Other Time Sample Clauses

Other Time. Where Expert is required by the adverse party to attend a deposition, in the event that the adverse party neglects or fails to pay for such time as may be required by the applicable rules, then HHSC indemnifies Expert for said cost and time.
Other Time. In connection with this Agreement, Company is granting the Employee certain schedule and location flexibility not afforded to all employees. Accordingly, the Employee acknowledges that effective with the date of this Agreement, he shall not accrue any holiday, vacation, sick and/or any other types of paid time off (collectively termed “PTO”) in connection with Company’s customary employment practices.

Related to Other Time

Flex Time Agencies shall, where practicable, establish flex time work schedules for their employees. Such flex time work schedules shall guarantee the Employer's ability to provide services, to meet all workload demands as defined by the Employer, and to the extent practicable, meet employees' personal scheduling preferences. Approval of such requests shall not be unreasonably denied.
Travel Time Leave provided in paragraphs A and B this Article shall apply to and cover actual and necessary travel to and from such meetings required during normal working hours on the day of the meeting or negotiations, except that MSEA-SEIU bargaining team members traveling one hundred (100) miles or more to negotiations shall be entitled to travel time outside of days of negotiations.