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Page of. It is agreed that the Canadian Xxxx of Rights shall apply to the terms, administration and operation of this Collective Agreement. Harassment in the Workplace The Union and the Company recognize the problem of sexual and racial harassment in the workplace and are committed to ending it. Harassment is not a joke. It is cruel and destructive behaviour against others that can have devastating effects. It is an expression of perceived power and superiority by the over another person, usually for reasons over which the victim has little or no control: sex, race, age, creed, colour, marital status, sexual preference, disability, political or religious affiliation, or place of national origin. Harassment on any of these grounds can be made the basis of a complaint to most provincial and federal human rights commissions. Harassment can be defined as any unwelcome action by any person, in particular by management or a co-worker, whether verbal or physical, on a single or repeated basis, which humiliates, insults or degrades. ''Unwelcome'' or "unwanted" in this context mean any actions which the harasser knows or ought to know are not desired by the victim of the harassment. Sexual harassment is any unwanted attention of sexual nature such as remarks about appearance or personal life, offensive written or visual actions like graffiti or degrading pictures, physical contact of any kind, or sexual demands. Racial harassment is any action, whether verbal or physical that expresses or promotes racial hatred in the workplace such as racial slurs, written or visually offensive actions, jokes or other unwanted comments or acts. The experience of harassment can be overwhelming for the victim. People often react with shock, humiliation and intense anger. Therefore, the victim of harassment may not always feel comfortable going through the normal channels for resolving such a problem. Because of the sensitive, personal natures of harassment complaints, especially racial and sexual harassment, the victim may prefer initially to seek other assistance. This could be any local Union elected person or official, including members of the women's committee, human rights committee and affirmative action committee. This person could assist the harassment victim in bringing the to the attention of the top local Union leadership. The local Union president and the unit chairperson must contact the CAW national representative, and if necessary, they will meet with a senior Company to carry...
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Page of. For the purpose of the time limits prescribed in this Article, the work week shall be deemed to be Monday through Friday. If either party's decision given following the conference in Step of the Grievance Procedure is not satisfactory to the other party, such grievance may be submitted to arbitration provided written notice of appeal to arbitration is served within thirty (30) calendar days of the delivery of the decision appealed from. The party giving notice shall also notify the designated Arbitrator. Both parties agree that the following Arbitrators shall be used to arbitrate grievances. Xxxxxxx Xxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Arbitrators shall be designated in numerical order. When an Arbitrator is not available within sixty (60) days or any other time limit mutually agreed to by the parties, he will be by- passed in favour of the next Arbitrator in numerical order. The decision of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on both parties. The cost of the Arbitrator shall be shared equally by the Company and the Union. The arbitrator shall not have the jurisdiction to alter or change any of the provisions of this Agreement, or to substitute any new provisions in lieu thereof, nor to give any decision inconsistent with the terms and provisions of this Agreement. The arbitrator, however, in respect of a grievance involving a penalty shall be entitled to modify such a penalty. All reasonable arrangements will be made to permit the conferring parties to have access to the plant to view any disputed operations involved in the grievance. Any allegation by either the Union or the Company that the other party has violated or misinterpreted this Agreement may be lodged in writing as a policy grievance, if by the Union to Management and if by the Company to the Chairperson of the Committee. Thereafter the policy grievance shall be dealt with at Step of the Grievance Procedure and failing satisfactory settlement at the conference, the policy grievance may then be appealed to an arbitrator in accordance with the time limits and procedure herein provided for arbitration. Commissioner System
Page of. Collective Agreement B Leadership Premium Where the Company appoints an employee to provide leadership to his fellow coworkers, he shall be provided with an hourly leadership premium of for all hours worked. It is understood that the selection and appointment of such individuals will be at the Company’s discretion with the mutual agreement of the employee. Collective Agreement Page of

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  • Release of Lien (a) The Issuer shall be entitled to obtain a release from the Lien of the Indenture for any Timeshare Loan purchased, repurchased or substituted under Section 4.6 hereof, (i) upon satisfaction of each of the applicable provisions of Section 4.6 hereof, (ii) in the case of any purchase or repurchase, after a payment by the Depositor of the Repurchase Price of the related Timeshare Loan, and (iii) in the case of any substitution, after payment by the Depositor of the applicable Substitution Shortfall Amounts, if any, pursuant to Section 4.6 hereof.

  • Language of Agreement Each Party acknowledges having requested and being satisfied that this Lender’s Direct Agreement and related documents be drawn in English. Chacune des parties reconnaît avoir demandé que ce document et ses annexes soient rédigés en anglaise et s’en declare satisfaite.

  • Release of Liability Any one or more parties liable upon or in respect of this Agreement may be released without affecting the liability of any party not so released.

