that MDE has determined to be among the lowest achieving 5% of all public schools in the State. Section 1280c, MCL 380.1280c, also requires the State Superintendent to issue an order placing each school on the list under the supervision of the SRO. MDE designates schools on the list as “Priority Schools.” The Academy school(s) subject to this Agreement are Priority Schools, and the SRO has the authority provided in Section 1280c, MCL 380.1280c, to address the lowest achieving schools that do not achieve improved academic performance for students attending the Priority School(s). The SRO is executing its statutory responsibilities by collaborating with the other Parties and Partners (as defined below) to this Agreement. This Agreement will further facilitate the achievement of that purpose, create greater stability, maintain school governance at the Academy, and avoid the threat of action by the SRO under Section 1280c. Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxx Academy is a Priority School and the Parties agree that the implementation of this Agreement is in the best interest of the students at Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxx Academy for its/their academic improvement. Likewise, the Code requires that the Academy operate pursuant to the Contract issued by the Authorizer. The Code defines the Contract as the executive act taken by the Authorizer evidencing the authorization of the Academy and establishes, subject to the constitutional powers of the State Board of Education and applicable law, the written instrument executed by the Authorizer conferring certain rights, franchises, privileges, and obligations on the Academy and confirms the status of the Academy as a public school in this State. The Contracts contains specific requirements for the Academy to operate as a public school, including the educational goals and programs for the school, the curricula and methods of...
PURPOSE OF THIS AGREEMENT. The purpose of this Agreement is to provide for the terms of the financing of the Accepted Buses by CONTRACTOR on behalf of the LEA. Each transaction implemented and entered into hereunder shall be deemed to be a separate and distinct legal and binding obligation of the LEA and CONTRACTOR with this Agreement being applicable thereto independent of additional transactions that may be entered into by CONTRACTOR and the LEA hereunder.
PURPOSE OF THIS AGREEMENT. (a) The purpose of this Agreement is to set forth and establish the terms and conditions of employment for those employees who come within the scope of this Agreement, so that stable and harmonious relationships may be established and maintained between the Employer and the Union, to the mutual benefit of the parties to this Agreement.
PURPOSE OF THIS AGREEMENT. The Board of Directors of the Company (the "Board") has determined that it is in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders to assure that the Company will have the continued dedication of the Executive, notwithstanding the possibility, threat or occurrence of a Change in Control (as defined in Section 2(b)) of the Company, and the uncertainties and risks that a Change in Control would pose for the Executive. To this end, the Board desires to encourage the Executive's full attention and dedication to the Company, currently and in the event of any threatened or pending Change in Control, and to provide the Executive with compensation and benefits arrangements upon a Change in Control which ensure that the compensation and benefits expectations of the Executive will be satisfied and which are competitive with those of other similar corporations.