PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM. 1.1 Dealer acknowledges and agrees that participation in the Program is entirely voluntary.
PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM. 1.1. On [DATE] the Founders and the Company signed a MOU in which SBC, the Founders and the Company confirmed their mutual understanding on the possible participation by the Company in the Program. On [DATE] SBC granted the Company the right to participate in the Program.
PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM. To participate in the program each eligible employee must notify their Supervisor of their intent by 05 December of each year.
PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM. Visa will provide, and JPMC will participate in the Visa Contactless Payment Program (the “Program”) as outlined below.
PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM. To participate in the program each eligible employee must notify their Supervisor.
PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM. We may temporarily prohibit you from earning Points, using Points you have already earned, or using any feature of the Program or terminate your participation in the Program for any reason and in our sole discretion without prior notice to you.
PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM. 5.1 The Merchant shall during the Program Offer Period use its reasonable endeavours to promote the Program to the Cardholders including encouraging the Cardholders to read carefully the terms and conditions of the Program, displaying the relevant marketing materials of the Program at conspicuous places of all branches and/or business premises of the Merchant and making available the same to the Cardholders. The Merchant shall ensure that its staff members are conversant with the details and the terms and conditions of the Program and shall serve the Cardholder properly and courteously.
PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM. Upon approval by Bank, ERO may participate in the Program subject to the terms of this Agreement and any guidelines, instructions, or directives as may be provided by Bank. ERO understands that it may not be approved to offer any or all Bank Products and Bank may, without notice and in its sole, reasonable discretion, withdraw its approval at any time. ERO represents and warrants that it shall perform its duties hereunder in a commercially reasonable manner and in accordance with applicable law.
PARTICIPATION IN THE PROGRAM. Individuals employed by the Public Services Operation before June 1, 2011 are not obligated to participate in the Municipal Worker Program. These employees are “grandfathered” and as such may voluntarily enter or remain outside the Program. If a grandfathered employee elects or has entered the Program, they will be placed in the Municipal Worker Program Level I, II, III, or IV. The grandfathered employee’s previous individual classification hourly rate of pay will be red-lined until their Municipal Worker Program rate of pay exceeds the red-lined rate or the employee bids out of the Program.