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This Chapter shall be known as the "Cambridge Living Wage Ordinance".

This Chapter investigates engagement with climate change: from general UK trends to individual-level and societal barriers to engagement.

This Chapter does not affect the established procedures of any agency or organization regarding their respective procedures for management of volunteers and/or solicited goods.

This Chapter shall apply to all hearings brought by a parent or a public agency pursuant to the Nebraska Special Education Act, Title 92 NAC 51 (Rule 51) or the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act and its implementing regulations which relate to the identification, evaluation or educational placement of a child with a disability, or the provision of a free appropriate public education to a child; and only to such hearings.

This Chapter aims to provide such a perspective byfocusing initially upon one particular trend in developed countries, which is this trend decline in the adjusted wage share as a percentage of GDP in most developed countries since the end of the 1970s.

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This chapter means this chapter and the rules adopted under this chapter.
This chapter means this chapter and the rules adopted under
This chapter means Chapter 54B of the North Carolina General Statutes.
This chapter means the Regulations Relating to Special Conservators of the Peace as part of the Virginia Administrative Code.
This chapter means chapter five of the Medicine Bow Municipal
This chapter means Chapter 17 of the Placer Coun- ty Code, the Placer County zoning ordinance.