Changes in Sample Clauses

Changes in market circumstances If at any time a Bank determines (which determination shall be final and conclusive and binding on the Borrower) that, by reason of changes affecting the London Interbank market, adequate and fair means do not exist for ascertaining the rate of interest on the Facility or any part thereof pursuant to this Agreement:-
Changes in. The Employer shall prepare a new job description whenever a job is created whenever the duties of a job change. When a new job is created, or when there is made to the content of an existing job classification, the rate of pay for the new job classification will be subject to negotiation between parties. If the unable to agree on the reclassification and/or rate of pay for the job in question, such dispute be submitted to grievance and arbitration for The new rate shall become retroactive to the time the new position was first by the employee or the date of change in job duties. Re c
Changes in. KIR transcription upon SIV infection A main focus of this work was to investigate significant changes in the KIR transcript expression at different time points of experimental SIV infection in rhesus macaques. Animals were checked for loss and gain of KIR gene transcription, as well as for differences in the relative expression levels of KIR transcripts over the course of SIV infection. Three samples of PBMCs of each rhesus macaque were characterised for KIR by 454 sequencing of cDNA- PCR amplicons. The first sample was obtained prior to infection with SIV (pre), the second sampling point was approximately 2-8 weeks post infection (acute), and the last sample was obtained 12 weeks post infection at the earliest (chronic). The list of all individuals with information on viral loads (peak and set point) is shown in 2.1.1.It should be mentioned that due to the rapid development of AIDS for HVL animals, the numbers of NK cells in the used PBMC samples was low (personal communication with Professor Aftab Ansari). Although amplification of KIR cDNA-PCR amplicons was possible, the 454 sequencing approach does not provide information on the quality of samples. For this reason the data obtained with chronic infection samples of HVL individuals should be considered with caution, and mainly the changes of KIR transcription during acute SIV infection were of interest. Three different sampling points (pre, acute, chronic) of 32 individuals were analysed, whereas for 12 animals only two samples (either pre/acute or pre/chronic) were available. In total 44 animals were taken into account for the analysis, in which 24 animals belong to the HVL cohort (3 samples: n=17, 2 samples: n=7) and 20 belong to the LVL cohort (3 samples: n=15, 2 samples: n=5). The pre-processing, filter strategies, and final analysis of 454 sequencing data are described in chapter 2.2.9.
Changes in. BUSINESS Borrower shall not, and shall not permit any Subsidiary (other than an Unrestricted Subsidiary) to, materially alter the character of the business of Borrower and the Subsidiaries taken as a whole from that conducted at the Original Effectiveness Date (including any material expansion outside of the offshore contract drilling and production services, drilling management services and oil and gas exploration and production businesses); PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that this Section 8.01 shall not restrict the making of any Investment expressly permitted by Section 8.05.
Changes in lawWe may charge you amounts that are reasonable having regard to increases in costs we incur in purchasing your feed-in electricity resulting from any change in law or change in the manner in which a regulator or other government agency officially interprets or applies the law.
Changes in. Writing No modification, variation or amendment of this Agreement, no determination, evaluation, approval, waiver or other action permitted or taken hereunder and no further agreement contemplated hereby shall be of any force unless the same is in writing and has been signed by the Members. _____________________________________________________________________________
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