December 2020 Sample Clauses

December 2020. The funds of the 11th EDF, and in the case of the Investment Facility the funds stemming from reflows, shall no longer be committed beyond 31 December 2020 unless the Council acting unanimously on a proposal of the Commission decides otherwise. However, the funds subscribed by the Member States under the 9th, 10th and 11th EDFs to finance the Investment Facility shall remain available after 31 December 2020 for disbursement, until a date to be laid down in the Financial Regulation referred to in Article 10(2).
December 2020. In the presence of: SIGNED for and on behalf of University of South Australia Signed by Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Position Vice-Chancellor and President In the presence of: Signed by Xxxx Xxx Xxxxxxx Position or profession of witness Executive Assistant Signed by Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Position of witness Executive Officer Appendix 1 Table 1a. MBGA for 2021-23 grant years for higher education courses 2021 $184,948,608 2022 $182,493,078 2023 $182,159,215 Maximum basic grant amount for higher education courses
December 2020. The Agreement was discussed and approved by EGI Foundation and the Component Provider 10th January 2018. The Component Provider(s) is (are) bound by the terms and conditions of the Corporate-level EGI Operational Level Agreement1 supplemented by the terms and conditions of this specific Agreement: 1 The Services The Services are defined by the following properties: Technical The software provisioning infrastructure is composed by the following components: ● Integration with RT, a new product release (the tuple Product, Platform, Architecture) is associated with a RT ticket, which tracks the status of the product in the software provisioning process. ● Submission of new products with XML. ● Repository Back-end: responsible unit for handling the movement of packages between repositories, validating the individual product releases submissions, building accumulative as well as per-product YUM/APT repositories (multiple per OS/Arch case) and the other automations needed to perform the UMD and CMD operations. It also provide a RESTful API for external integrations (e.g. with the UMD and CMD portal/frontend) ● Composer: a web-based interface for bundling versioned software products that have successfully passed the UMD and CMD verification process, into a robust UMD and CMD release ready to be deployed either to the production or the candidate repositories. ● ReleaseXML editor: a web interface to create a new entry in the UMD and CMD release process, it is connected with the RT and the bouncer ● Repositories: the following repositories must be maintained for every operating system and major release supported: ○ Untested: contains the packages to be installed during the verification ○ Testing: contains the packages to be installed during staged rollout 1 xxxxx:// ○ Base: contains the packages released in the first major release ○ Update: contains the packages released in the update releases ○ Release Candidate: it is generated before a UMD and CMD release, to simulate the production repositories after the UMD and CMD release under preparation. This is used to test the installability of the newly released components, as well as the products already in production. ● The processes to move products between repositories and to create releases must be as automated as possible. ● The task must provide statistics about the repository usage in terms of downloads, aggregated by packages and time. ● Front-end, the information about UMD and CMD r...
December 2020. . The following abbreviated definitions are for reference only, see Section 00 71 00 Definitions for actual definitions. Substantial Completion: date of first beneficial use by the Owner. Final Completion: the Contractor’s final completion deadline. Contract Expiration: the Owner’s deadline for management of contract accounts.
December 2020. The government reserves the right to award sooner or later if necessary. The start and end dates will be updated accordingly upon contract award. (End of Text) F-242-H001 CONTRACTOR NOTICE REGARDING LATE DELIVERY (NAVSEA) (OCT 2018) In the event the contractor anticipates or encounters difficulty in complying with the contract delivery schedule or date, the contractor shall immediately notify, in writing, the Contracting Officer and the cognizant Contract Administration Services Office, if assigned. The notice shall give the pertinent details; however, such notice shall not constitute a waiver by the Government of any contract delivery schedule, or of any rights or remedies provided by law or under this contract. (End of text) F-247-H001 DELIVERY OF DATA (NAVSEA) (OCT 2018) All data to be furnished under this contract shall be delivered prepaid to the destination(s) and at the time(s) specified on the Contract Data Requirements List(s), DD Form 1423. (End of Text) F-247-H004 RESTRICTIONS FOR SHIPPING TO MILITARY AIR OR WATER PORT/ TERMINAL (NAVSEA) (OCT 2018) The Contractor shall not ship directly to a military air or water port/terminal without authorization by the cognizant Contract Administration Office. (End of text) Section G - Contract Administration Data CLAUSES INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE 252.204-7006 Billing Instructions OCT 2005 252.232-7003 Electronic Submission of Payment Requests and Receiving Reports DEC 2018 CLAUSES INCORPORATED BY FULL TEXT 252.232-7006 WIDE AREA WORKFLOW PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS (DEC 2018)
December 2020. In the presence of: Signed by Xxxxxxx Xxx Position or profession of witness Executive Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor Position of witness
December 2020. In the presence of: SIGNED for and on behalf of The University of Queensland Signed by Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxx Terry AO Position Vice-Chancellor and President In the presence of: Signed by Xxxxx Xxx Position or profession of witness Executive Assistant Signed by Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Position of witness Division Business Manager
December 2020. (6) The NAO shall report regularly on the data concerning the financial implementation using the electronic transmission of data. The detailed provision on the frequency, format and type of data transmitted shall be determined in the Financing Agreements.
December 2020. 30.1 The service period is 60 months 4 Testing and defects There is no reference to Contract Data in this section of the core clauses and terms in italics used in this section are identified elsewhere in this Contract Data
December 2020. Parties: