Payments Due Sample Clauses

Payments Due. Within 30 days of the Province’s receipt of the Contractor’s written statement of account delivered in accordance with this Schedule, the Province must pay the Contractor the fees and expenses (plus all applicable taxes) claimed in the statement if they are in accordance with this Schedule. Statements of account or contract invoices offering an early payment discount may be paid by the Province as required to obtain the discount. Schedule C – Approved Subcontractor(s) [Approving subcontractors using Schedule C is optional. If the Province is willing to approve certain named subcontractors at the time of entering into the Agreement, the approved subcontractors can be listed here. If not, then insert “Not applicable.” under the “Schedule C – Approved Subcontractor(s)” heading above. All bracketed instructions must be deleted.] Schedule D – Insurance [Schedule D must be used without modification (except for inserting or deleting the information contemplated by the instructions below) unless Risk Management Branch has been consulted concerning the modification. All bracketed instructions must be deleted.]
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Payments Due. The weighted average of the number of Contract Scheduled Payments that have been due under the Contracts since origination is at least 1.
Payments Due. Payment notice for the License Fee and the Service Fee shall be presented on a monthly basis. The Parties agrees to pay the total amounts shown as due within sixty (60) days from the end of such month. The Parties agrees to pay or offset the payments from time to time, as requested by either Party.
Payments Due. For temporary assignment except those to relieve an employee for a rest period(s) or a meal period, the Employer shall pay the employee the higher rate as set forth in Section 2 above for the full time of such assignment(s). For the purpose of calculation, any temporary assignment of less than one-half day shall be considered one-half day and any temporary assignment of more than one-half but less than a full day shall be considered a full day. The Employer shall not split duties or rotate or reassign other employees to any specific temporary assignment in order to circumvent the payment provisions of this Agreement.
Payments Due. The termination of this Agreement shall not release either party from the obligation to make payment of all amounts then or thereafter due and payable.
Payments Due. Any amount to be paid by NAI under this subparagraph 5(C) will be due ten days after a notice requesting such payment is given to NAI, subject to any applicable contest rights expressly granted to NAI by other provisions of this Lease.
Payments Due. Purchaser shall pay in full to ART any and all amounts then due and owing within thirty (30) days of termination of this Agreement, except that the payments due under Sections 11.1.1 and 11.2.2 shall be due according to the terms of that Section.
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Payments Due. All payments by the Borrower of principal, interest, fees and other Obligations shall be made in Dollars in same day funds, without defense, setoff or counterclaim, free of any restriction or condition, and delivered to the Administrative Agent not later than 2:00 p.m. (New York City time) on the date due at the Payment Office for the account of the Lenders; for purposes of computing interest and fees, funds received by the Administrative Agent after that time on such due date may in the discretion of the Administrative Agent be deemed to have been paid by the Borrower on the next succeeding Business Day.
Payments Due. Any amount to be paid by LRC under this subparagraph 5(C) will be due ten Business Days after a notice requesting such payment is given to LRC, subject to any applicable contest rights expressly granted to LRC by other provisions of this Lease.
Payments Due. All invoices are due and payable net thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice, unless Client provides TRITAN with written notice of a dispute related to a charge on the invoice, in which case all undisputed portions of the invoice remain due and payable in accordance with these Payment Terms. All payments shall be made in U.S. dollars and are non- refundable.
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