Where the Company Sample Clauses

Where the Company. Invention relates to a chemical compound, being the chemical compound itself of assets associated therewith (“Compounds”), any and all intellectual property rights in or relating to that Company Invention shall, with effect from their creation, automatically belong to and vest in the Subsidiary formed to undertake the research, development or commercialisation of that Compound. Insofar as they do not so vest automatically by operation of law or under this Contract, you shall hold all such rights and inventions on trust for the exclusive benefit of the Subsidiary, and shall not transfer them to a third party or encumber them and shall on demand assign them to the Subsidiary without payment or other condition. You shall execute (both during and after the termination of your employment) all documents and do all things necessary to substantiate the Subsidiary’s rights in the Compounds and to obtain registration or protection thereof in the Subsidiary’s name in any country.
Where the Company. Medical Officer makes a declaration regarding the fitness for flight duty of any employee, the employee may initiate the medical review procedure within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of this declaration by so notifying, in writing, the In-Flight Service Base Director/Manager of his/her Base.
Where the Company requires a plant employee to temporarily fill a classification for more than two (2) hours in a regular working day paying a higher rate of pay, then the employee shall receive the higher rate of pay for the temporary promotion. It is understood that this article applies when employees are required to relieve or assist another employee for more than two (2) hours on a regular shift and an employee rendering assistance to another employee in a higher classification on an occasional basis during the course of a work day will continue to be paid the rate of pay for their regular classification. Where the Company requires any employee to temporarily fill a classification for less than eight (8) hours in a regular working day paying a lower rate of pay, then the employee shall continue to be paid the rate of pay for their regular classification. Any Hatchery employee who is temporarily assigned to work in a higher paying classification shall receive the higher rate of pay for all time worked in that classification provided the temporary assignment is greater than thirty (30) minutes.
Where the Company has approved a replacement of a Team Member, the Project Designer undertakes to perform an orderly handover between the relevant personnel, at the Project Designer's cost and without any Entitlement. The Project Designer shall notify the Company, in writing, immediately upon it becoming aware of any change or of the likelihood of a change in the identity of a member of the Team members, including where a Team Members has ceased, fully or in part, from performing, temporarily or permanently, his/her obligations in connection with the Services, or informed of his/her intention of the foregoing.
Where the Company exercises it rights to change the Construction Works or Construction Programme pursuant to Clauses 2.3, 2.11, 2.13 or [3.2] The Company shall review the appropriateness of the Trigger Date in light of such changes. The Company shall advise the User by notice in writing as soon as practicable as to whether it considers it appropriate in accordance with the principles in the User Commitment Principles to revise such Trigger Date as a consequence of these changes or believes the Trigger Date remains appropriate notwithstanding such changes in either case giving its reasons for its view. Where The Company considers a revision is appropriate it shall be entitled to revise the Trigger Date (and as a consequence Appendix R) upon [30 days] written notice.
Where the Company requests a meeting with an employee in order to impose a disciplinary suspension or a disciplinary termination, the employee shall be afforded an opportunity of having a Xxxxxxx, or another bargaining unit member where a Xxxxxxx is not immediately available, present at such meeting, unless the offence is of such gravity that it requires immediate attention.
Where the Company requires that an employee use his/her personal vehicle while on duty, the Company will pay the employee a premium of Two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50), January 1, 2020 – Two dollars and seventy-five cents ($2.75), then January 1, 2022 – Three dollars ($3.00) per hour to cover gas, maintenance and insurance. The Vehicle allowance shall be paid as a job expense. The Company shall provide a T2200 or whatever subsequent form may be required by Revenue Canada to all employees upon request.
Where the Company. Medical Specialist and the employee’s own Medical Practitioner are unable to agree on whether an employee is fit to work based on a health abnormality, the Company or the Union may request an opinion from a Specialist. The Specialist will be determined by mutual agreement between the Company and the Union. The opinion of the Specialist will be the determining opinion. The cost of the third opinion will be borne by the Company.
Where the Company identifies the impact of a Variation on the works comprised within the Contract Price and the Contract Price in writing any price or prices contained therein shall, unless otherwise stated, be valid for a period of 30 days and thereafter the Company shall retain the right to increase such price or prices to take into account any increased cost of materials, labour and/or plant that it may suffer or incur.
Where the Company s Design for the New works requires the provision of a vehicle restraint system, or the removal of an existing vehicle restraint system, within the central reserve of Motorways as defined in Table 1 of Appendix D, a VRS shall be provided and shall have a containment level of H1 or greater..