Report of Sample Clauses

Report of. Upon request from employee the result of his medical examination shall be made available to a by him.
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Report of. A report of the examination will be made available to the employee, the doctor designated by the employee, and the Company.
Report of. Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Executive Strategy Manager Authorised by: Xxxxx Xxxxxx, General Manager ATTACHMENTS
Report of. A report of the will be made available to the employee through the doctor designated by the employee. on No shall be required to take a medical examination on a Saturday unless the employee so requests and does so voluntarily. In the event the Company elects to have the employee examined in another city which is not adjacent to his home he shall be supplied transportation to and from such city and be paid at the regular hourly rate for the involved.
Report of compensated outside professional work A faculty member engaged in compensated outside professional employment must notify his or her department chairperson, or the xxxx or director in units without chairpersons, of such activity, including self-employment, by October 1 each year, or within 30 days of such employment. Types of activities that need not be reported include, but are not limited to, book royalties; fees for peer review, honoraria, or speaking fees; and reimbursement for travel to/from professional conferences. Name: Department or Unit: Date: Brief description of the nature of the compensated outside professional work: Employer: Duration of contract (if appropriate): Approximate number of weekday hours spent on this activity each week: APPENDIX F Xxxxxxx-Xxxxxxxx Employee Right to Know Act (Excerpt) 423.501. Short title; definitions.

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  • Report on Assessment of Compliance and Attestation (a) On or before March 1 of each calendar year, commencing in 2007, the Servicer shall:

  • Current Report on Form 8-K The Company shall, on the date hereof, retain its independent registered public accounting firm to audit the balance sheet of the Company as of the Closing Date (the “Audited Balance Sheet”) reflecting the receipt by the Company of the proceeds of the Offering on the Closing Date. As soon as the Audited Balance Sheet becomes available, the Company shall promptly, but not later than four business days after the Closing Date, file a Current Report on Form 8-K with the Commission, which Current Report shall contain the Company’s Audited Balance Sheet. Additionally, upon the Company’s receipt of the proceeds from the exercise of all or any portion of the option provided for in Section 2(b) hereof, the Company shall promptly, but not later than four business days after the receipt of such proceeds, file a Current Report on Form 8-K with the Commission, which report shall disclose the Company’s sale of the Option Units and its receipt of the proceeds therefrom, unless the receipt of such proceeds are reflected in the Current Report on Form 8-K referenced in the immediately prior sentence.

  • Report of the panel 1. Unless the Parties otherwise agree, the Panel shall base its report on the relevant provisions of this Agreement, the submissions and arguments of the disputing Parties, and on any information received by it pursuant to Article 181 (Model

  • Accountants’ Report Simultaneously with the delivery of the annual financial statements referred to in Section 5.08(2), a certificate of the independent public accountants who audited such statements to the effect that, in making the examination necessary for the audit of such statements, they have obtained no knowledge of any condition or event which constitutes a Default or Event of Default, or if such accountants shall have obtained knowledge of any such condition or event, specifying in such certificate each such condition or event of which they have knowledge and the nature and status thereof;

  • REPORT SUBMISSION 1. Copies of reporting packages for audits conducted in accordance with 2 CFR Part 200, Subpart F-Audit Requirements, and required by PART I of this form shall be submitted, when required by 2 CFR 200.512, by or on behalf of the recipient directly to the Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC) as provided in 2 CFR 200.36 and 200.512

  • Report A report delivered by the Servicer to the Trustee or the Certificate Administrator pursuant to Section 3.10.

  • Annual Audit Report On or before July 31 of each year, beginning with July 31, 2002, Servicer shall, at its own expense, cause a firm of independent public accountants (who may also render other services to Servicer), which is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, to furnish to the Seller and Master Servicer (i) year-end audited (if available) financial statements of the Servicer and (ii) a statement to the effect that such firm has examined certain documents and records for the preceding fiscal year (or during the period from the date of commencement of such Servicer's duties hereunder until the end of such preceding fiscal year in the case of the first such certificate) and that, on the basis of such examination conducted substantially in compliance with the Uniform Single Attestation Program for Mortgage Bankers, such firm is of the opinion that Servicer's overall servicing operations have been conducted in compliance with the Uniform Single Attestation Program for Mortgage Bankers except for such exceptions that, in the opinion of such firm, the Uniform Single Attestation Program for Mortgage Bankers requires it to report, in which case such exceptions shall be set forth in such statement.

  • Self-Assessment (a) Subject to clause 4.4(b), for Services that are Self-Assessable:

  • Annual Independent Accountants’ Report The Servicer shall cause a firm of nationally recognized independent certified public accountants (the "Independent Accountants"), who may also render other services to the Servicer or to the Seller, to deliver to the Trustee, the Owner Trustee, the Trust Collateral Agent, the Backup Servicer, the Insurer and each Rating Agency, on or before October 31 (or 120 days after the end of the Servicer's fiscal year, if other than June 30) of each year, beginning on October 31, 1999, with respect to the twelve months ended the immediately preceding June 30 (or other applicable date) (or such other period as shall have elapsed from the Closing Date to the date of such certificate), a statement (the "Accountants' Report") addressed to the Board of Directors of the Servicer, to the Trustee, the Owner Trustee, the Trust Collateral Agent, the Backup Servicer and to the Insurer, to the effect that such firm has audited the books and records of AmeriCredit Corp., in which the Servicer is included as a consolidated subsidiary, and issued its report thereon in connection with the audit report on the consolidated financial statements of AmeriCredit Corp. and that (1) such audit was made in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, and accordingly included such tests of the accounting records and such other auditing procedures as such firm considered necessary in the circumstances; (2) the firm is independent of the Seller and the Servicer within the meaning of the Code of Professional Ethics of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and (3) includes a report on the application of agreed upon procedures to three randomly selected Servicer's Certificates including the delinquency, default and loss statistics required to be specified therein noting whether any exceptions or errors in the Servicer's Certificates were found.

  • Monthly Reports On or before the 15th day after the end of each month during the term of this Management Agreement, Manager shall prepare and submit to Owner the following reports and statements: