This chapter definition

This chapter means this chapter and the rules adopted under this chapter.
This chapter means Chapter 54B of the North Carolina General Statutes.
This chapter means the Regulations Relating to Private Security Services (6 VAC 20-171) as part of the Virginia Administrative Code.

Examples of This chapter in a sentence

  • This chapter is considered a project milestone in the overall success of the project.

  • This chapter will examine what benefits community management provides, its central conflict, and its relationship to sustainability.

  • Task 3 EA Introduction Chapter This chapter of the document will state that the EA has been developed in accordance with the requirements of Title V of Public Law 97-248 of the Airport and Airway Improvement Act of 1982, as amended, as well as FAA Order 5050.4B and FAA Order 1050.1F.

  • This chapter explores the lasting debate between peace and justice and the unresolved governance issues between peace operations, law enforcement and civilian protection duties.

  • This chapter recalls the necessity to find an integrated model of governance that would have sustainable results on the ground in conflict and post-conflict situations.

More Definitions of This chapter

This chapter means Ordinance 25-86.
This chapter means Chapter 3.70 of the Sunnyvale Municipal Code, as amended from time to time in accordance herewith.
This chapter means § 17-86-101 et seq.Chapter 86 of
This chapter means the “Massage Therapy Act”, § 17-86-101 et seq.