Other Procedures Sample Clauses

Other Procedures. To the extent not expressly provided for herein, each Discounted Term Loan Prepayment shall be consummated pursuant to procedures consistent with the provisions in this Subsection 4.4(l), established by the Administrative Agent acting in its reasonable discretion and as reasonably agreed by the Borrower.
Other Procedures. A. Negotiation and bargaining permitted - this Article does not preclude the Employer and an employee from agreeing to:
Other Procedures. (a) Subject to the Company’s general obligation to use commercially reasonable efforts under Section 3, the Company shall be required to maintain the effectiveness of a registration statement (on Form S-1 or other applicable form) until the earlier of (i) the sale of all Registrable Securities or (ii) two (2) years from the effective date of the registration statement. The Company shall have no liability to the Investor for delays in the Investor being able to sell the Registrable Securities (x) as long as the Company uses commercially reasonable efforts to file a registration statement, amendments to the registration statement or supplements to a prospectus contained in a registration statement (including any amendment or post effective amendments), (y) where the required financial statements or auditor’s consents are unavailable or (z) as provided in Section 4(f).
Other Procedures. (a) The Investment Adviser must keep accurate records of the quotations it receives from other dealers, as well as any other information it deems necessary to demonstrate compliance with the above conditions.
Other Procedures. 1. Provided that the tendering procedure is not used to avoid maximum possible competition or to protect domestic suppliers, entities shall be allowed to award contracts by means other than an open or selective tendering procedure in the following circumstances and subject to the following conditions, where applicable:
Other Procedures. The grievance procedure set forth herein shall supersede and replace any other grievance or appeal procedures otherwise available to represented employees and are deemed sufficient to satisfy procedural due process requirements for such hearings and/or appeals. Nothing contained herein to the grievance procedure shall apply to employee disciplinary matters.
Other Procedures. Nothing in this Article shall preclude the appropriate appointing administrative officer and the affected faculty and academic-staff group from developing alternative, mutually-acceptable procedures for selection and review instead of those outlined above. Any such agreement must be ratified by a majority of the voting faculty and academic staff in question and is assumed to be case specific. Moreover, this Section does not preclude the traditional rights of faculty and academic staff to meet as individuals with appropriate administration officers to voice their opinions. Wherever there is provision in this Article for student representation to be selected by student government organizations, the appointing administrative officer, after consultation with the committee, may appoint a student to serve if the nomination from the student government organization is not received in a reasonable period of time.‌
Other Procedures. NYLIM and the Trust may from time to time adopt such procedures as they agree upon in writing, and NYLIM may conclusively rely on a determination by the Trust that any procedure approved by the Trust or directed by the Trust, does not conflict with or violate any requirements of the respective Prospectus, Declaration of Trust, By-Laws, or any rule or regulation of any regulatory body or governmental agency. The Trust shall be responsible for notifying NYLIM of any changes in regulations or rules which would necessitate changes in NYLIM's procedures, and for working out with NYLIM such changes.
Other Procedures. Lender’s disposition of any or all of the Collateral in any manner which differs from the procedures specified in this Section 8 shall not be deemed to be commercially unreasonable.
Other Procedures. 4.3.1 Subject to the Company’s general obligation to use its best efforts under Section 3, the Company shall be required to maintain the effectiveness of a Registration Statement (under Form S-3) until the earlier of (i) the date of settlement of and sale of all Shares or (ii) 24 months from the effective date of the Registration Statement.