Supplier will Sample Clauses

Supplier will. require that its Suppliers provide a Certificate of Conformance with each component shipment;
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Supplier will. 1. provide consistent and effective supervision of its personnel provided under this PO, at no additional cost to Buyer;
Supplier will notify Accenture promptly in writing of any investigation, litigation, arbitrated matter or other dispute relating to Supplier’s or its sub- contractors' information security or privacy practices.
Supplier will a. Establish and maintain baseline configurations and inventories of information systems throughout the respective system development life cycles. b. Establish and enforce security configuration settings for information technology products employed in information systems. c. Identify, document and approve any deviations from established configuration settings. d. Review the information system(s) annually, at minimum, to identify unnecessary and/or insecure functions, ports, protocols, and services. e. Disable unnecessary and/or insecure functions, ports, protocols, and services. f. Develop and document an inventory of information system components, including “open source” code incorporated in, or used to derive, any deliverable provided to Verizon, which will be provided to Verizon upon request. g. Establish policies governing the installation of software by users, enforce software installation restrictions, and monitor policy compliance.
Supplier will a. Establish an operational incident handling capability for information systems that includes reasonable preparation, detection, analysis, containment, recovery, and user response activities. b. Periodically, but no less than annually, test the incident handling capability. c. Track, document, and report incidents to appropriate Supplier personnel. d. Notify Verizon of any incident materially affecting systems supporting Verizon services or data, including, but not limited to, any loss, acquisition or use of Verizon Confidential Information without authorization, as follows: i. Supplier will provide notification via electronic mail to: as soon as practical, but no later than forty-eight (48) hours, following awareness of the security incident. ii. Upon Verizon request, Supplier will provide status updates of the incident mitigation to a point of contact designated by Verizon. iii. Supplier will cooperate with Verizon in its efforts to investigate any security incidents. iv. Upon Verizon request, Supplier will provide a written report which describes the incident, the actions taken by Supplier during the incident response and future actions to prevent reoccurrence or similar incident.
Supplier will a. Have established screening criteria for individuals with access to Verizon systems or data. b. Ensure that upon termination of employment: i. Information system and application access is disabled immediately; ii. Retrieval of all Verizon information and information system related property of the terminated employee (including, but not limited to, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and security tokens). EA-6
Supplier will. 1. Furnish and provide for the operation, maintenance, repair and minor construction or alteration of common-use infrastructure. Receiver Will:
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Supplier will organize its administration and manufacturing in such a way, that the Products can be supplied with preferential origin status and supply the Products with the appropriate documentary evidence of the preferential origin status. Supplier will provide the appropriate customs documentation for Products which may be imported and/or exported by Distributor, including NAFTA Certificate, Certificate of Origin (renewed on a two (2) year basis), FDA Accession Number, FDA 510K number, and Harmonized Tariff System Classification Codes. Supplier will support Distributor with import and export regulatory issues so that regulatory compliance will be met. [***] Certain information in this document has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions.
Supplier will a) Not use or further disclose any PHI other than as permitted or required by this Agreement or as required by law;
Supplier will keep these Auxiliary Materials in good condition and insure them at his own account against all possible risks; - mark them as recognisable property of SPP and - send them (back) to SPP at the latest with the last (partial) Delivery.
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