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  • Replacement The term “

  • Additional Equipment Additional Equipment may from time to time be added as the subject matter of this Agreement as agreed on by the parties. Any additional property will be added in an amendment describing the property, the monthly rental, security deposit, and stipulated loss value of the additional Equipment. All amendments must be in writing and signed by both parties. Other than by this amendment procedure, this Agreement may not be amended, modified, or altered in any manner except in writing signed by both parties.

  • Substitution of Equipment In the event the Computer is inoperable, ASL has a limited number of spare laptops for use while the Computer is being repaired or replaced. This agreement remains in effect for such a substitute. The Student may NOT opt to keep a broken Computer or to avoid using the Computer due to loss or damage.

  • Substitution of Key Personnel Consultant has represented to City that certain key personnel will perform and coordinate the Services under this Agreement. Should one or more of such personnel become unavailable, Consultant may substitute other personnel of at least equal competence upon written approval of City. In the event that City and Consultant cannot agree as to the substitution of key personnel, City shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement for cause. As discussed below, any personnel who fail or refuse to perform the Services in a manner acceptable to the City, or who are determined by the City to be uncooperative, incompetent, a threat to the adequate or timely completion of the Project or a threat to the safety of persons or property, shall be promptly removed from the Project by the Consultant at the request of the City. The key personnel for performance of this Agreement are as follows: Xxxxx Xxxxx.

  • Union Access to Premises Representatives of the Union shall have access to the Company’s premises to carry on inspections or investigations pertaining to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, upon reasonable advance notice to the Company. Such access shall be carried on at reasonable hours and in such a manner so as not to interfere with the normal operations of the Company. The Union will advise the Company of its designated representatives who wish to gain access to the premises and the Union agrees to comply with all reasonable Company security precautions as may be in force from time to time.

  • Modification of the Small Generating Facility The Interconnection Customer must receive written authorization from the NYISO and Connecting Transmission Owner before making any change to the Small Generating Facility that may have a material impact on the safety or reliability of the New York State Transmission System or the Distribution System. Such authorization shall not be unreasonably withheld. Modifications shall be done in accordance with Good Utility Practice. If the Interconnection Customer makes such modification without the prior written authorization of the NYISO and Connecting Transmission Owner, the Connecting Transmission Owner shall have the right to temporarily disconnect the Small Generating Facility. If disconnected, the Small Generating Facility will not be reconnected until the unauthorized modifications are authorized or removed.

  • Substitute Chemonics" for "Government" or "United States" throughout this clause.

  • Tool Replacement Personal tools worn out and/or broken on the job will be replaced on a like- for-like basis by the Employer, provided the tool is turned in to the Employer and the Employer had knowledge the tool was being used on the job. If an employee has his/her tools stolen from a state vehicle, the Employer will replace those tools, as long as no employee negligence has occurred.

  • Access to Facility 13.1 Each Party shall ensure that its facilities are secured at all times.

  • LOCATION OF EQUIPMENT The Customer shall not remove the Equipment from the location shown herein as the place of use of the equipment, without prior written approval of the Company. The Customer shall inform the Company by email upon demand of the exact location of the Equipment while it is in the Customer’s possession.

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