November 2020 Sample Clauses

November 2020. Section 1 The objectives, targets, timeframe and other matters relating to official controls and other official activities which the Authority has specified to the Official Agency.
November 2020. 1. Teacher aides paid on the printed rate will be paid on the new applicable rate based on the Work Matrix Table set out in Schedule 1.
November 2020. Xxxxxxx Xxxx For and on behalf of District Health Boards Date: 27 November 2020 Appendix 1: Mapping Process Appendix 2: Pay Rate / Job Banding Structure: This appendix sets out the National Pay Equity Benchmark Rates and the Pay Design Principles that the parties have agreed form the basis for agreement to the national pay rate and job banding structure.
November 2020. Parties: (a) the Company (for itself and on behalf of its subsidiaries) (as services recipient); and
November 2020. 31.1 The Consultant is to submit a first programme for acceptance within 2 (two) weeks of the Contract Date.
November 2020. Table I: Parameter(s) – Dissolved Oxygen (DO) / Turbidity (TURB) / Suspended Solids (SS) Tide Control Station(s) Depth Measured Value at Control Station (mg/L) Station(s) Time (hrs) Baseline Action Level (mg/L) Baseline Limit Level (mg/L) 120% of Control Station Action Level (mg/L) 130% of Control Station Limit Level (mg/L) Measured Value (mg/L) Mid-Ebb C2 surface 4.3 M3 9:12 6.2 7.4 5.1 5.5 5.7 Mid-Ebb C2 surface 4.3 M4 8:36 6.2 7.4 5.1 5.5 7.3 Mid-Ebb C2 bottom 4.1 M1 8:53 6.9 7.9 4.9 5.3 6.7 Mid-Ebb C2 bottom 4.1 M2 8:42 6.9 7.9 4.9 5.3 10.9 Mid-Ebb C2 bottom 4.1 M3 9:12 6.9 7.9 4.9 5.3 9.1 Mid-Ebb C2 bottom 4.1 M4 8:36 6.9 7.9 4.9 5.3 8.2 Note: Bold Italic means Action Level exceedance
November 2020. We hereby furnish a certified true copy of the above-mentioned modifications and rectifications to each Member of the World Trade Organization. This certification shall be registered in accordance with the provisions of Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations. Done at Geneva this twenty-fourth day of November, two thousand and twenty. Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xx Deputy Directors-General 20-8595 WT/Let/1494 Centre Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxx xx Xxxxxxxx 000 Xxxx xxxxxxx XX - 0000 Xxxxxx 2 Téléphone: (+00 00) 000 00 00 Fax: (+00 00) 000 00 00 Internet: xxxx://
November 2020. An invoice for 75% of your affiliation fees (less the deposit already paid), will be sent out in early November. This payment is due to Netball SA within 14 days of invoice date. Figure is based on previous seasons registered player numbers from MyNetball.
November 2020. Parties: