IN THE FOLLOWING CIRCUMSTANCES. A. The Operator has the sole right to use of the air strip located at the rear of the Leeuwin Estate Winery at Xxxxxxxx River District of Western Australia (being more particularly described as location 1016 and 1017.)
IN THE FOLLOWING CIRCUMSTANCES. A. By an agreement dated the ……. day of ………..…. 20……, which is attached as Schedule 1 to this deed('the Agreement') made between the Principal and the Consultant, the Consultant agreed to carry out the services required, and meet the obligations imposed upon the Consultant, by the Agreement (‘the Services’).


  • Special Circumstances An employee shall be entitled to extend the maternity leave by up to an additional six (6) consecutive weeks' leave without pay where a physician certifies the employee as unable to return to work for medical reasons related to the birth. An employee shall be entitled to extend the parental leave by up to an additional five (5) consecutive weeks' leave without pay where the child is at least six (6) months of age before coming into the employee's care and custody and the child is certified as suffering from a physical, psychological or emotional condition. Provided however, that in no case shall the combined maternity and parental leave exceed fifty-two (52) consecutive weeks following the commencement of the leave.

  • Adverse Circumstances No condition, circumstance, event, agreement, document, instrument, restriction, litigation or proceeding (or, to Grantor's knowledge, threatened litigation or proceeding or basis therefor) exists which (a) would have a Material Adverse Effect upon Grantor, or (b) would constitute an Event of Default or an Unmatured Event of Default.

  • Change of Circumstances The Company will, at any time during the pendency of a Placement Notice advise the Agent promptly after it shall have received notice or obtained knowledge thereof, of any information or fact that would alter or affect in any material respect any opinion, certificate, letter or other document required to be provided to the Agent pursuant to this Agreement.

  • No Change in Facts or Circumstances Borrower warrants that (a) all information in the application for the loan submitted to Lender (the "Loan Application") and in all financial statements, rent schedules, reports, certificates and other documents submitted in connection with the Loan Application are complete and accurate in all material respects; and (b) there has been no material adverse change in any fact or circumstance that would make any such information incomplete or inaccurate.

  • Automatic Acceleration in Certain Circumstances If an Event of Default set forth in Section 7.01(A)(ix) or 7.01(A)(x) occurs with respect to the Company (and not solely with respect to a Significant Subsidiary of the Company), then the principal amount of, and all accrued and unpaid interest on, all of the Notes then outstanding will immediately become due and payable without any further action or notice by any Person.

  • Individual Special Circumstance Arrangements Notwithstanding Article 2.02, the Home and the Union may agree in certain circumstances, to adjust the schedule of an individual full-time employee who normally works seventy five (75) hours bi-weekly, to enable an average bi-weekly work assignment of sixty (60) to seventy five (75) hours.

  • Unforeseen Circumstances It means circumstances outside THE CARRIER’s normal operations which prevent operation of a flight or delay its departure or arrival, such as weather conditions, technical failures outside the scheduled or routine maintenance of the aircraft, issues and circumstances related to Passengers or third parties, malfunctioning of ground support equipment, political circumstances, strikes, riots, wars, curfews, and airport closures, among other things.

  • Termination Under Certain Circumstances If any Underwriter or Underwriters shall fail to take up and pay for the amount of Firm Shares agreed by such Underwriter or Underwriters to be purchased hereunder, upon tender of such Firm Shares in accordance with the terms hereof, and the amount of Firm Shares not purchased aggregates more than 10% of the total amount of Firm Shares set forth in Schedule I hereto, and arrangements satisfactory to you for the purchase of such Firm Shares by other persons are not made within 36 hours thereafter, this Agreement shall terminate. In the event of any such termination the Company shall not be under any liability to any Underwriter (except to the extent provided in Section 4(a)(vii) and Section 6 hereof) nor shall any Underwriter (other than an Underwriter who shall have failed, otherwise than for some reason permitted under this Agreement, to purchase the amount of Firm Shares agreed by such Underwriter to be purchased hereunder) be under any liability to the Company (except to the extent provided in Section 6 hereof).

  • Changed Circumstances (a) If the introduction of or any change in or in the interpretation of (in each case, after the date hereof) any law or regulation makes it unlawful, or any governmental authority asserts, after the date hereof, that it is unlawful, for any Lender to perform its obligations hereunder to make LIBOR Loans or to fund or maintain LIBOR Loans hereunder, such Lender shall notify the Agent of such event and the Agent shall notify the Borrowers of such event, and the right of the Borrowers to select LIBOR Loans for any subsequent Interest Period or in connection with any subsequent conversion of any Loan shall be suspended until the Agent shall notify the Borrowers that the circumstances causing such suspension no longer exist, and the Borrowers shall forthwith prepay in full all LIBOR Loans then outstanding, and shall pay all interest accrued thereon through the date of such prepayment or conversion, unless the Borrowers, within three Business Days after such notice from the Agent, request the conversion of all LIBOR Loans then outstanding into Prime Rate Loans; PROVIDED, that if the date of such repayment or proposed conversion is not the last day of the Interest Period applicable to such LIBOR Loan, the Borrowers shall also pay any amount due pursuant to SECTION 4.10.

  • Additional Interest Under Certain Circumstances (a) Additional interest (the “Additional Interest”) with respect to the Initial Securities shall be assessed as follows if any of the following events occur (each such event in clauses (i) through (iv) below a “Registration Default”):