IF APPLICABLE Sample Clauses

IF APPLICABLE. Tracer wire must be included in the installation of the water pipeline between the curbstop and the water meter. A water meter WILL NOT be installed if tracer wire is not included in the installation and the curb stop will be locked.
IF APPLICABLE. The Employer may include the ACA Effective Date, EACA Effective Date and/or QACA Effective Date as special Effective Dates on Appendix A.):
IF APPLICABLE. Vacuum sweeping of areas of porous paving to keep surface free of sediment as needed, typically three to four times per year and maintaining all areas of porous paving free from sealing, surfacing or re-paving with non-porous materials.
IF APPLICABLE. If the Security is to be subject to a nonrefunding restriction, insert a brief summary thereof. If the redemption is to be subject to a condition, insert a brief summary thereof.
IF APPLICABLE. The schedule of the Base Rent set forth in the Basic Lease Information of the Lease is deleted in its entirety, and the following is substituted therefor: [insert rent schedule]
IF APPLICABLE. If none to be attached, instead include a statement: ‘The Company has no material authorisations and approvals which have not been disclosed to you.’] (material authorisations and approvals) each of its current material authorisations and approvals referred to in Section [6.2] of the Credit Agreement (marked C) [optional~; and
IF APPLICABLE. Replacement of displaced riprap within the outlet energy dissipater immediately after it is displaced, particularly after major storm discharge events.