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Page of. It is agreed that the Canadian Xxxx of Rights shall apply to the terms, administration and operation of this Collective Agreement. Harassment in the Workplace The Union and the Company recognize the problem of sexual and racial harassment in the workplace and are committed to ending it. Harassment is not a joke. It is cruel and destructive behaviour against others that can have devastating effects. It is an expression of perceived power and superiority by the over another person, usually for reasons over which the victim has little or no control: sex, race, age, creed, colour, marital status, sexual preference, disability, political or religious affiliation, or place of national origin. Harassment on any of these grounds can be made the basis of a complaint to most provincial and federal human rights commissions. Harassment can be defined as any unwelcome action by any person, in particular by management or a co-worker, whether verbal or physical, on a single or repeated basis, which humiliates, insults or degrades. ''Unwelcome'' or "unwanted" in this context mean any actions which the harasser knows or ought to know are not desired by the victim of the harassment. Sexual harassment is any unwanted attention of sexual nature such as remarks about appearance or personal life, offensive written or visual actions like graffiti or degrading pictures, physical contact of any kind, or sexual demands. Racial harassment is any action, whether verbal or physical that expresses or promotes racial hatred in the workplace such as racial slurs, written or visually offensive actions, jokes or other unwanted comments or acts. The experience of harassment can be overwhelming for the victim. People often react with shock, humiliation and intense anger. Therefore, the victim of harassment may not always feel comfortable going through the normal channels for resolving such a problem. Because of the sensitive, personal natures of harassment complaints, especially racial and sexual harassment, the victim may prefer initially to seek other assistance. This could be any local Union elected person or official, including members of the women's committee, human rights committee and affirmative action committee. This person could assist the harassment victim in bringing the to the attention of the top local Union leadership. The local Union president and the unit chairperson must contact the CAW national representative, and if necessary, they will meet with a senior Company to carry...
Page of. For the purpose of the time limits prescribed in this Article, the work week shall be deemed to be Monday through Friday. If either party's decision given following the conference in Step of the Grievance Procedure is not satisfactory to the other party, such grievance may be submitted to arbitration provided written notice of appeal to arbitration is served within thirty (30) calendar days of the delivery of the decision appealed from. The party giving notice shall also notify the designated Arbitrator. Both parties agree that the following Arbitrators shall be used to arbitrate grievances. Xxxxxxx Xxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Arbitrators shall be designated in numerical order. When an Arbitrator is not available within sixty (60) days or any other time limit mutually agreed to by the parties, he will be by- passed in favour of the next Arbitrator in numerical order. The decision of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on both parties. The cost of the Arbitrator shall be shared equally by the Company and the Union. The arbitrator shall not have the jurisdiction to alter or change any of the provisions of this Agreement, or to substitute any new provisions in lieu thereof, nor to give any decision inconsistent with the terms and provisions of this Agreement. The arbitrator, however, in respect of a grievance involving a penalty shall be entitled to modify such a penalty. All reasonable arrangements will be made to permit the conferring parties to have access to the plant to view any disputed operations involved in the grievance. Any allegation by either the Union or the Company that the other party has violated or misinterpreted this Agreement may be lodged in writing as a policy grievance, if by the Union to Management and if by the Company to the Chairperson of the Committee. Thereafter the policy grievance shall be dealt with at Step of the Grievance Procedure and failing satisfactory settlement at the conference, the policy grievance may then be appealed to an arbitrator in accordance with the time limits and procedure herein provided for arbitration. Commissioner System

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  • INITIALS GMO". The Manager owns the initials "GMO" which may be used by the Trust only with the consent of the Manager. The Manager consents to the use by the Trust of the name "GMO Trust" or any other name embodying the initials "GMO", in such forms as the Manager shall in writing approve, but only on condition and so long as (i) this Contract shall remain in full force and (ii) the Trust shall fully perform, fulfill and comply with all provisions of this Contract expressed herein to be performed, fulfilled or complied with by it. No such name shall be used by the Trust at any time or in any place or for any purposes or under any conditions except as in this section provided. The foregoing authorization by the Manager to the Trust to use said initials as part of a business or name is not exclusive of the right of the Manager itself to use, or to authorize others to use, the same; the Trust acknowledges and agrees that as between the Manager and the Trust, the Manager has the exclusive right so to authorize others to use the same; the Trust acknowledges and agrees that as between the Manager and the Trust, the Manager has the exclusive right so to use, or authorize others to use, said initials and the Trust agrees to take such action as may reasonably be requested by the Manager to give full effect to the provisions of this section (including, without limitation, consenting to such use of said initials). Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Trust agrees that, upon any termination of this Contract by either party or upon the violation of any of its provisions by the Trust, the Trust will, at the request of the Manager made within six months after the Manager has knowledge of such termination or violation, use its best efforts to change the name of the Trust so as to eliminate all reference, if any, to the initials "GMO" and will not thereafter transact any business in a name containing the initials "GMO" in any form or combination whatsoever, or designate itself as the same entity as or successor to an entity of such name, or otherwise use the initials "GMO" or any other reference to the Manager. Such covenants on the part of the Trust shall be binding upon it, its trustees, officers, stockholders, creditors and all other persons claiming under or through it.

  • Page Section 6.04 No Duties Except as Specified in this Agreement or in Instructions ........................................... 11 Section 6.05 No Action Except Under Specified Documents or Instructions ................................................ 11

  • Release of Liability Any one or more parties liable upon or in respect of this Agreement may be released without affecting the liability of any party not so released.