CITY and Sample Clauses

CITY and. LESSEE acknowledge and agree that CITY and LESSEE shall also have the right, by virtue of LESSEE’s agreement with the USGA, to promote the Championship on an existing or future website devoted to LESSEE and/or CITY, as applicable. Under no circumstances, however, may any such website contain a xxxx of the USGA in its domain name. The parties agree that for any such existing domain names that are currently registered or owned by LESSEE or CITY and include marks of the USGA, variations of USGA marks or marks which are confusingly similar to USGA marks, each party shall take all necessary action to assign such domain names to the USGA and shall stop any and all uses of such domain names as of the date of this Lease.
CITY and. COUNTY OF HONOLULU ) On , in the First Circuit, State of Hawaii, before me personally appeared Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx, to me personally known, who, being by me duly sworn or affirmed, did say that the person is the Senior Vice President of FIRST HAWAIIAN BANK, a Hawaii corporation, that said person executed the foregoing instrument on behalf of said FIRST HAWAIIAN BANK, by authority of its Board of Directors, and said Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx acknowledged the instrument to be the free act and deed of said corporation. The foregoing instrument is undated at time of notarization and contained pages at the time of this acknowledgement/certification. Type or print name: Notary Public, State of Hawaii My commission expires: Date of Doc: # Pages: Name of Notary: Notes:
CITY and. State Of where you can send a legal mailing address to the Service Provider. It is important that we also identify the person who wishes to receive the services of a professional here in the introduction. Look for the first blank in the next segment of this application and then submit the legal name of the client on it. Now that we've introduced both (or service services Companies) and the Client in their respective roles, we will have to define how these two will interact and why. Since the specialist hired here will be required to provide a specific service, we will begin the next set of topics with Title II. A few blank rows have been provided here, so you can report what tasks, actions or projects a professional is hired to participate in (or with) a client. If you need more space to fully define the responsibilities of the Service Provider, you can insert additional lines, or you can lead an attachment with that information. Step 3 - Determine when the service should start and when it should cease after documenting the types of services a professional or supplier will deliver, we must continue the next point where we will meet the deadlines for this work or project. In the III term, you will be presented with a request for information and a series of statements in the checkbox. We will start by providing a firm date on the first day a professional must provide the services identified above on the first two empty spaces of this article. It is also considered a standard procedure for determining the time or method of successful termination of a working relationship. For this purpose, you will need to choose one of four checkbox options from this article to include this information so that it can be applied in the future. In the first statement on this list, there will be an injury that a predetermined calendar date automatically terminates the agreement as soon as it is reached. You will have to check the box to the left of the phrase On date and then provide a termination date on the empty strings provided. If both sides agreed that this contract should continue until agreed ... Completion of the completed services, and then strengthen this by checking the second flag. This agreement may be considered as an ongoing agreement until one or both Parties decide to terminate it. If this is the most accurate description of how this agreement should end successfully, then check the flag of the third statement. Naturally, you will be asked to provide the numbe...
CITY and. TAMU desire to accomplish the goals of responding and complying with the Rules through the formation of a Regional Task Force, established and managed by TAMU.
CITY and. The Project Structural Engineer is , of City and State. The Project Geotechnical Engineer is , of City and State. The Project Testing Laboratory is , of City and State. Other Design Professionals retained and contracted with by the Owner include: The Owner acknowledges and represents to the Contractor that all soil testing for the Project site has been completed, all reports have been or prior to the commencement of the work of the Project will be, delivered to the Contractor, and that the Contractor has the right to rely upon the accuracy of said soil testing reports for the purpose of carrying out the work of the Project. The Owners agrees that, in the event that the Owner fails to provide such reports to the Contractor, the Owner is thereby representing to the Contractor that the site is suitable for construction, and that the Contractor can reasonably rely upon such representation. Further, in any event, the Owner acknowledges that the Property is and has been owned by the Owner before the execution of this Agreement; and the Owner understands and acknowledges that the area in which the Property is situated is commonly known to have within its soil make up, heavily expansive clays, commonly known as “Yazoo Clays”, which require special and specific engineering, testing and design criteria to design and construct a proper foundation system there upon. All of this notwithstanding, the Owner waives any claims as against the Contractor for damages to The Project caused by soil conditions that were not disclosed by or represented on any soil test delivered to the Contractor under this paragraph, or that were not disclosed as the result of the Owner’s failure to obtain a soil test for the Property. Project Fee: Contractor shall receive as compensation a fee equal to $ (the AProject Fee). The Contractor shall deliver to the Owner an invoice, at the following milestones, for an amount equal to the following percentages of the Project Fee: 20% Site work and Foundation complete; 20% Rough frame work and “rough in” complete; 20% Sheetrock complete; 20% Trim work complete; 10% Issuance of Certificate of Occupancy by municipal or governing authority; and 10% Upon execution of Certificate of Substantial Completion, as set forth in 3.4, below. (hereinafter AInvoice Amount@). In addition to the Project Fee, the Owner agrees to pay, either directly or by way of reimbursement to the Contractor, the Project Cost. The term “Project Cost”, as used herein, shall include any...
CITY and ss. COUNTY OF ) The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this _____ day of _________________, 1984, by _________________________________. WITNESS my hand and official seal. ______________________________ Notary Public My Commission expires: _____________________ Amoco Building Denver, Colorado 80202 STATE OF ) : ss. COUNTY OF ) The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this day of _________________, 1984, by _________________________________. WITNESS my hand and official seal. ____________________________________ Notary Public My Commission expires: Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000 _____________________ STATE OF
CITY and. UTRGV desire to accomplish the goals of responding and complying with the Rules through the formation of a Regional Task Force, established and managed by UTRGV. 1.03 UTRGV desires to participate in the establishment and management of the Regional Task Force, since such participation will provide UTRGV with an avenue for students to:
CITY and. SAISD acknowledge and agree that each Party is a governmental entity subject to applicable provisions the terms of the Texas Tort Claims Act. Neither City nor SAISD shall indemnify the other for any claims arising under or related to this MOA, and neither City nor SAISD waive any immunities, defenses or limits of liability available to it under the laws of the State of Texas.
CITY and. 1.4.2 The Project Structural Engineer is , of