Additional Services definition

Additional Services shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.03(a).
Additional Services means any and all services which are not Services as set forth in the Fee and Service Schedule, but performed by Transfer Agent upon request of Customer.
Additional Services has the meaning set forth in Section 2.11.

Examples of Additional Services in a sentence

  • The following Additional Services will be performed by the Architect/Engineer, if authorized by the City, in addition to Architect/Engineer's Basic Services and will be paid for by the City as provided for in Section 7.6 of this Contract, in addition to the compensation for Basic Services.

  • ENGINEER shall not provide any such Additional Services without written approval from the SPONSOR.

  • B.A plus Remote Area or Unfunded Place T.B.A plus Pre-Entry Leave T.B.A Additional Services Fee $0.00 Accommodation Payment or Accommodation Contribution (if applicable) T.B.A Total amount due on Entry Date $134.23 General MPIR 7.06% per annum.

  • Additional Services are identified in Section IV, and include services not specifically performed in this AGREEMENT, due to circumstances that may arise and which are beyond the control of the ENGINEER, or due to the SPONSOR wishing to contract these services directly OR perform the services in-house, or services which are not necessary to complete the intended work.

  • The Architect/Engineer will perform Basic and Additional Services as expeditiously as is consistent with professional skill and care, and the orderly progress of the work.

More Definitions of Additional Services

Additional Services means the additional services that the Distributor or the Retailer will provide to the other as described in schedule 2;
Additional Services means those services not included in the Description of Project section of each Assignment (as defined below) which may be requested by TFC at any time for the duration of an Assignment, as discussed in Article IV below.
Additional Services means the following: (a) services that are included in the Basic Services but exceed the specified level of the Basic Services, or (b) services that relate but are not included in the Basic Services.
Additional Services means different services or more of the same services.
Additional Services means one or more of-
Additional Services has the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 2.1(b).
Additional Services means any and all services which are not Services, but performed by Transfer Agent upon request of a Customer.