REPAYMENT OF Sample Clauses

REPAYMENT OF. FREE" RENT. If this Lease provides for a postponement of any monthly rental payments, a period of "free" rent or other rent concession, such postponed rent or "free" rent is called the "Abated Rent". Tenant shall be credited with having paid all of the Abated Rent on the expiration of the Lease Term only if Xxxxxx has fully, faithfully, and punctually performed all of Tenant's obligations hereunder, including the payment of all rent (other than the Abated Rent) and all other monetary obligations and the surrender of the Property in the physical condition required by this Lease. Tenant acknowledges that its right to receive credit for the Abated Rent is absolutely conditioned upon Tenant's full, faithful and punctual performance of its obligations under this Lease. If Tenant defaults and does not cure within any applicable grace period, the Abated Rent shall immediately become due and payable in full and this Lease shall be enforced as if there were no such rent abatement or other rent concession. In such case Abated Rent shall be calculated based on the full initial rent payable under this Lease.
REPAYMENT OF advance If the Principal Paying Agent should pay an amount (an "advance") to the Relevant Issuer (or, if so instructed, the Guarantor, in relation to an issuance by Compass Finance B.V.), in the belief that a payment has been or will be received from a Dealer, and if such payment is not received by the Principal Paying Agent on the date that the Principal Paying Agent pays the Relevant Issuer (or the Guarantor, in relation to an issuance by Compass Finance B.V.), the Relevant Issuer (or, in relation to an issuance by Compass Finance B.V., failing whom, the Guarantor) shall forthwith repay the advance (unless prior to such repayment the payment is received from the Dealer) and shall pay interest on such amount which shall accrue (as well after as before judgment) on the basis of a year of 365 days (366 days in the case of a leap year) in the case of an advance paid in sterling or 360 days in the case of an advance paid in any other currency and, in either case, the actual number of days elapsed from the date of payment of such advance until the earlier of (i) repayment of the advance or (ii) receipt by the Principal Paying Agent of the payment from the Dealer, and at the rate per annum which is the aggregate of one per cent. per annum and the rate specified by the Principal Paying Agent as reflecting its cost of funds for the time being in relation to the unpaid amount.
REPAYMENT OF. INDEBTEDNESS At or prior to the Closing, each ------------------------- Stockholder, officer and director of the Company and each entity (other than corporations the shares of which are publicly traded and other than any Subsidiary listed on Schedule 1.03) in which the Company or any Stockholders has an equity interest shall pay to the Company all outstanding indebtedness owed by such stockholder, officer, director or entity to the Company or any of the Subsidiaries.
REPAYMENT OF. FREE" RENT. If this Lease provides for a postponement of any monthly rental payments, a period of "free" rent or other rent concession, such postponed rent or "free" rent is called the "Abated Rent". Tenant shall
REPAYMENT OF. New senior secured credit Existing revolving credit facility(1) .............. 27.5 facility ......................... $ 70.0 Notes offered hereby ...... 250.0 Outstanding notes(2) ...............
REPAYMENT OF. DEBTS If, at the Time of Closing, the Company is indebted to the Vendor in an amount recorded on the books of the Company and verified by the Auditor, the Company shall repay such amount to the Vendor at the Time of Closing. If, at the Time of Closing, the Vendor is indebted to the Company in an amount recorded on the books of the Company and verified by the Auditors, the Vendor shall repay such amount to the Company at the Time of Closing and, if the Vendor fails to make such repayment, the Purchaser shall be entitled to pay the amount of such indebtedness to the Company from the Purchase Price and the amount of the Purchase Price payable to the Vendor shall be reduced accordingly.
REPAYMENT OF. Advance Payments — Shenzhen iDreamSky using part of the proceeds from Step 2 above, will repay certain advance payments made by the Target and iDreamSky Technology (HK) Limited (the repayment amount of such advance payments being the Advance Repayment Amount).
REPAYMENT OF. Second Term Loan. Interest on the Second Term Note, calculated as aforesaid in Section 2.04, shall be repaid by Borrower in monthly installments on the first day of each month following the advance from Bank to Borrower pursuant to Section 2.22, through and including the Second Term Loan Maturity Date, when the entire unpaid balance of the Second Term Note, inclusive of principal and interest, shall be paid in full.
REPAYMENT OF. Inside Loan. Upon termination of the ESOP, which is expected to occur on the Closing Date, the seven million, six hundred sixty eight thousand, three hundred sixty four (7,668,364) shares of FDI Stock (together with any and all other collateral for the Inside Loan) to be received by Preferred Stock Seller on the Closing Date shall be transferred and delivered to Company and applied toward payment of the Inside Loan. Regardless of any change in the bid/ask price of the FDI Stock, these shares shall continue to have the assigned value of two million, six hundred eighty-three thousand, nine hundred twenty seven and 40/100 dollars ($2,683,927.40). In addition, while the parties agree that the consideration to be paid to the Preferred Stock Seller constitutes full and complete payment and satisfaction to the Preferred Stock Seller, it is conceivable that despite the belief that no grounds exist, a governmental agency, department or entity may nonetheless assert that additional amounts are to be paid to the Preferred Stock Seller. If this were to occur, any amounts received by or for the benefit of Preferred Stock Seller in respect of the Preferred Shares that have not been allocated to the accounts of ESOP plan participants or any other portion of the collateral securing the Inside Loan (including, but not limited to, any additional proceeds received as a result of any inquiry, investigation, ruling or demand by any governmental agency, department or entity) shall, whether before or at any time after termination of the ESOP or payment of the Inside Loan, also be paid to Company, subject only to the following sentence. If and to the extent any such additional consideration, when added to the amount of $2,683,927.40, exceeds the unpaid principal balance of, and all unpaid accrued interest on, the Inside Loan immediately prior to Closing, such excess amount shall be for the account and benefit of the ESOP plan participants.


