Requirements for Sample Clauses

Requirements for. Inspector Level I o Fire and Life Safety Educator II (FFP2794) o Fire and Life Safety Educator or Fire Instructor I Certification o Florida Incident Safety Officer (RN6742) o Public Information Officer (FFP2706) o Fire Investigator Certification Successful completion of eighteen (18) months in the position as well as the above requirements will result in the inspector being eligible for promotion to the rank of Level I.
Requirements for membership in a return scheme Norwegian suppliers will no later than the commencement of the Framework Agreement produce documentation proving that the Supplier is a member of a return scheme for the return of waste / excess packaging or that the Supplier complies with the requirements through its own return scheme where the waste / excess packaging is handled in an environmentally friendly way («Grønt Punkt Norge AS» or similar arrangement). Foreign Suppliers not able to obtain a membership in Grønt Punkt Norge AS or similar arrangement, is obligated to enter into an agreement with the applicable Wholesaler ensuring that the Wholesaler pays the packaging fee to the return scheme on behalf of the Supplier.
Requirements for. Inspector Level II o Fire and Life Safety Educator I (FFP1793) Successful completion of six (6) months in the position as well as the above requirements will result in the inspector being eligible for promotion to the rank of Level II.
Requirements for. Second Class Firefighter
Requirements for. All Alterations, Including Minor Alterations. Prior to starting work on any Alteration, Tenant shall furnish to Landlord for review and approval: plans and specifications; names of proposed contractors (provided that Landlord may designate specific contractors with respect to Building systems); copies of contracts; necessary permits and approvals; evidence of contractors’ and subcontractors’ insurance; and Tenant’s security for performance of the Alteration. Changes to the plans and specifications must also be submitted to Landlord for its approval. Some of the foregoing requirements may be waived by Landlord for the performance of specific Minor Alterations; provided that such waiver is obtained in writing prior to the commencement of such Minor Alterations. Landlord’s waiver on one occasion shall not waive Landlord’s right to enforce such requirements on any other occasion. Alterations shall be constructed in a good and workmanlike manner using materials of a quality that is at least equal to the quality designated by Landlord as the minimum standard for the Building. Landlord may designate reasonable rules, regulations and procedures for the performance of Alterations in the Building and, to the extent reasonably necessary to avoid disruption to the occupants of the Building, shall have the right to designate the time when Alterations may be performed. Tenant shall reimburse Landlord within thirty (30) days after receipt of an invoice for out-of-pocket sums paid by Landlord for third party examination of Tenant’s plans for Alterations. In addition, within thirty (30) days after receipt of an invoice from Landlord, Tenant shall pay to Landlord a fee equal to fifteen percent (15%) of the total cost of such Alterations for Landlord’s oversight and coordination of any Alterations. No later than thirty (30) days after completion of the Alterations, Tenant shall furnish One Buckhead Plaza/Safety Quick Light LLC 11 “as-built” plans (which shall not be required for Minor Alterations), completion affidavits, full and final waivers of liens, receipts and bills covering all labor and materials. Tenant shall assure that the Alterations comply with all insurance requirements and Laws.
Requirements for. Captain o All Courses required for State Certified Fire Officer II o State Certified Fire Instructor I o Minimum of an Associate’s Degree in the Fire Science, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Management, Public Administration or Public Safety Administration and approved by the Southern Associations of Colleges and Schools or other accreditation association approved in advance by the Fire Chief, with a minimum of 39 credits towards the fire service curriculum. Testing shall be completed in accordance with “WMFR Promotional Policy adopted on 02/19/2019”

Related to Requirements for

  • E-Verify Requirements To the extent applicable under ARIZ. REV. STAT. § 41- 4401, the Contractor and its subcontractors warrant compliance with all federal immigration laws and regulations that relate to their employees and their compliance with the E-verify requirements under ARIZ. REV. STAT. § 23-214(A). Contractor’s or its subcontractor’s failure to comply with such warranty shall be deemed a material breach of this Agreement and may result in the termination of this Agreement by the City.

  • Policy Requirements The following requirements apply with respect to all Insurance required by this Section 6.10:

  • Safety Requirements 18.1.1 The Concessionaire shall comply with the provisions of this Agreement, Applicable Laws and Applicable Permits and conform to Good Industry Practice for securing the safety of the Users, passengers, staff and all other visitors. In particular, the Concessionaire shall develop, implement and administer a surveillance and safety programme for providing a safe environment on or about the Bus Terminal, and shall comply with the safety requirements set forth in Schedule-L (the "Safety Requirements"). The Concessionaire shall also be responsible for providing a safe environment for additional work(s) in Bus Terminal created under the provisions of Article 16.

  • Requirements This Agreement and the Notes may be amended, and the observance of any term hereof or of the Notes may be waived (either retroactively or prospectively), with (and only with) the written consent of the Company and the Required Holders, except that (a) no amendment or waiver of any of the provisions of Section 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 21 hereof, or any defined term (as it is used therein), will be effective as to you unless consented to by you in writing, and (b) no such amendment or waiver may, without the written consent of the holder of each Note at the time outstanding affected thereby, (i) subject to the provisions of Section 12 relating to acceleration or rescission, change the amount or time of any prepayment or payment of principal of, or reduce the rate or change the time of payment or method of computation of interest or of the Make-Whole Amount on, the Notes, (ii) change the percentage of the principal amount of the Notes the holders of which are required to consent to any such amendment or waiver, or (iii) amend any of Sections 8, 11(a), 11(b), 12, 17 or 20.

