Appointing Authority definition

Appointing Authority means the head of an employing unit authorized by ordinance or City Charter to employ others on behalf of the City, or a designated management representative. The term includes and can be used interchangeably with department head, department director, superintendent, and chief.
Appointing Authority means the Provincial Education Board (PEB) and National Education Board (NEB) for national Institutions.
Appointing Authority means the Board of Trustees of Community College District Number VII.

Examples of Appointing Authority in a sentence

  • The Appointing Authority shall appoint an Expert who is independent of the parties and has at least ten (10) years of experience valuing commercial real estate and/or in 84 |US-DOCS\126208570.12|| leasing or other matters, as applicable with respect to any of the matters to be determined by the Expert and in the geographic area where the related Leased Property is located.

More Definitions of Appointing Authority

Appointing Authority means the chief administrative officer of an agency [74:840 1.3]. As the term is used in the Merit Rules, the term includes employees of an agency to whom the Appointing Authority has lawfully delegated authority to act on his or her behalf.
Appointing Authority means an individual, officer, commission, agency, board or body having the power under the Charter or Columbus City Codes of appointment to, or removal from, a position with the City.
Appointing Authority means a person or a group of persons empowered by the Constitution, statute, or executive order to employ persons in or to make appointments to positions in the civil service.
Appointing Authority means the agency, department, board, or commission, and the officers and employees thereof authorized by statute or by lawfully delegated authority to make appointments to positions in the State Service.
Appointing Authority means [The FA] [the Competition].
Appointing Authority means the officer, commission, board, or body having the power of appointment to, or removal from, positions in any office, department, commission, board, or institution.
Appointing Authority means the departmental officer who has the responsibility of making appointments and handling all other personnel transactions affecting the employees in the agency that the officer represents.