Not Included Sample Clauses

Not Included. The Services do not include, and X-Rite will not provide access to, any third-party support, client-side hardware or software, programming training, hardware or software not set forth in this Agreement. The Services are limited to access to the Services as defined above including the database, associated data storage, bandwidth and user access set forth in this Agreement. Certain desktop or other web-based software may be available from X-Rite or third parties to connect to or interact with the PantoneLIVE Database and the Private Database (if authorized) (“Enabled Products”). Use of, and support for, such Enabled Products is governed by and subject to the separate End User License Agreement, Software as a Service Agreement, and any support agreements for those products.
Not Included. For avoidance of doubt, the Company’s Confidential Information does not include any information that: (1) is already in the public domain or becomes available to the public through no breach by Executive of this Agreement; (2) is lawfully disclosed to Executive by a third party without any obligations of confidentiality attaching to such disclosure; or (3) is developed by Executive entirely on Executive’s own time without the Company’s equipment, supplies or facilities and does not relate at the time of conception to the Company’s business or actual or demonstrably anticipated research or development of the Company.
Not Included. This Agreement does not include and AVSC is not required to provide any of the following: (i) catering, food, or food service equipment or facilities; (ii) decorations, props, platforms, tents, or banners; (iii) microphones, audio/visual devices, amplifiers, speakers, disc jockey equipment, or staff; (iv) alcohol or alcohol service; (v) labor or security for the Event; or (vi) setup or take-down of the Event.
Not Included. None or less than all of the Selling Shareholder's Shares are to be included in the underwritten offering (either because the Company has not received a request pursuant to section 6.1 or, having received such a request, it has been unable so to include such Shares after using reasonable efforts to do so as provided in section 6.5); and
Not Included. The payments to be made pursuant to Section 9.1 do not include any amounts payable pursuant to Section 9.8 or pursuant to any section of the any supply agreement contemplated by Section 8.2, each of which are separately due and payable without reference to amounts payable pursuant to Section 9.1.
Not Included. Any item not specifically listed herein, including without limitation, burglar alarms and/or ADT systems, employee time clocks, curtains, drapes, intercommunications systems, and dumpsters.
Not Included. As Needed 1 time per year 1 time per year Not Included As Needed 0 1 2 Weekly As Needed RIVER EDGE MAINTENANCE Pond edge mowing with boom mower will be the responsibility of the owner Streambank stabilization will be the responsibility of the owner CLUBHOUSE GROUNDS: Pruning, weeding, cleaning, mulching TREE PRUNNING: Low branches affecting play/carts Only branches that can be reached from the ground Large scale pruning and canopy pruning is not included TREE REMOVAL: 6" Caliper and larger LANDSCAPE & TREE DEBRIS REMOVAL Debris generated from the course will be the responsibility of the owner to chip and/or dispose of properly IRRIGATION SYSTEM WINTERIZATION IRRIGATION SYSTEM PRESSURIZATION FALL LEAF CLEAN-UP: Includes leaf cleaning of playing areas COURSE CLEAN-UP & PREPARATION: Debris cleanup, raking leaves & sticks, bunker cleaning and rejuvenation COURSE CLEAN-UP AFTER STORMS Major storms will be the responsibility of the owner GOLF COURSE MONITORING: Disease identification & scouting course conditions Daily & weekly planning, staff management OFFICE/CLERICAL Payroll, bills & payments, budget monitoring, & inventory control EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE: Daily preparation & routine servicing, daily cleaning & breakdown servicing EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE: Winter overhauls, painting tee blocks, benches, trash containers PARTS PURCHASING & ORDERING INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: Fertilizers, pesticides EMPLOYEE TRAINING & SEMINARS MAINTENANCE BUILDING CLEANING 4812-7395-4372, v. 1 Not Included As Needed As Needed Not Included Not Included Spring Fall As Needed in the Fall Spring -2 weeks Small Branches Only Daily Weekly Daily Annually As Needed As needed As required As needed