Original Date definition

Original Date has the meaning specified in Section 1.02(e)(i) of the Agreement.
Original Date has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
Original Date. March 2015 Number: 2.8 Last Revised Date: April 2020 Section: Student Policies PROFESSIONAL IMAGE AND PERSONAL APPEARANCE Policy: In clinical settings, nursing students are required to be well groomed and dressed to reflect a professional image. Student identification is visible.

Examples of Original Date in a sentence

  • The form of the 2023 Bonds, the Registrar’s certificate to be endorsed thereon and the registration endorsement (with appropriate insertions of amounts, distinguishing numbers, letters and other appropriate information) shall be substantially as follows: 2023R- UNITED STATES OF AMERICA State of Indiana Pulaski County PULASKI COUNTY COURTHOUSE BUILDING CORPORATION LEASE RENTAL REVENUE BOND, SERIES 2023 Interest Rate Maturity Date Original Date Authentication Date CUSIP Registered Owner: CEDE & CO.

More Definitions of Original Date

Original Date has the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 5.4(b).
Original Date. January 2019 Number: 2.8 Last Reviewed Date: August 2021 Section: Student Policies EXPOSURE AND INJURY INCIDENT POLICY Policy: The purpose of this Exposure and Injury Incident Policy is to ensure the health and safety of the student and/or patient/client. Nursing students may be at risk for exposure to bodily fluids, environmental hazards, and physical injury during their education. Students should be aware that any exposure or injury could adversely affect the students’ overall health and performance in the nursing program. Any expense incurred by the student in connection with the exposure or injury, is the responsibility of the student.
Original Date has the meaning set forth in Section ‎7.3(b).
Original Date. March 2015 Number: 1.5 Last Revised Date: Section: Student Policies STUDENT WITHDRAWAL FROM PNC PROGRAM Policy:
Original Date. January 2019 Number: 2.13
Original Date means , 2013.
Original Date means, with respect to any Contract, the later of (a) the original date of such Contract and (b) the date of the most recent Contract Rider entered into in compliance with the requirements of Section 5.03(b).