  • Waiver and Release of Liability In consideration for the privilege of the Participant’s participation in the Activities, the undersigned hereby RELEASES, DISCHARGES, COVENANTS NOT TO XXX, AND AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS RELEASEES from any and all liability, demands, losses, medical expenses, lost opportunities, damages or attorneys fees and costs stemming from any or all claims for negligence, expressed or implied warranty, contribution, and indemnity, and/or claims of negligent rescue operations, first aid, and emergency care, to the broadest extent permitted by applicable law suffered by the Participant incurred on his/her account with respect to the Participant’s personal injury and other injury or harm, disability, and/or death, or property damage, arising directly or indirectly from the Participant’s participation in Activities, as caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by the Releasees or any of them, and further agrees that if, despite this release, the Participant or any other person makes a claim on the Participant’s behalf against any of the Releasees, THE UNDERSIGNED WILL INDEMNIFY, SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS EACH OF THE RELEASEES FROM ANY LIABILITY, LITIGATION EXPENSES, ATTORNEY FEES, LOSSES, DAMAGES OR COSTS ANY MAY INCUR AS THE RESULT OF ANY SUCH CLAIM, WHETHER ASSERTED BY THE UNDERSIGNED, THE PARTICIPANT, OR ANOTHER PERSON. INITIAL HERE

  • STATEMENT OF LIABILITY The State will demonstrate reasonable care but shall not be liable in the event of loss, destruction, or theft of contractor-owned items to be delivered or to be used in the installation of deliverables. The contractor is required to retain total liability until the deliverables have been accepted by the “authorized agency official.” At no time will the State be responsible for or accept liability for any contractor- owned items.

  • Publicity; Terms of Agreement (a) The Parties agree that the terms of this Agreement are the Confidential Information of both Parties, subject to the special authorized disclosure provisions set forth in this Section 12.3.

  • STATEMENT OF AGREEMENT The parties hereby acknowledge the accuracy of the foregoing Background Information and hereby agree as follows:

  • COVERAGE OF AGREEMENT This Agreement will govern and control all Goods and Services provided by Seller to Buyer, now or in the future, regardless of whether performed under written Orders issued by Buyer, other written agreements signed by the parties, and/or verbal requests issued by Xxxxx, and will remain in effect until either party gives the other party at least sixty (60) days’ advance written notice of termination. Each party agrees that this Agreement will also govern all sales of Goods and provision of Services to any subsidiary, affiliate, or division of McWane Plant & Industrial, LLC, in which case such subsidiary, affiliate, or division will be the “Buyer” under this Agreement (unless otherwise agreed in writing by such subsidiary, affiliate, or division). The term “Buyer” also includes Buyer’s employees, agents, officers, directors, successors, and assigns. The term “Seller” refers to the vendor or contractor providing Goods and Services to Buyer, and its employees, agents, subcontractors, suppliers, and all other persons performing Services or supplying Goods on Seller’s behalf. The terms “Goods” or “Services” whether used together or separately and wherever appearing in this Agreement mean (i) all products, supplies, materials, processes, and/or equipment and/or (ii) all services, work, and labor of any kind provided or performed by Seller under this Agreement.

  • SPECIAL PROVISION The failure of the COUNTY to insist upon the strict performance of any provision of this Agreement or to exercise any right based upon breach thereof or the acceptance of any performance during such breach shall not constitute a waiver of any right under this Agreement.

  • Release of Liens In the event of (A) any private or public sale of all or any portion of the Collateral in connection with any Exercise of Secured Creditor Remedies by or with the consent of the Senior Priority Representative, (B) any sale, transfer or other disposition of all or any portion of the Collateral other than in connection with any Exercise of Secured Creditor Remedies, so long as such sale, transfer or other disposition is then permitted by the Senior Priority Documents, or (C) the release of the Senior Priority Secured Parties’ Liens on all or any portion of the Collateral which release under clause (C) shall have been approved by all of the requisite Senior Priority Secured Parties (as determined pursuant to the applicable Senior Priority Documents), in the case of clauses (B) and (C) only to the extent occurring prior to the Discharge of Senior Priority Obligations and not in connection with a Discharge of Senior Priority Obligations (and irrespective of whether an Event of Default has occurred), each Junior Priority Agent agrees, for and on behalf of itself and the Junior Priority Creditors represented thereby, that (x) so long as (1) the net cash proceeds of any such sale, if any, described in clause (A) above are applied as provided in Section 4.01 hereof and (2) there is a corresponding release of the Liens securing the Senior Priority Obligations, such sale or release will be free and clear of the Liens on such Collateral securing the Junior Priority Obligations and (y) such Junior Priority Secured Parties’ Liens with respect to the Collateral so sold, transferred, disposed or released shall terminate and be automatically released without further action. In furtherance of, and subject to, the foregoing, each Junior Priority Agent agrees that it will execute any and all Lien releases or other documents reasonably requested by any Senior Priority Agent in connection therewith, so long as the net cash proceeds, if any, from such sale described in clause (A) above of such Collateral are applied in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Each Junior Priority Agent hereby appoints the Senior Priority Representative and any officer or duly authorized person of the Senior Priority Representative, with full power of substitution, as its true and lawful attorney-in-fact with full irrevocable power of attorney in the place and stead of such Junior Priority Agent and in the name of such Junior Priority Agent or in the Senior Priority Representative’s own name, from time to time, in the Senior Priority Representative’s sole discretion, for the purposes of carrying out the terms of this paragraph, to take any and all appropriate action and to execute and deliver any and all documents and instruments as may be necessary or desirable to accomplish the purposes of this paragraph, including any financing statements, endorsements, assignments, releases or other documents or instruments of transfer (which appointment, being coupled with an interest, is irrevocable). Until the Discharge of Senior Priority Obligations, to the extent that the Senior Priority Secured Parties (i) have released any Lien on Collateral and any such Lien is later reinstated or (ii) obtain any new Senior Priority Liens, then the Junior Priority Secured Parties shall at the time of such reinstatement or new Senior Priority Liens be granted a Junior Priority Lien on any such Collateral.