  • Support Requirements If there is a dispute between the awarded vendor and TIPS Member, TIPS or its representatives may assist, at TIPS sole discretion, in conflict resolution or third party (mandatory mediation), if requested by either party. TIPS, or its representatives, reserves the right to inspect any project and audit the awarded vendors TIPS project files, documentation and correspondence. Status of TIPS Members as Related to This Agreement TIPS Members stand in the place of TIPS as related to this agreement and have the same access to the proposal information and all related documents. TIPS Members have all the same rights under the awarded Agreement as TIPS.

  • Tax Requirements The Participant is hereby advised to consult immediately with his or her own tax advisor regarding the tax consequences of this Agreement. The Company or, if applicable, any Subsidiary (for purposes of this Section 28, the term “Company” shall be deemed to include any applicable Subsidiary), shall have the right to deduct from all amounts hereunder paid in cash or other form, any Federal, state, local, or other taxes required by law to be withheld in connection with this Award. The Company may, in its sole discretion, also require the Participant receiving shares of Common Stock issued under the Plan to pay the Company the amount of any taxes that the Company is required to withhold in connection with the Participant’s income arising with respect to this Award. Such payments shall be required to be made when requested by the Company and may be required to be made prior to the delivery of any certificate representing shares of Common Stock. Such payment may be made (i) by the delivery of cash to the Company in an amount that equals or exceeds (to avoid the issuance of fractional shares under (iii) below) the required tax withholding obligations of the Company; (ii) if the Company, in its sole discretion, so consents in writing, the actual delivery by the exercising Participant to the Company of shares of Common Stock other than (A) Restricted Stock, or (B) Common Stock that the Participant has not acquired from the Company within six (6) months prior to the date of exercise, which shares so delivered have an aggregate Fair Market Value that equals or exceeds (to avoid the issuance of fractional shares under (iii) below) the required tax withholding payment; (iii) if the Company, in its sole discretion, so consents in writing, the Company’s withholding of a number of shares to be delivered upon the exercise of the Stock Option other than shares that will constitute Restricted Stock, which shares so withheld have an aggregate fair market value that equals (but does not exceed) the required tax withholding payment; or (iv) any combination of (i), (ii), or (iii). The Company may, in its sole discretion, withhold any such taxes from any other cash remuneration otherwise paid by the Company to the Participant. * * * * * * * *

  • Eligibility Requirements The Trustee hereunder shall at all times (i) be a corporation or association having its principal office in a state and city acceptable to the Seller, organized and doing business under the laws of such state or the United States of America, authorized under such laws to exercise corporate trust powers, having a combined capital and surplus of at least $50,000,000, or shall be a member of a bank holding system, the aggregate combined capital and surplus of which is at least $50,000,000, provided that its separate capital and surplus shall at all times be at least the amount specified in Section 310(a)(2) of the Trust Indenture Act of 1939, (ii) be subject to supervision or examination by federal or state authority and (iii) have a credit rating or be otherwise acceptable to the Rating Agencies such that neither of the Rating Agencies would reduce their respective then current ratings of the Certificates (or have provided such security from time to time as is sufficient to avoid such reduction) as evidenced in writing by each Rating Agency. If such corporation or association publishes reports of condition at least annually, pursuant to law or to the requirements of the aforesaid supervising or examining authority, then for the purposes of this Section the combined capital and surplus of such corporation or association shall be deemed to be its combined capital and surplus as set forth in its most recent report of condition so published. In case at any time the Trustee shall cease to be eligible in accordance with the provisions of this Section, the Trustee shall resign immediately in the manner and with the effect specified in Section 8.08.

  • System Requirements Apple Software is supported only on Apple-branded hardware that meets specified system requirements as indicated by Apple.

  • Project Requirements 1.5.1 The Contractor represents, covenants and warrants to the Owner that:

  • Requirements for Protection In compliance with NPCC requirements and Good Utility Practice, Developer shall provide, install, own, and maintain relays, circuit breakers and all other devices necessary to remove any fault contribution of the Large Generating Facility to any short circuit occurring on the New York State Transmission System not otherwise isolated by Connecting Transmission Owner’s equipment, such that the removal of the fault contribution shall be coordinated with the protective requirements of the New York State Transmission System. Such protective equipment shall include, without limitation, a disconnecting device or switch with load- interrupting capability located between the Large Generating Facility and the New York State Transmission System at a site selected upon mutual agreement (not to be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed) of the Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner. Developer shall be responsible for protection of the Large Generating Facility and Developer’s other equipment from such conditions as negative sequence currents, over- or under-frequency, sudden load rejection, over- or under-voltage, and generator loss-of-field. Developer shall be solely responsible to disconnect the Large Generating Facility and Developer’s other equipment if conditions on the New York State Transmission System could adversely affect the Large Generating Facility.