Construction of the Project Sample Clauses

Construction of the Project. The Allottee has seen the proposed layout plan, specifications, amenities and facilities of the Apartment/ Plot and accepted the floor plan, payment plan and the specification, amenities and facilities annexed along with this Agreement which has been approved by the competent authority, as represented by the Promoter. The Promoter shall develop the Project in accordance with the said layout plans, floor plans and specifications, amenities and facilities. Subject to the terms in this Agreement, the Promoter undertakes to strictly abide by such plans approved by the competent authorities and shall also strictly abide by the bye-laws, FAR, and density norms and provisions prescribed by the relevant building bye-laws and shall not have an option to make any variation/ alteration/ modification in such plans, other than in the manner provided under the Act, and breach of this term by the Promoter shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement.
Construction of the Project. 10.3.1 The Contractor shall construct the Project as specified in Schedule-B and Schedule-C, and in conformity with the Specifications and Standards set forth in Schedule-D. The Contractor shall be responsible for the correct positioning of all parts of the Works, and shall rectify any error in the positions, levels, dimensions or alignment of the Works.. The day mentioned in the Schedule I from the Appointed Date shall be the scheduled completion date (the “Scheduled Completion Date”) and the Contractor agrees and undertakes that the construction shall be completed on or before the Scheduled Completion Date, including any extension thereof, in which case the Scheduled Completion Date will be the extended date as per the time extension granted.
Construction of the Project. The PROJECT will be constructed in material compliance with the PLANS; and will not encroach upon or overhang any easement or right-of-way on land not constituting part of the PROPERTY. The PROJECT, both during construction and on COMPLETION DATE, and the contemplated use thereof, will not violate in any material respect, any applicable zoning or use statute, ordinance, building code, rule or regulation, or any covenant or agreement of record. The BORROWER agrees that it will furnish from time to time such satisfactory evidence with respect thereto as may be required by the BANK.
Construction of the Project. As of the Closing Date, construction of the Project has not commenced. All construction of the Project will be consistent with the Plans and the Project Documents and in compliance with all applicable governmental approvals and all applicable covenants, conditions and restrictions. The use and occupancy of the Project when completed in accordance with the Plans and the Project Documents will comply with all applicable governmental approvals and with all applicable covenants, conditions and restrictions. The Construction Contract will be sufficient to complete the Project consistent with the Plans and in compliance with all applicable governmental approvals and all covenants, conditions and restrictions. The parking spaces to be located on the Collateral Property are and at all times will continue to be sufficient to satisfy all parking requirements of all governmental approvals for the Project.
Construction of the Project. The Borrower agrees that, utilizing the proceeds of the Bonds loaned pursuant to Section 4.01 hereof and such other funds as may be necessary, it has or will Construct, or has or will cause the Construction of, the Project, and has or will acquire, rehabilitate, equip, construct and install all other facilities and real and personal property necessary for the operation of the Project as described in the Borrower's application to the Authority for assistance in financing the Project, substantially in accordance with the plans and specifications prepared therefor by the Borrower, including any and all supplements, amendments, additions or deletions thereto or therefrom, it being understood that the approval of the Authority shall not be required for changes in such plans and specifications which do not alter the purpose or description of the Project as set forth in Exhibit A hereto. The Borrower further agrees to proceed with due diligence to complete the Project within three years from the date hereof. In the event that the Borrower desires to modify the Project in a manner which alters the purpose or description of the Project as set forth in Exhibit A hereto, such modification shall be undertaken only upon an amendment to Exhibit A which shall accurately set forth the description and purpose of the Project as so modified and which amendment to Exhibit A shall become effective (without the written consent of the Registered Owners) upon receipt by the Authority and the Trustee of:
Construction of the Project. Borrowers shall cause the Project to be designed, engineered, constructed, developed, installed, equipped, maintained and operated in a good and workmanlike manner with due diligence, and substantially in accordance with (a) the Plans and Specifications, (b) the then-current Project Budget, (c) the Project Schedule, (d) the Major Project Documents, as any of the same may be amended from time to time in accordance with Section 6.12, and in material compliance with all applicable Legal Requirements, Permits and good industry practices.
Construction of the Project. 8.3.1. Seller shall enter into an EPC Contract on or before the Construction Start Longstop Date set forth under Clause 8.3.2 and deliver to CEB a copy of the executed EPC Contract inclusive of all Schedules, annexes and the cost of the Project under the EPC Contract;