Subject to the Sample Clauses

Subject to the other provisions of this agreement, we agree to indemnify you for any amounts processed in accordance with this agreement, keyed in properly at equipment and accepted as valid by our electronic banking system, but not paid into your nominated account.
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Subject to the. Data Protection Legislation, the Parties agree throughout the Term to co-operate with each other in the provision to each other of information reasonably required to enable each Party to account for the funds contributed to the Pooled Fund or otherwise under this Agreement, report on its statutory obligations and plan overall strategies to meet statutory obligations.
Subject to the significant difference standard in Section 1, a teacher who has been designated to be affected will have the right to move to another discipline if said teacher has a greater length of service than the teacher with the least number of years of service in that discipline, and further, that the teacher has had at least two (2) years of past successful experience in Weston in that discipline. Notwithstanding any other provision of this ARTICLE, a teacher who demonstrated two
Subject to the restriction in clause 16.1 this agreement shall be binding on the successors-in-title of the respective parties.
Subject to the. Grievance Procedure provision of this Agreement, an employee who has failed to maintain membership in good standing or failed to pay the agency service fee as required by this Article, shall, within twenty (20) calendar days following receipt of a written demand from the Union requesting his/her discharge, be discharged if, during such period, the required dues and initiation fee or equivalent agency service fees have not been tendered.
Subject to the approval of the person designated by the Department, School or Faculty where the employee works, and supported by a copy of the invitation to make a presentation as part of an academic conference relevant to the employee's discipline, an employee shall be granted Conference Leave with pay not to exceed five (5)
Subject to the. Employment Relations Act 2000, any authorised officer of the PSA shall, with the consent of the employer (which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld), be entitled to enter at all reasonable times upon the premises for the purpose of interviewing any workers represented by the union, or enforcing this agreement, including access to wages, holiday and time records, providing this does not interfere with class programmes/session times.
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Subject to the. Second Lien Secured Parties' rights under clause (a) above, will not object to the forbearance by the First Lien Administrative Agent or the other First Lien Secured Parties from commencing or pursuing any foreclosure action or proceeding or any other enforcement or exercise of any rights or remedies with respect to any of the Collateral;
Subject to the second sentence of Paragraph 1 hereof, this Guaranty shall remain in full force and effect until all of the Tenant's obligations under the Lease have been paid in full and such payments have become final and are not subject to being voided or refunded under the Bankruptcy Code or other applicable law.
Subject to the provisions of Clause 1.4.1, in case of ambiguities or discrepancies within this Agreement, the following shall apply:
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