Immediately upon Sample Clauses

Immediately upon each Assignee's making its processing fee payment under the Assignment and Acceptance, this Agreement shall be deemed to be amended to the extent, but only to the extent, necessary to reflect the addition of the Assignee and the resulting adjustment of the Commitments arising therefrom. The Commitment allocated to each Assignee shall reduce such Commitments of the assigning Bank pro tanto.
Immediately upon. (i) the receipt by the Builder (or any of its subcontractors) of any Buyer’s Supplies; and
Immediately upon a determination that a Holder or beneficial owner will not be licensed, qualified or found suitable, the Holder or beneficial owner will have no further rights (1) to exercise any right conferred by the Notes, directly or indirectly, through any trustee, nominee or any other Person or entity, or (2) to receive any interest or other distribution or payment with respect to the Notes or any remuneration in any form from the Issuers for services rendered or otherwise, except the redemption price of the Notes.
Immediately upon. (A) the filing by a third-party with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission of any proxy or tender offer material evidencing an intent to gain control of the Company; (B) the mailing of a proxy statement by the Company to shareholders requesting an affirmative vote regarding a Change in Control; or (C) the receipt of information by the Company that 40 percent or more of its outstanding common stock has been acquired by any person (as defined under the 1934 Act), the Company shall contribute to an irrevocable grantor trust (a "Rabbi Trust") an amount sufficient to enable all potential amounts due to Employee under this Section to be paid. The Company shall provide Employee with a certification of the payment to such trust of all such amounts. All such amounts which are due to Employee shall be paid using the assets of said trust except to the extent its terms preclude such payment, in which event payment shall be made by the Company from its own funds, or unless the Company elects to pay any or all such amounts from its own funds.
Immediately upon the Landlord giving notice to the Tenant that the Landlord has insured the Premises against any of the Insured Risks, the Tenant shall not maintain or take oat any insurance of the Premises for such risks in its own name.
Immediately upon. TCI giving Employee written notice of the termination of Employee's employment without cause. Employee shall be entitled to the following benefits.
Immediately upon binding the Coverholder shall issue evidence of insurance to the insured or the insured’s agent. Certificates and endorsements shall be issued as soon as practicable, but in any event, no later than 30 days after inception, or in accordance with local law;
Immediately upon and after the giving of a notice pursuant to sub-clause (2) of this clause the Territory (unless the Joint Companies otherwise agree) shall take all practicable administrative steps to prevent any development at Xxxxx Springs or elsewhere which would be likely to interfere with the development by the Joint Companies of the oil refinery site and road and rail access thereto under the terms of this Agreement.
Immediately upon signing Contract, review product delivery requirements and anticipate foreseeable supply delays for any items. If delays in supply of products are foreseeable, notify Departmental Representative of such, in order that substitutions or other remedial action may be authorized in ample time to prevent delay in performance of Work.
Immediately upon a determination that a Lender has become a Departing Lender under clause (v) of Section 14.6.1, or a Participant has become a Departing Participant under Section 14.6.2, the Lender (or Participant, as applicable) will have no further rights to exercise any right (voting or otherwise) in connection with the Loans and Commitments.