Testing Laboratory Sample Clauses

Testing Laboratory. A. The testing laboratory shall be certified by the Department of Health and Human Services and shall comply with all methods and procedures of 49 (CFR) Part 40.
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Testing Laboratory. This category applies to licensees whose use of the Software is restricted to running tests under contract with a third party, which in turn holds its own valid BAPCo Software license (or more than one such duly licensed third parties), to furnish the Benchmark Results to such third party or parties (a “Licensed Third Party”).
Testing Laboratory. City shall provide the services of an independent testing laboratory to perform all inspections, tests, and approvals of samples, materials, and equipment required by this Contract or the Construction Documents, or to evaluate the performance of materials, equipment, and facilities of City, prior to their incorporation into the Construction Work with appropriate professional interpretation thereof.
Testing Laboratory. All testing of the Licensee’s water hammer arresters under paragraphs 6 and 7 of this Agreement shall be conducted using PDI approved test facilities. The Licensee shall contact the PDI office for a list of approved facilities. The Licensee shall select from a list of PDI approved test facilities the facility (the “Laboratory") and shall make its own arrangements for required tests and shall bear all reasonable costs and expenses related to such tests. The Licensee shall instruct the Laboratory to send to PDI copies of all test results and any other test-related materials resulting from the Laboratory’s testing of the Licensee’s water hammer arresters. If requested to do so by PDI, the Licensee shall itself provide PDI with copies of all such results and other test-related materials.
Testing Laboratory. The testing laboratory shall be selected by the Town, and shall be certified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Town will notify the Union of the laboratory selected.
Testing Laboratory. A. Recognized local laboratory for soil and plant disease analysis of ornamental horticulture, approved by the City Representative. Testing laboratory is to perform all work in accordance with the current testing methods found within the Test Methods for Composting and Compost manual used in the US Composting Councils USCC Seal of Testing Assurance Program (STA) at Contractor’s Cost.
Testing Laboratory. The Professional Testing organization responsible for conducting the specified testing for the Project and subject to the approval by the Owner. Exhibit "B"
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Testing Laboratory. The laboratory furnishing testing services for the project shall be tested for proficiency by a nationally recognized accreditation program i.e. AASHTO, NVLAP or A2LA certifying compliance under ASTM D1077 and/or D3666 as appropriate. If a testing laboratory can show evidence that it has applied for and paid necessary fees to an acceptable laboratory accreditation program, such evidence may on an interim basis, satisfy this requirement. The laboratory shall only be required to have accreditation for tests required in the project. Testing functions occurring in the field such as density testing, material sampling, or specimen preparation may be performed by accredited laboratory personnel or other qualified personnel. Field-testing personnel shall have as a minimum, one year of experience with the appropriate material and construction methods.
Testing Laboratory. The Design Professional shall select and the Owner shall pay for the services of a competent testing laboratory of recognized standing for all testing required in the technical Specifications.
Testing Laboratory. The Professional Testing organization responsible for conduction the specified testing for the Project and subject to the authority of the Engineer. ATTACHMENT C
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