  • Repayment of Funds If AMO declares that an Event of Default has not been cured to its satisfaction, AMO reserves the right to declare that prior payments of Funds become a debt to Ontario which the Recipient will reimburse forthwith on demand to AMO for transmission to Ontario.

  • Repayment of Loan 6.1.1 Upon the occurrence of either an Event of Default or a decision by Party A, in its sole discretion, to demand repayment of the Loan or any portion of the Loan, Party A may at its discretion issue a notice (Repayment Notice) to Party B requiring repayment of the Loan or any portion of the Loan and any other payment in arrears under this Agreement.

  • Repayment and Recovery (a) At the End of a Funding Year. If, in any Funding Year, the HSP has not spent all of the Funding the LHIN will require the repayment of the unspent Funding.

  • Repayment Prepayment and Cancellation 6 Repayment

  • Repayment of Loans (a) The Borrower shall repay to the Lenders on the Maturity Date the aggregate principal amount of Committed Loans outstanding on such date.

  • Repayment If the Issuer or the Administrator makes a payment to an Indemnified Person under this Section 4.6 and the Indemnified Person later collects from others any amounts for which the payment was made, the Indemnified Person will promptly repay those amounts to the Issuer or the Administrator, as applicable.

  • Repayment of Advances If a Successor Servicer replaces the Servicer, the predecessor Servicer shall be entitled to receive reimbursement for all outstanding Advances made by the predecessor Servicer.

  • Repayment and Prepayment 5.1 Repayment Each Drawing shall be repaid by the Borrower to the Agent on behalf of the Banks on the last day of its Interest Period unless the Borrower selects a further Interest Period for that Drawing in accordance with Clause 6, provided that the Borrower shall not be permitted to select such further Interest Period if an Event of Default or Potential Event of Default has occurred and shall then be obliged to repay such Drawing on the last day of its then current Interest Period. The Borrower shall on the Termination Date repay to the Agent as agent for the Banks all Facility Outstandings. The Borrower will cause the aggregate outstanding principal balance of Distribution Drawings to be zero for a period of at least fifteen (15) consecutive Business Days during any twelve (12) month period. \P1\3522333.10