Time Frame Sample Clauses

Time Frame. The bounded Party’s(ies’) duty to hold the Confidential Information in confidence shall remain in effect until such information no longer qualifies as a trade secret or written notice is given releasing such Party from this Agreement.
Time Frame. All waiver requests must be presented in writing to the faculty not less than three (3) work days before the official secret ballot vote is conducted. The parties agree that the faculty cannot vote on a waiver addressing the same issue more than once each semester.
Time Frame. This contract shall be in force as of the date of signing. The PURCHASER is responsible for cutting and removing timber within the sale area, and for meeting the requirements of this contract, on or before December 31, 2023.
Time Frame. The initial claim, its review, appeal and final review shall be made in a timely fashion, subject to the following time table: Days to Respond Action From Last Action ------ ---------------- Administrator determines benefit NA Interested party files initial request 60 days Administrator's initial decision 90 days Interested party requests final review 60 days Administrator's final decision 60 days However, the Administrator may take up to twice the maximum response time for its initial and final review if it provides an explanation within the normal period of why an extension is needed and when its decision shall be forthcoming.
Time Frame. The Labor-Management Committee shall schedule meetings at mutually agreeable times, but not later than fifteen (15) working days from the date of a request for a meeting by a party to this Agreement. Requests shall be in writing and contain the item(s) or topic(s) at issue.
Time Frame. Although the FEP can begin at any time, the appropriate college Vice President or designee, through the appropriate Department/Division Chair, will be responsible for notifying Residential Faculty early in the fall semester of the evaluation year. The FEP must be completed and submitted to the appropriate college Vice President or designee by June 30th of the evaluation year. Appointive Faculty must complete or review and update a plan every third year (or more often if the Faculty member desires). Each College Senate will appoint a “Resource Person” who is familiar with the FEP to help facilitate the process. The Faculty/Staff Development Specialist is a suggested candidate for this position.
Time Frame. The Administrator normally will make the decision on review of an appealed claim within 60 days after receiving a claimant's request for review. If an extension of time is required for a hearing or because of other special circumstances, the Administrator will send you a written notice of extension, explaining the reason for the extension, and the expected date of its decision before the expiration of the initial 60 day period. In no event will the extension exceed an additional 60 days.
Time Frame. This SLA will be reviewed annually and participating units will be notified of any changes.
Time Frame. It is herein being stated that the works stipulated in this contract are to be completed within a stipulated timeframe as indicated in schedule 1, failing to do so which Owner reserves the right to claim damages caused by negligence and may impose a penalty of 3% per day on work on the total value of the contract from the stipulated completion date of this contract.
Time Frame. The Sub-Contractor agrees to promptly begin work as soon as notified by Prodigy Contracting Group, Inc., to adequately staff the project with manpower and supervision, and to complete the project work within a timely manner.