Training Programs Sample Clauses

Training Programs. All employees shall successfully complete all necessary training prior to being assigned work (e.g., all employees will complete health and safety training prior to being assigned to task). Nothing in this Article or provision shall constitute a waiver of either party’s bargaining obligations or defenses. The Employer still has an obligation to notify and bargain changes in terms and conditions of employment with the exclusive representative.
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Training Programs. A. Unit employees shall be compensated for mandatory attendance at training programs in accordance with the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 U.S.C. Section 201 and following.
Training Programs. When Owner Operators and Employees are required by the Company to attend training programs or mandatory meetings, the Owner Operator or Employee will be paid the regular amount of compensation that he/she would have earned if held during their normal work day or 1.5 times the regular amount of compensation he/she would have earned for training hours or mandatory meetings in excess of their normal working day. If a relief driver is used, the Company will pay for the relief driver. Training sessions or meetings on a Saturday or Sunday where attendance is mandatory, an Owner Operator shall be paid at no less than 4 hours at the hourly rate for Employees as set out in Appendix “A” as set out in this agreement, at time and one-half (150%) of the regular rate of pay.
Training Programs. During the course of the 1994 negotiations to renew the Collective Agreements between the Company and the United Steelworkers, Locals 2020 Gas Unit and 7846, the parties discussed the desire of taking a more proactive approach to the issue of employee training and development. The parties agreed to welcome Union and employee input into training initiatives undertaken by the Company. Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Manager, Labour and Employment Relations TT/pk LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #3 September 13, 2003 Xx. Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Staff Representative United Steelworkers 00 Xxxxx Xxxx, 0xx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx X0X 0X0
Training Programs. All employees may be required to participate in orientation, refresher, and/or leadership training courses provided by the Board.
Training Programs. Subsection 1. The Employer recognizes that public safety, employee safety, and inmate safety can only result if employees receive training for the proper performance of their duties. The Employer therefore agrees to initiate and support appropriate requests for funding to implement and continue appropriate employee training programs.
Training Programs. DISTRIBUTOR and its employees shall participate, when and to the extent appropriate, in such training programs as may be offered by SUPPLIER, to the extent that such participation does not materially detract from the conduct of DISTRIBUTORS business.
Training Programs. The Training Programs are designed to provide opportunities for suitable employees to acquire the qualifications through classroom and on-the-job training for a classification to which they aspire.
Training Programs. A. Training for Initial Certification The Board agrees to pay for the costs (i.e., salary, tuition, and registration fees) of police academy training for employees hired on or after July 1, 1983 who lack proper certification when hired by the Board. Such employees who receive Board-paid police academy training agree to work for the Board for a minimum period of 36 months after successful completion of said training. If the employee voluntarily ter- minates prior to completing a minimum of 36 months of service, he/she shall repay the Board for the cost of such training, pursuant to the following schedule, unless he/she can show a situation has developed that is beyond the control of the individual that could mitigate the payback of monies, as decided by the Chief after review of the individual case: If the employee voluntarily terminates during: MONTH MONTH MONTH 1 $36,000 13 $24,000 25 $12,000 2 $35,000 14 $23,000 26 $11,000 3 $34,000 15 $22,000 27 $10,000 4 $33,000 16 $21,000 28 $9,000 5 $32,000 17 $20,000 29 $8,000 6 $31,000 18 $19,000 30 $7,000 7 $30,000 19 $18,000 31 $6,000 8 $29,000 20 $17,000 32 $5,000 9 $28,000 21 $16,000 33 $4,000 10 $27,000 22 $15,000 34 $3,000 11 $26,000 23 $14,000 35 $2,000 12 $25,000 24 $13,000 36 $1,000 The FOP shall not be held responsible if the District is unable to collect the repayment from the employee. ARTICLE XXV (cont.)
Training Programs. 22.01 The Employer will pay an employee at their regular rate, straight time for time spent on Employer training programs and for time lost on Government mandated training programs including any applicable fee.