In Lieu Sample Clauses

In Lieu. The thirteen percent (13%) premium is given in lieu of all fringe benefits excluding vacation, compassionate leave, professional and education leave, jury and witness duty, reporting allowance, call-back guarantee, shift differential, in charge premium, responsibility allowance, overtime and salaries. Where a casual or part-time nurse participates in the Pension Plan the thirteen percent (13%) will change to nine percent (9%).
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In Lieu. Part-time employees shall receive fourteen percent (14%) of their regular rate of pay per hour worked above their regular rates of pay as set out in Appendix “A” hereto attached in lieu of all forms of health and welfare and fringe benefits. Premiums shall not be reduced for participation in the Pension Plan.
In Lieu. 26:01 Full time (less than 75 hours biweekly) and part time employees shall receive an additional seventy ($0.70) cents per hour worked in lieu of Health and Welfare and Sick Leave benefits which will be applied to their applicable rate of pay. The in-lieu payments are not subject to premium rate payments.
In Lieu. (8) (a) (i) Subject to clause 24(11) the Employer may require a teacher to attend a parent-teacher report meeting. A teacher may request not to attend a parent/teacher report meeting where this will unreasonably affect the teacher’s personal or family commitments. The Employer may only refuse the request on reasonable grounds.
In Lieu. All part-time employees will receive a fifty cent (50¢) hourly premium in lieu of health benefits and paid sick days. Effective the date of ratification, the part-time in-lieu premium is increased to fifty-five cents (55¢) per hour.
In Lieu. For those whose employment began prior to July 1, 2004, the District shall provide an amount equal to 50% of the employee cap rounded up to the nearest ten dollars per month to those employees presently “double covered” by health insurance who elect not to receive the above health insurance plan coverage.
In Lieu. In the unlikely event where the Borrower is unable to supply and deliver securities described above as Collateral, a deposit of cash, which is not to be reinvested, is required to be held overnight to meet the collateral value requirements under the relevant MSLA, in the following currencies: U.S. Dollars(USD), Euro(EUR), Pound Sterling(GBP).
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In Lieu. Effective on the first full pay period following ratification (May the twelve and one-half percent premium is given in lieu of all fringe benefits and holiday pay excluding vacations,
In Lieu. (8) (a) Where attendance at a parent-teacher report meeting results in a teacher’s attendance in that week exceeding 38 hours, that teacher will be granted time-in-lieu for the hours in excess of 38. Time-in-lieu may be granted in that week or any other week of the school year and is to be granted at a time that causes least disruption to the educational program of that school.
In Lieu. Should a statutory holiday fall and be celebrated on an employee's regular rest day, or during an employee's annual vacation, the regular employee shall receive another day off with pay in lieu, at a time mutually agreed upon by the Board and the Union [or the applicable supervisor and employee when appropriate).
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