Not Available definition

Not Available means that the particular benefit shall be not be made available to Executive, except to the extent required by applicable law.
Not Available means that no aggregated countrywide statistics are available. The available data indicates that the percentage of women in senior managerial positions at the level of the central administration in 2016 was 21.08% in the FBiH and 36% in the RS. No data was provided for the State and BD levels.
Not Available. , here and hereafter, means that the administration did not provide the respective data at SIGMA’s request during the 2015 Baseline Measurement data collection.

Examples of Not Available in a sentence


  • If a document is not available to the public, either because it is produced but not publicly released or because it is not produced, please state either “Produced but Not Available to the Public” or “Not Produced,” accordingly.To answer all of the questions, refer to the most recently released version of each of the eight key documents, or the most recent phase of the budget process that has occurred.

  • If Vendor does not provide this labor classification, mark “NA” (Not Available).

  • Architect's Data Files Not Available: Architect will not provide Architect's CAD drawing digital data files for Contractor's use during construction.

  • Example: Malcolm X; Name Code X0 If the Recipient Number is Not Available: Press zero, pound, pound (0##) at the recipient number prompt and the system prompts you for a Social Security search.

More Definitions of Not Available

Not Available or masked data means results are not communicated below 10 respondents to ensure the privacy of the respondents
Not Available means LPS repair and loan services are not available in those countries as detailed in Clause 5 and subject to the Terms of Use herein.
Not Available means that PCLLC objects on the basis that Respondent seeks the production of documents that are not presently in Defendant’s possession, custody or control, or call upon Defendant to create or recreate any documents that are not presently in existence.
Not Available means, subject to Section 2.8(c), that as of the date of a notice from Incyte proposing a given Target Pair pursuant to Section 4.4(c) (with respect to a [**] Target Pair) or Section 4.5(b) (with respect to a Novel Program Target Pair): (a) [**] such Target Pair that would prevent Merus from granting the license and other rights to Incyte hereunder if such Target Pair were selected by Incyte pursuant to Section 4.4(c) (with respect to a [**] Target Pair) or Section 4.5(b) (with respect to a Novel Program Target Pair); provided that [**] (i) the program for such Target Pair [**] and (ii) [**] as applicable, unless [**] at a time when the [**]; or (b) [**] (i) Merus [**] Sections 4.4 or 4.5, and Incyte declined to include such Target Pair under this Agreement at such time, and (ii) [**] with respect to the applicable Target Pair. For clarity, (A) no [**] Target Pair may be Not Available during the [**] Exclusivity Period, (B) during the IMOD Reserved Period, the Reserved IMOD Target Pairs cannot be Not Available and (C) during the Research Term, all [**] Antibodies Controlled by Merus or any of its Affiliates will be made available for Bi-Specific Constructs under this Agreement. The Parties hereby agree and acknowledge that only those Target Pairs set forth on Exhibit 1.84 are Not Available as of the Execution Date.
Not Available mostly means "missing". 1% of requested items are on loan, on order, or at binding.
Not Available means that the respective data was not provided to SIGMA by the administration.