Requirements for Sample Clauses

Requirements for. Costumes worn by the Actor are to be cleaned or kept sanitary at the Theatre's expense at least once every two (2) weeks or more often if necessary, and in any case within one (1) week before the show goes on a tour of two (2) weeks or longer. Beards and hairpieces furnished by the Theatre shall be freshly cleaned when delivered to the Actor and cleaned thereafter whenever necessary but at least every three (3) weeks. Lace in all beards, moustaches and hairpieces will be cleaned daily. No Actor shall be required to use a wig or hairpiece, including a facial hairpiece, which has been worn by another Actor until the hairpiece or wig has been thoroughly cleaned and properly fitted. After cleaning, hairpieces must be dried and aired prior to issue to the Actor. This provision may be waived in the case of an emergency. A schedule of such cleaning shall be maintained by the Liaison and Stage Manager.
Requirements for. Second Class Firefighter
Requirements for implementation of action plans in the construction phase Based upon provisions of the Decision on environmental conditions and upon the description of mitigation measures under this EMP, the Contractor should develop numerous documents necessary for the performance and subsequently obtain approval of the Engineer for them. The documents are as follows: • Construction site organization plan, which should contain such elements as e.g.: o location of the site facilities, o development of the site facilities, o protection of the site facilities, o service roads, o environmental protection on the site facilities, technological roads, and yards. • Waste management plan, which should contain such elements as e.g.: − encountered and predicted types and volumes of waste, − means of preventing adverse impact of waste on the environment, − means of waste management considering collection, transportation, recovery and treatment of waste, − type of generated waste and method for its storage. • Quality assurance plan/plans, which should contain such elements as e.g.: − works performance organization, − organization of traffic at the construction site, including marking of the works, − H&S and environmental protection, − list of working teams, − scope of duties of the key personnel, − quality control, − laboratory tests. • Flood protection plan for the site for the performance time: − monitoring of hydrological and meteorological conditions, − conditions for accommodation of flood flows during the performance, − the rules of work for the Contractor’s team in the period of flood risk, − basic duties of the managing staff during the flood risk, − list of managing staff in the period of flood risk, − list of equipment and transport means needed to conduct rescue actions. • BIOZ Plan, which should contain such elements as e.g.: − indication of plot or land development elements, which may create a risk to safety and health of people, − information concerning expected hazards that could occur during the performance, defining the scale and types of hazards and the place and time of occurrence, including reference to the natural environment, − information on designation and marking for construction work sites, according to the type of hazard, − information on the method of training for the employees prior to the commencement of particularly hazardous works, − determining the method of storing and transport of hazardous materials, goods, substances and preparations at the constru...
Requirements for. All Alterations, Including Minor Alterations. Prior to starting work on any Alteration, Tenant shall furnish to Landlord for review and approval: plans and specifications; names of proposed contractors (provided that Landlord may designate specific contractors with respect to Building systems); copies of contracts; necessary permits and approvals; evidence of contractors’ and subcontractors’ insurance; and Tenant’s security for performance of the Alteration. Changes to the plans and specifications must also be submitted to Landlord for its approval. Some of the foregoing requirements may be waived by Landlord for the performance of specific Minor Alterations; provided that such waiver is obtained in writing prior to the commencement of such Minor Alterations. Landlord’s waiver on one occasion shall not waive Landlord’s right to enforce such requirements on any other occasion. Alterations shall be constructed in a good and workmanlike manner using materials of a quality that is at least equal to the quality designated by Landlord as the minimum standard for the Building. Landlord may designate reasonable rules, regulations and procedures for the performance of Alterations in the Building and, to the extent reasonably necessary to avoid disruption to the occupants of the Building, shall have the right to designate the time when Alterations may be performed. Tenant shall reimburse Landlord within thirty (30) days after receipt of an invoice for out-of-pocket sums paid by Landlord for third party examination of Tenant’s plans for Alterations. In addition, within thirty (30) days after receipt of an invoice from Landlord, Tenant shall pay to Landlord a fee equal to fifteen percent (15%) of the total cost of such Alterations for Landlord’s oversight and coordination of any Alterations. No later than thirty (30) days after completion of the Alterations, Tenant shall furnish One Buckhead Plaza/Safety Quick Light LLC 11 “as-built” plans (which shall not be required for Minor Alterations), completion affidavits, full and final waivers of liens, receipts and bills covering all labor and materials. Tenant shall assure that the Alterations comply with all insurance requirements and Laws.
Requirements for membership in a return scheme Norwegian suppliers will no later than the commencement of the Framework Agreement produce documentation proving that the Supplier is a member of a return scheme for the return of waste / excess packaging or that the Supplier complies with the requirements through its own return scheme where the waste / excess packaging is handled in an environmentally friendly way («Grønt Punkt Norge AS» or similar arrangement). Foreign Suppliers not able to obtain a membership in Grønt Punkt Norge AS or similar arrangement, is obligated to enter into an agreement with the applicable Wholesaler ensuring that the Wholesaler pays the packaging fee to the return scheme on behalf of the Supplier.
Requirements for dealer Names 1
Requirements for. 16.1.1 The unit member must have reached the age of fifty-five (55) prior to reduction of workload. The unit member's last year of eligibility is the year of his/her seventieth (70th) birthday. The period of reduction of workload shall be for no more than ten (10) years or beyond the year in which the seventieth (70th) birthday falls, which ever comes first.
Requirements for. Inspector Level II o Fire and Life Safety Educator I (FFP1793) Successful completion of six (6) months in the position as well as the above requirements will result in the inspector being eligible for promotion to the rank of Level II.
Requirements for. Inspector Level I o Fire and Life Safety Educator II (FFP2794) o Fire and Life Safety Educator or Fire Instructor I Certification o Florida Incident Safety Officer (RN6742) o Public Information Officer (FFP2706) o Fire Investigator Certification Successful completion of eighteen (18) months in the position as well as the above requirements will result in the inspector being eligible for promotion to the rank of Level I.