Training Programs Sample Clauses

Training Programs. When Owner Operators and Employees are required by the Company to attend training programs or mandatory meetings, the Owner Operator or Employee will be paid the regular amount of compensation that he/she would have earned if held during their normal work day or 1.5 times the regular amount of compensation he/she would have earned for training hours or mandatory meetings in excess of their normal working day. If a relief driver is used, the Company will pay for the relief driver. Training sessions or meetings on a Saturday or Sunday where attendance is mandatory, an Owner Operator shall be paid at no less than 4 hours at the hourly rate for Employees as set out in Appendix “A” as set out in this agreement, at time and one-half (150%) of the regular rate of pay.
Training Programs. A. Unit employees shall be compensated for mandatory attendance at training programs in accordance with the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 U.S.C. Section 201 and following.
Training Programs. Subsection 1. The Employer recognizes that public safety, employee safety, and inmate safety can only result if employees receive training for the proper performance of their duties. The Employer therefore agrees to initiate and support appropriate requests for funding to implement and continue appropriate employee training programs.
Training Programs. DISTRIBUTOR and its employees shall participate, when and to the extent appropriate, in such training programs as may be offered by SUPPLIER, to the extent that such participation does not materially detract from the conduct of DISTRIBUTORS business.
Training Programs. (a) Cumberland shall conduct a training program for new Representatives and Managers prior to participating in the Program, which shall include such medical and technical information about the Products and such sales training as Cumberland, along with Cardinal Health, deems necessary and appropriate (the “Training Program”). The Training Program shall also include instruction on compliance with applicable laws, Company policies and procedures, and computer training. Cardinal Health shall assist Cumberland with the Training Program only to the extent requested by Cumberland.
Training Programs. 14.1 Work Readiness and Mandatory Training AEM shall develop and implement work readiness and mandatory training programs in accordance with Appendix 7.2 of this Schedule, whereby Inuit on the Initial Labour Pool List shall be made aware of the various aspects of the operations of the Whale Tail Project and the general requirements of the jobs available, as well as health and safety considerations and work conditions. AEM shall include a cross-cultural awareness component in its work readiness and mandatory training programs.